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Zevia Review: Natural Cola

Posted Sep 23 2009 10:39pm 1 Comment

Soda. This is something I gave up years ago not long after I began my weight loss journey. I had over 100 pounds to lose and I finally realized that artificial drinks (like soda) that were loaded with chemical sweeteners or tons of sugar were not helping me with my efforts at all. And I’ve avoided it ever since. That’s why I was SO excited when my RAWsome friend, Averie, posted her ZEVIA contest over on her blog, Love Veggies, Yoga, Running + Chocolate. And I was even more excited when I was one of the SIX winner! Eeeek!

NOTE: Averie’s ZEVIA contest is CLOSED. Sorry!

I’ve only tried one flavor so far: Natural Cola.

Zevia 100% Natural Soda

Zevia natural cola, natural diet soda

With Ice

Zevia Natural Cola, soda, Stevia, diet

Zevia soda, glass, ice


I was pleasantly surprised when I took a sip of ZEVIA® Natural Cola and found that it truly tastes like Diet Cola! Amazing. Just so very neat. Seriously. You don’t always find healthier versions that taste like the “real” thing and so it’s super cool that ZEVIA has nailed this one! Thank you, ZEVIA, for creating these fantabulous sodas!

I feel confident giving ZEVIA® Natural Cola an A+!

Oh, but you want to know what’s in this natural soda, right? Check it out for yourself…

From the Site:

ZEVIA™ Natural Cola

ZEVIA™ Natural Cola stevia soda is the crowd-pleaser among the ZEVIA™ Natural Diet Soda varieties. Its classic cola flavor is rarely found in so-called “natural” soda brands because a traditional cola taste is difficult to perfect without artificial ingredients. ZEVIA™ Natural Cola with stevia is even more appetizing when you know that all the ingredients are absolutely pure and natural. The Zevia team spent extensive time (and drank a lot of colas and “test” product) to make sure this ZEVIA™ product would satisfy a cola drinker. Learn about the pure, all natural ingredients in ZEVIA™ Natural Cola.


Ingredients Include:

I’ll also be reviewing the other flavors (ZEVIA® Natural Root Beer, ZEVIA® Natural Twist (lemon-lime), ZEVIA® Natural Orange, ZEVIA® Natural Black Cherry, and ZEVIA® Natural Ginger Ale) so be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss my thoughts on those!

Check out this contest for a coupon for Kombucha Synergy Tea at The Confessions of a SAHM blog. You have to have a blog to enter but all you have to do is mention the contest and link back to the contest post. This is my entry!

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I too was so thrilled to find Zevia cola and enjoyed it immensely everyday for three months before I finally tracked worsening diarrhea to it, probably the effect of the tartaric acid it contains. I experimented by stopping drinking the cola (I was having two a day).  The diarrhea and painful cramping cleared up.  I started drinking it again: back it came.  I want to say that I have a very sensitive, reactive body.  I'm the canary in the coal mine. But people who are thrilled to have found Zevia might want to know that an effect of tartaric acid is diarrhea; if they're experiencing this they might want to discontinue drinking the cola and see if their condition clears up.  A Google search of 'tartaric acid' will also show that it has other deleterious effects. The Ginger Root Beer and Cherry Cola don't appear to have tartaric acid in them.
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