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You CAN Have Your Cake… And Eat It, Too!

Posted Dec 17 2011 10:59pm
Written by Rachelle Fordyce on December 17, 2011 – -

- by Rachelle Fordyce

The holiday season is celebrated by spending time with friends, family, loved ones and those we hold near and dear to our hearts.

But what do we typically do when we spend this time together with family and loved ones? …We eat!

This is the time of year when we find ourselves surrounded by friends, family, and food. And more food. And look, what’s that??? — Even more food!!! And while food is great and wonderful and delicious, sometimes celebrations might include a whole lotta unhealthy food, too. <gasp!> Sound the alarm! ;)

That’s why we’re here to help! There’s no question about it: Raw desserts made with whole, natural and plant-based ingredients are definitely a lot more nutritious when compared to desserts filled with artificial dyes, colours, flavours, processed sugars, bleached flours, hydrogenated (or even partially hydrogenated) oils, not to mention the cholesterol found in butter, eggs, cream and milk!

Wishing you all the very best in Health and Happiness during the Holidays, and in being true to the spirit of the season, we’re giving away FIVE copies of our raw dessert e-book, Have Your Cake… And Eat It, Too! 


Don’t be fooled by those creamy frostings and rich, delectable puddings you’ll see throughout this book.Raw Cheesecake Recipes

They’re nutrient rich and loaded to the brim with raw food power that would get Betty Crocker herself begging for the recipe!

We already know how important it is to eat a big salad and lots of green smoothies, but sometimes a diva needs a bit of comfort and celebration food!

Raw Food Dessert RecipesMothers who have longed to get their men and families inspired about raw foods need only open this book to page 45 and see for themselves how easy inspiration can be when you’ve  got the right ingredients.

If you’ve been struggling to get your kids to look a fruit or vegetable in the eye, then pull out the recipe for our raw Chocolate Cheesecake and you’ll have a team of new raw food evangelists panting at your heels!

When company’s coming, Johnny’s got a birthday party, or it’s that time of the month again and chocolate bars are seducing you from the candy aisle, this is the book you need on hand to whip together some tasty guilt-free desserts.

Maybe the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! If so, these sweet treats will keep him smiling and keep the tire off his tummy, too! …Then again, it’s not uncommon to woo ladies with the tempting raw chocolate and desserts as well! ;)

Raw Food Dessert Recipes5 lucky winners will each receive a FREE copy of Have Your Cake – And Eat It Too!

To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment below sharing with us WHY you want to Have Your Cake… And Eat It, Too!

Who needs hydrogenated fat, refined sugar & bleached flour? Not me! Thankfully I can Have My Cake AND Eat It, Too! Yay!
Then come back here and leave us a comment telling us about it!

“Like” the Tera Warner page at
Then come back here and leave us a comment letting us know you “liked” the page!

If you’ve already liked the Tera Warner fan page on Facebook, let us know with a comment below, and we’ll still put an extra entry for you in the draw!

***NOTE: Please leave a separate comment for each qualifying entry!***

  • The contest will end Friday night, December 23rd 2011 @11:59pm Eastern.
  • The winners will be contacted by email. So when you leave your comment, please make sure you use an active email address! (Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to leave the email address in your actual comment. This is info that only we can see here at the Tera Warner blog!) Raw Decadent Gourmet Dessert Recipes





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    1. By Rebecca on Dec 18, 2011

      I LOVE cake and was just diagnosed with a gluten intolerance so I’d LOVE to able to eat it too ! ;) This book looks fab!


    2. By Shelly Coulombe on Dec 18, 2011

      I really like eating raw, would like to eat more raw, recipes will help us.


    3. By Shelly Coulombe on Dec 18, 2011

      I “Like” the Tera Warner page.


    4. By Deborah Franzen on Dec 18, 2011

      Wow, those desserts do NOT look raw…I think I would be able to incorporate those into family get togethers and not be given a lecture on how I’m not eating properly and will get sick…blah, blah, blah…;) the photos are so making me hungery…going to make myself a green smoothie;)


    5. By Farrah on Dec 18, 2011

      I choose health!


    6. By Brenda on Dec 18, 2011

      i am constantly trying new healthy, raw desserts. I would love to have a copy of your book to expand my recipes.

      thank you


    7. By Lisa Ferrara on Dec 18, 2011

      I went raw to combat diabetes. I’ve tried raw chocolate bars and they are just boring! My goal for 2012 is to become 100% raw forever and join the ranks of the awesome raw chefs I so envy right now!


    8. By Debbie Palmer on Dec 18, 2011

      I have a sweet tooth & so does my family! We need delicious healthy recipes so we can have our cake & eat it too! I “liked” you on the Tera Warner Facebook page…


    9. By Lisa Ferrara on Dec 18, 2011

      I already like the Tera Warner page!


    10. By vegie head adele on Dec 18, 2011

      I love having cake, and i love raw- so why not have both?! Filled with healthful ingredients instead of junk, YUM!

      shared on twitter and liked!


    11. By Donna on Dec 18, 2011

      Well I finally got the strength to file for divorce from a man who wasn’t very nice to myself or my children. Technically we would have been married 5yrs on Dec 29th but instead my kids and I are celebrating! Since we have decided to do more to improve our lives (they are 15,14,10 and 5) we have recently switched to a raw diet. This would be a great book to help with the transition from SAD sweets to healthy treats:-) Merry Christmas


    12. By kathleen on Dec 18, 2011

      I want to win because I lovvveeeee to eat cake! The cakes pictured look better than the average cake. Gluten and white sugar don’t agree with me so much. I am trying to eat more and more raw. I want to eat cake that looks good and makes me feel good too.


    13. By Ivy on Dec 18, 2011

      I love cake, and want to lose weight by eating healthier things.


    14. By Ivy on Dec 18, 2011

      Liked tera Warner’s page.


    15. By kathleen on Dec 18, 2011

      I tweeted and I am already a Facebook fan


    16. By Michelle Hathorus on Dec 18, 2011

      I want to have my cake and eat it to because I want to show my omni family and friends how good RAW can taste!!


    17. By Fawn MacMichael on Dec 18, 2011

      LOVE your site and your insight and recipes!! :)


    18. By Michelle Hathorus on Dec 18, 2011

      I already “like”d your Facebook page!


    19. By Fawn MacMichael on Dec 18, 2011

      Oh, and I ‘like’ you on fb :) ))


    20. By Rebecca on Dec 18, 2011

      I WILL eat my cake because eating healthy doesn’t mean suffering. Everyone craves sweets and deserves to eat it, but in my mind, it has to be nutritious.


    21. By Rebecca on Dec 18, 2011

      I just tweeted about this giveaway! Also i’m following you on twitter now! @rebeccaablock


    22. By Karen on Dec 18, 2011

      My father had type 2 diabetes and died of pancreatic cancer. He was addicted to sugar until the day he could no longer eat. I love my sugar too and I would love this book to help me find healthier ways of treating my sweet tooth, and to help me create healthier desserts for my 4 kids.


    23. By Kalima on Dec 18, 2011

      This past July I had an emergency c section with my second child. I am a mother of a 20 month old and a 5 month old. To say the least, life is quite busy right now trying to keep up with it all. I am striving to make healthier choices for myself and my family. I have suffered with PCOS for years and am boderline diabetic. I am still young and would love to be healthier to give my children the energetic mom they deserve. I’d like to thank Tera for providing such an informative web site providing tools for a healthier lifestyle. :)


    24. By Rebecca on Dec 18, 2011

      Just “liked” your facebook page!!


    25. By Karen on Dec 18, 2011

      I like you on Facebook a while ago, and I’m so glad I did! Cuz…. well, I like you! :)


    26. By Jen Rose on Dec 18, 2011

      I love cake and I’m a fabulous “Un-baker”…always looking for new recipes to add to my raw/vegan repertoire! Hope I win!!!


    27. By Jen Rose on Dec 18, 2011

      I liked your FB page too! Hope I win a copy!! :)


    28. By Kalima on Dec 18, 2011

      I am also a fan (like) Tera Warner’s face book page!!!


    29. By JoAnne on Dec 18, 2011

      Please, please, please! I need this book. The reason I started on green smoothies and raw diet is to get rid of cravings for sweets and so far, it’s been amazing. But I would love to have some raw desserts to share with family….and myself of course!


    30. By JoAnne on Dec 18, 2011

      I liked your FB page…and if i get extra points, I love your FB page :)


    31. By Michelle Hathorus on Dec 18, 2011

      Tweeted under VerdantSage!!

      and now following you on Twitter!


    32. By pish on Dec 18, 2011

      i love tera warner and her fabulous recipes!….help me spread the love by choosing me to give one of these fabulous recipe books to!….happy holidays!….


    33. By Julie on Dec 18, 2011

      That cake on the cover looks delish. If it tastes half as good as it looks I think my family would be more open to trying other raw food recipes.
      Life’s to short, we should eat desserts. It’s even better when they are healthy so that we can live longer to enjoy them more.


    34. By sharanya on Dec 18, 2011

      Would love to enhance my life with more raw food esp desserts which are so difficult to binge on…def would keep me motivated


    35. By sharanya on Dec 18, 2011

      I already like ur fb page


    36. By Stephanie on Dec 18, 2011

      I LOVE desserts and it’d be awesome if they actually provided nutrition as well as good taste instead of just good taste and a sugar crash!!


    37. By Roberta on Dec 18, 2011

      I have liked the Tera Warner page on FB and raw cakes are my passion! Would love to win a copy of this wonderful e-book. Will you please let me have my cake and eat it too? Thank you.


    38. By Maple hung on Dec 18, 2011

      I would love to have my cake and eat it too!!! What better way to enjoy the benefits of cake without guilt….especially during the holidays when many over eat and suffer both mentally and physically!!!

      Love you ladies!!!

      Thanks maple


    39. By Kimberly Charity on Dec 18, 2011

      I want to have my cake and eat it too because since I first tried my very first green smoothies I have been hooked. I have been encouraging education and good eating habits to my friends and family as a way to help fight childhood obesity and adult obesity which is a big problem that hits home for me. It is a hereditary problem and although I had weightless surgery I want raw diets and green smoothies to be a big part of my life an the lives of the people that I love.


    40. By Leah Z. on Dec 18, 2011

      Liked Tera’s page! Thanks!


    41. By Leah Z. on Dec 18, 2011

      I would love this book to help with dessert ideas for my son mostly. It is hard when he is going to school etc. to get him to be fine with healthy treats. Any ideas help! Plus it is great to serve to all my S.A.D. cooked extended families.
      Thanks for the opportunity!


    42. By Pat on Dec 18, 2011

      I desire to “Have My Cake and Eat It Too” because it has been challenging to continue living on live foods, these past two years, while being a full time caregiver of a Dad with Alzheimer’s after my Mom past away, and I am on a mission to return to and soar in my own best optimum health. Watching my family members journey through disease has become my motivation on top on my own personal inspiration to live the fullness of my destined being. Thanks. Peace


    43. By Nicole SaBell on Dec 18, 2011

      Hi Tera!

      I would love to win this book so that I can continue with my journey towards eating more rawfully! I’ve been searching long and hard for recipes to make for Xmas this year. I would like to impress and inspire my family to eat raw as well, and possibly make some new recipe traditions. This book would be a blessing to me, my fam and friends!

      Thank you for all you do!


    44. By Rose on Dec 18, 2011

      The contest ends on my birthday and I need to have my cake… and eat it! Nothing like raw cake for any time of the day for any reason… but, no better reason than to celebrate a birthday! Thank you!


    45. By Alida on Dec 18, 2011

      Oh my goodness if these recipes are anything like those carrot cake balls…I’m loving it already:) By the way I share the recipe with everyone..word of mouth, twitter, FB, all kinds of different sites! YUMMY.


    46. By Brandi B on Dec 18, 2011

      I am in charge of dessert for the in-laws Christmas day feast this year–this would be a great way to find something that I can do!


    47. By Mandy McDaniel on Dec 18, 2011

      Definetly Liked!


    48. By Mandy McDaniel on Dec 18, 2011

      We so need these recipes! Thank you for the chance to win them! :)


    49. By sandra on Dec 18, 2011

      I liked you fb page! i shared it on twitter! i shared it via email with my friends! that’s 3 reasons for me to be in the pot for the drawing :)
      but here the real reason why i want the book:
      i always wanted to become a pastry chef, i love to bake, everybody loved my baking…unfortunately my family decided it would be better for me to work at a bank since you can make more money there…i hated it. i still baked in my free time and surprised my loved ones with delicious deserts. after 5 years i quit my job at the bank and went back to the cafe where i had been working after school and on the weekends…fastforward…in 2009 i went on vacation to new york and met my husband. i stayed in the US (i am from germany), started working in a pastry shop in manhattan and loved it. than i got pregnant and went vegan overnight. this was a whole new world for me. i thought i had to give up baking forever but my new life and our new diet allows me to get a whole new perspective on cakes and deserts. for a while i thought i had to give up my dream of opening my own cafe at some point of time, but i know, that i will go for it and own a vegan cafe in germany! none of my german friends is vegan yet, but i am sure, that i can show them that you dont need to kill and abuse animals for a delicious desert :)


    50. By Judy Kirkpatrick on Dec 19, 2011

      I am actually excited about non-cooking! I’ve never been very interested in cooking…it just means calories and diets and dirty dishes. But, now I can get my mind around this idea of non-cooking and coming up with healthy and tasty meals.


    51. By Bernice Lakota on Dec 19, 2011

      Because I am doing a 31-day raw food challenge starting January and would love to have a Tera Warner dessert book!


    52. By Sabrina on Dec 19, 2011

      I need this book because I can’t stop eating “junk”. I’m starting the 21 day cleanse on Jan 1st and I’d loveto show my family that raw can be delicious! It’s not about eating leaves and carrots :)


    53. By Erin on Dec 19, 2011

      Because I have a ridiculous sweet tooth, and it would be good to have healthier ways to indulge!


    54. By Erin on Dec 19, 2011

      I like your page on Facebook.


    55. By Sasha on Dec 19, 2011

      I “like” the Tera Warner page on Facebook! I also want the recipes so that I can get my whole family interested in eating raw food that actually tastes good :) . I have a very picky daughter and husband and would love to get them on the bandwagon for good health and vitality.


    56. By colleen cannon on Dec 19, 2011

      I like you on facebook, very much!!!!!!!!


    57. By colleen cannon on Dec 19, 2011

      I have been eating raw for about 1.5 years and do to the health benefits ive experienced i have been trying to help family members with health issues with a raw diet and i find them to be happiest when they actually enjoy a dessert not knowing that it is raw and healthy and i would love some new great recipes so i can continue to share the wonderful taste and benefits of the raw diet! thanks for the opportunity : )


    58. By Kari Wilson on Dec 19, 2011

      I have been looking for yummy raw desserts I can feed my family and we can all enjoy and be healthy! The picture on this page looks so good I could eat it! Yum!!!


    59. By Kari Wilson on Dec 19, 2011

      tweeted @pugbeader


    60. By Kari Wilson on Dec 19, 2011

      I already like you!


    61. By Nelli Webser on Dec 19, 2011

      I am a 9 year breast cancer survivor. Being vegetarian has helped me stay healthy and then managing a vegan diet has been even better. I want to attempt the switch to raw now and continue creating a hostile environment in my body for cancer! I would love a copy of this eBook! Merry Chrismas!



    62. By Val on Dec 19, 2011

      I love what you do…
      I love making raw food recipes…
      I love contest…
      Because I’m eager to learn more recipes and techniques to spread the word with friends and family to help gain better health. :-)


    63. By Chris Black on Dec 19, 2011

      I am changing my diet and have lost 27 pounds going more raw. My biggest issue with raw meals are the recipies. I have none! A cook book would really help me out here. Eating apples and vegetables by themselves works but I would love to know what else a person can do with fruits and vegetables other than serve them plain.


    64. By Michelle Mills on Dec 19, 2011

      I just “liked” the Tera Warner FB page.


    65. By Michelle Mills on Dec 19, 2011

      I’d love a copy of “Have Your Cake…” because I’ve overhauled my diet completely as a result of a breast cancer diagnosis. I’ve learned how to prepare a lot of raw/plant-based foods, but don’t really have any great dessert options yet. I haven’t had a “real” dessert in about 3 months! The upside is that I’ve finally lost those last 10 pounds, so I’m not complaining. :)


    66. By Michelle Mills on Dec 19, 2011

      I tweeted the quote as requested! ;)


    67. By Lisa on Dec 19, 2011

      Hey Guys…I never used to have a sweet tooth but it seems as we grow develops!
      I have MS, and was diagnosed in 1999. Since 2008 I have survived 2 forms of cancer. (Cancer LOVES sugar!)
      I have developed a sweet tooth and if I have to eat sweets I would like to do it in a “healthy” way.
      I have only one healthy desert recipe for what I call Rainforest Apple’s yummy!! But I have not made it in over a year as there have been “other fish to fry”.
      Even right now I would LOVE something sweet, that is why I would like to own this book to keep me away from the quickie instant chocolate pudding and the beloved and delicious Tiramisu Cake!


      Reply by Lisa on December 19th, 2011

      This is me Lisa again and forgot to mention I also have a grumpy gallbladder and digestive and potty issues from time to time, and the doc said eat more WHOLE fruits and veggies as opposed to blending them into smoothies as I had been doing. Raw foods have FIBER and that “makes the world go around”!!


    68. By nina on Dec 19, 2011

      i have a 20 month old boy and me and him eat mostly raw, feeding him healthy is my greatest accomplishment, when i see him ask for a carrot i get so proud we both love raw desserts but have been holding off on purchasing a uncook book because of money being tight so please consider us for the giveaway:):)


    69. By Rikke Hansen on Dec 19, 2011

      Just started experimenting with raw cakes and made my first last night…. It turned out wonderful ;-) and I love that it feeds my body with nutrition at the time as it taste delicious!!

      Happy raw holidays everybody…


    70. By Heather on Dec 19, 2011

      I would LOVE to have this recipe book so I can serve my little boy healthy, yummy cakes for his birthday, christmas, easter and breakfast :)


    71. By Cindy Alvarez on Dec 19, 2011

      I love sweets, especially chocolate. Since I don’t want to give up anything, the recipe book would be great to have around. I would be able to make recipes for my family that are sweet & healthy at the same time.


    72. By ali rich on Dec 19, 2011

      I would love this book!! I have had 3 close relatives die from cancer within 10 years and I’ve decided to get healthy. I have list 70 pounds and now I’m starting to introduce raw to my husband and kids! Anything to help make them enjoy raw would be a great help (:


    73. By Sarah R on Dec 19, 2011

      I want to have my cake and eat it too because I am STARVING right now and that looks so good!


    74. By michelle on Dec 19, 2011

      I need to branch out! Thank you for this opportunity :)


    75. By Lori on Dec 19, 2011

      I promised my family I would bring a beautiful raw dessert to our holiday dinner…raw chocolate cheese cake – yes please!


    76. By Lori on Dec 19, 2011

      I already liked the Tera Warner blog on facebook…


    77. By Beatriz Bruna on Dec 19, 2011

      I have been raw for several months now …..the only thing missing from this fantastic way of eating is what I miss the most: delicious cakes. From the looks of the pictures I would be in heaven, and I can hear my family saying: “that looks GOOD, can I have a taste’? Pure delight for the taste buds and for the soul. This is a book I would love to have!


    78. By Amy Blackmon on Dec 20, 2011

      Wow! This book would make a totally rawsome birthday present and help me and my family off to a healthier 2012!


    79. By Amy Blackmon on Dec 20, 2011

      Me “like” you long time on Facebook.


    80. By elena on Dec 20, 2011

      Raw deserts are the best!
      I want the cake and I want to eat it too.
      Thank you Tera for what you are doing.
      You are an inspiration
      Merry Christmas to everybody!
      Love and peace


    81. By Robyn LeBlanc on Dec 20, 2011

      I want to have my cake and Eat it too because…
      Dec 30th is my birthday (43yrs) and I DON’T want to EAT REGULAR JUNKIE CAKE!!! Save me!!


    82. By Emily Tu on Dec 21, 2011

      I’ve just gone on a 6-day raw diet and shown my family that you can survive on raw food alone! But somehow I haven’t managed to convince them that raw food can taste amazing too.
      With this book hopefully I can get them on board the raw food train with me!
      If raw food can taste this good, there should be no reason for us to choose cooked food!
      I hope to make a decisive turn in my health history with this book!


    83. By Emily Tu on Dec 21, 2011

      I tweeted!


    84. By Emily Tu on Dec 21, 2011

      & Liked your FB Page too! <3


    85. By Andrea on Dec 21, 2011

      I really need ideas in the healthy dessert department. This book sounds awesome. Thanks for the chance to win :D


    86. By Theresa on Dec 21, 2011

      Hi Tera i clicked on your facebook page and clicked ‘like’ as i also like eating sweet healthy yummies


    87. By Amber Shea @Almost Vegan on Dec 21, 2011

      I NEED this book! I want to have my cake and eat it too because there is no such thing as too many desserts :)


    88. By Amber Shea @Almost Vegan on Dec 21, 2011

      I tweeted – @AlmostVeganChef


    89. By Amber Shea @Almost Vegan on Dec 21, 2011

      AND I like you on FB!


    90. By Theresa on Dec 21, 2011

      I tweeted too xx


    91. By Theresa on Dec 21, 2011

      I need to get my autistic son to eat healthy foods without saying ‘this is good for you’.


    92. By billiejean on Dec 21, 2011

      I haven’t had cake since MAY! Any cake recipe I find online is either loaded with sugar and oil, or ingredients I have a hard time finding… I would love to MAKE and Cake and have it be eatable, and share it with my non-vegan family!


    93. By billiejean on Dec 21, 2011

      Follow on FB!


    94. By billiejean on Dec 21, 2011

      Tweeted! @billiejeanie327


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