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I'm a Yoga teacher and Raw Food Counsler in Los Angeles, CA. I LOVE to help people live their lives to the fullest through mind, body awareness and yoga. I'm the creator of the RAWALICIOUS blog-
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Oct 28 2010 by Jeff K.
Awesome Blog! I don't know if I could eat raw all the time, but I definitely enjoy it. I just got into yoga as well, and I love it.  Have a great day! 
Oct 10 2010 by jenniferhenry1972
wow kool im in la too an i like yoga too
May 12 2010 by RAWLoren

Hi Danielle

Thanks for you email, I will send you some great vids.  Have a cool fire water transformation chi kung video coming out on Friday.  If I wanted to experience your yoga class, what is the protocol?  Is it private only or do you teach at a studio?  

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