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Yoga, Day 4: Yoga in My Blood!

Posted Jul 19 2009 11:45pm

Wow, today was day 4 of my yoga journey. It’s crazy that I love it this much! I can’t get enough! But I’m taking my time so I don’t strain or hurt myself. I have to be careful with my back.

Speaking of back, I did a new video today: Yoga for low back by Polly at Yoga is Yummy. It was totally awesome. My back really did feel better afterward!

Both Cindy and Jocelyn have mentioned, so I checked it out and downloaded a beginner’s class: Gentle Hatha Yoga #1. I haven’t tried that class yet, but I will! :-)

After my morning yoga, I remembered to make my favorite morning drink.

Warm Lemon Water

lemon water 1

warm lemon water 2

After I drank that, I got busy with laundry, dishes, etc., and forgot to eat!


Around noon, I wasn’t really hungry so I thought I’d just have a banana and sample some of the raw products Premier Organics sent me to review. (More about this fantabulous company and their organic, raw products in an upcoming post–and contest!!!)

Premier Organics Samples

Artisana raw nut butters, coconut oil, tahini, cacao bliss

raw snack, banana with raw pecan nut butter, raw macadamia nut butter, raw pecan nut butter

1 banana, sliced and served with

raw pecan nut butter

raw macadamia nut butter

raw cacao bliss


Macadamia nuts are my favorite nut ever, so of course I had a conniption over the macadamia nut butter. Pecans are my next favorite nut, so I chose it to sample on my banana as well. And, how can you go wrong with cacao bliss (aka raw chocolate)??!! Oh my gosh, y’all, these nut butters and the cacao bliss RAWKS! Soooooooooooooo tasty–and good for you!!! :-)

Mid-Afternoon Snack

A little while later, I still wasn’t really hungry so I thought I’d drink my other juice from yesterday in my E3 Live shaker cup, with a scoop of Amazing Grass (I prefer my E3 Live liquid straight up :-) ).

raw juice, day 4 yoga


I was craving a yummy salad for dinner, so I threw this together…

a salad with napa cabbage, heirloom lettuce, blueberries, tomatoes, carrots, celery, bell peppers

a salad with napa cabbage, heirloom lettuce, carrots, celery, bell pepper, blueberries, tomatoes

A little of each of the following:

Napa cabbage

heirloom lettuce

sliced celery

sliced carrots

diced bell pepper

baby tomatoes

fresh blueberries

Check It Out!

And I leave you with this: When I went to read Choosing Raw today, I discovered Gena had written a guest post for Fitness NYC. I knew it’d be great, but I didn’t realize it’d really be so relevant to this last few days of my own journey with yoga. I knew the post was about yoga. She mentioned it in her short post. I didn’t know it would be so touching, so beautiful, so true! You have to read this post. It’s fantabulous!

Gena on Becoming a Yogi

Coming next: various foods I’ve eaten when breaking other juice fasts I’ve been on, and also why I don’t incorporate vegetable broth into my juice fasting regimen like some juice fasters do. <—– I am working on this post!! :-)

You’ll definitely want to stay tuned!

So… be sure to subscribe to Healing with Juices’ Feed for free updates. You can get free updates to your email as well ( sign up here ). You’ll also receive inspiration, juice and smoothie recipes, and juice fasting tips and encouragement to help keep you motivated toward your ultimate health–and more personal posts about stuff that’s going on in my life. ;-)

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