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You Want To Put That WHERE?! The Low Down and Not-So-Dirty Facts About How Coffee Enemas Can Improve Your Health

Posted May 27 2012 8:06am
Written by Tera on May 27, 2012 – -

by Tera Warner and Dodee Schmitt

If you’ve come into the arena of health and well-being and felt you had to give up coffee to get the vibrant energy and glowing health you desire, seems you may not have to give it up after all. At least, not if you’re willing to put it in the exit door. The therapeutic benefits of coffee enemas for detoxification, cancer treatment therapies and general health are widely documented. We thought we’d take the time to share some of the details so you can inform yourself and maybe try it out yourself.

And for the record, we do not recommend drinking coffee, but if you want to put it where the sun doesn’t shine, here are all the reasons why we think that’s a great idea!

Thanks to my dear friend, Victoria Boutenko, and her beautiful family, there are a few important things I learned while participating in her Green Smoothie Retreat last summer!

Have you ever felt sick before having a bowel movement, then once the pipes were cleared immediately felt better? That’s because you’ve got toxic junk in your bowel’s trunk, and once you eliminate then, these toxins are released and you feel like a superhero again.

The last part of your colon, the sigmoid colon, is in an “S” shape. By the time your lunch gets here, most of the nutrients from your food have been absorbed into the bloodstream. But stool in the sigmoid colon contains the products of putrefaction and there is a very special circulatory system between the sigmoid colon and the liver. It’s called enterohepatic circulation.

This system enables toxins to be sent directly to the liver for clearing out, instead of circulating them through the entire body, the vital organs and the brain. When a coffee enema is used, the caffeine from the coffee is preferentially absorbed into this system and goes directly to the liver where ti becomes a very strong detoxicant. It causes the liver to produce more bile (which contains processed toxins) and moves bile out toward the small intestine for elimination. The e coffee does not go into the systemic circulation, unless the enema procedure is done incorrectly.

Blood filters through our liver about every 3 minutes. Coffee enemas held for 12-15 minutes at a time offer a therapeutic treatment to the body allowing for the release of blood toxins and the opportunity for clean, oxygenated and purified blood.

Coffee Enemas for Health and DetoxifcationWhen doing a coffee enema it is best that the colon is cleaned out. If you are fasting than you can probably just perform the coffee enema without a challenge, however  if you are not you could start with a simple water enema to make sure feces in the lower colon are expelled so that you can hold the coffee in for a therapeutic amount of time.

Do not change positions or use an incline board to cause the enema to enter further into the colon as this defeats the purpose of this type of enema. It can help to first clean out the enema with a water only enema, as this will enable you to hold your coffee enema for the full 12-15 minutes. Never force yourself to retain it if you feel that you can’t.

If you feel wired or hyper, have palpitations or irregular heartbeats after a coffee enema, you should reduce the amount of coffee, usually by half for a few days or weeks.

Sometimes you will be able to hear things gurgle a bit inside. This occurs under the right rib cage, or sometimes more close to the midline. This is an emptying out or squirting of the gallbladder and is a good sign as the bile ducts are opening and creating more fluid. If, after a week of daily enemas, you have not experienced this release, consider making the coffee stronger and increasing by 1/2 Tablespoon increments per quart, not exceeding 2 Tablespoons per cup.

If you find the enema helpful, do not use it more than once per day for any extended period without medical supervision. Also, if you are going to do daily coffee enemas, you may want to consider supplementation with potassium, as the coffee enema can remove potassium from the body. This is not a problem if you perform coffee enemas less frequently.


Coffee contains alkaloids which stimulate the production of glutathione-S-transferase. This is an enzyme used by the liver to make the detoxification pathways run. It is pivotal in the formation of more glutathione, one of the main conjugation chemicals, enabling toxins to be eliminated via the bile into the small intestine. A coffee enema literally speeds up the detoxification process and minimizes the backlog of yet-to-be detoxified substances.

I suggest getting some high quality green coffee extract or find a reputable free trade, organic coffee that is not overly roasted. When I worked on a sustainable, organic coffee farm on the islands I experienced the bounty and the healing nature of the coffee tree.  If the coffee is high roasted it can actually have negative effects instead of what nature intended which are the phyto-chemicals to be intact in the coffee which makes it a  healing and detoxifying gift from Mother Earth. This makes it possible for the liver and gastro-intestinal system to benefit as much as possible from the coffee in order to clean the blood.


  • Personal lubricant (I recommend coconut oil)
  • A large stainless steel cooking post
  • Organic coffee, fully caffeinated, drop grind coffee–Do NOT use non-organic coffee
  • Filtered water or spring water.
  • An enema bucket or bag. (I prefer a bucket so that powerful herbs can be added to the coffee.)
  • Additional Options: Some herbs I enjoy utilizing are parasite herbs or things like wild garlic and noni powder. This allows for a deeper cleaning. The coffee alone is a great cleanser and in time you may want to experiment with herb infusions. Another idea is to add liquid minerals because doing a lot of coffee enemas can cause mineral depletion.  I like to add them in or take some orally after my enema.

    Coffee Enemas for Health and DetoxifcationTake 2-3 tbs. of Ground Coffee and add to 1/2 quart of water. I let this heat to just about boiling. Then I cover and let sit for 10-20 minutes. Then strain this and add another 1/2 quart of clean water. The reason I do this is the water is then at a warm temperature and not too hot or too cold. You want the water to be a comfortable temperature otherwise hot water could damage the colon.

    You are now ready to pour the coffee into your bucket or bag. Prepare your bathroom by laying down a bath mat and then a towel.  Set a timer  for 12-15 minutes. If you don’t make it the length of that time it’s okay, over time you will.

    I like to lubricate the tip of the hose with coconut oil.  Hang your bucket or bag on the towel rack. You do not want to put your coffee enema bag or bucket too high like in a water enema as this is not a high water enema. We want the coffee to slowly enter the body and so the towel rack height is perfect. Then allow the coffee to enter the colon. With your bum up in the air and your head to the ground you will have a safe and effective fluid flow.  Once all the liquid is in your body lie down with your legs curled up on your right side.

    If you feel the need to release at anytime or feel any signs of discomfort go ahead, sit on the toilet and let go.  This is not to be a painful experience but a pleasant one. Put on some relaxing music meditate, sing or express yourself however you like.

    Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez of New York is currently studying coffee enemas as part of a cancer study.  If you’d like to see  a fabulous visual explanation of why coffee enemas work, we encourage you to check out the film created by a 15-year old homeschooling boy and his dad about Gerson cancer treatment therapies called, The Beautiful Truth.


    Dodee SchmittDodee Schmitt is a Natural Lifestyle Enthusiast, a Writer & Co-Founder of The Vital Life Foundation. With an enthusiasm for living life on purpose, Dodee provides articles, tools, techniques and coaching on living a Vital Life.

    With a deep passion to share her enthusiasm with the world for living a natural lifestyle she moved to California where the juice bars, health guru’s & hiking trails abound. In Southern California is where she had the privilege of working with Lou Corona (Health Educator & Healer) to empower people with the 4 Principles of Life and teach Living, Plant Based, Cultured Food classes.

    She resides in Sunny Southern California where she shares her love and commitment to living a Natural Lifestyle. The artist in her comes out in her writing and you can find nutrient dense articles on her website:

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