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WISH Summit Giveaway! Our Signature Perfume by Nadine Artemis

Posted Mar 09 2012 3:30pm
Written by Danielle on March 9, 2012 – -

 - by Tera Warner

There’s something sort of whimsical and dreamy about the idea of making wishes come true, so when we decided to create the Women’s International Summit for Health, we knew it needed a little piece of something in the real world to help anchor us in the possibility of our dreams, wishes and good intentions.

Thus, with the help of Nadine Artemis, our Wish Mist was born–a fragrant and enchanting blend of vanilla, wild jasmine and lavender, with a sublime citrus twist that is absolutely intoxicating. Everywhere I go people stop me to tell me how amazing I smell. We get nothing but incredible comments and feedback about this petal perfume and wanted to offer a bottle up as a gift for this week’s Friday Freebie giveaway.

WISH Mist is an all natural blend of the highest quality plant essential oils available on the planet!  It makes me feel like a goddess and instantly, aromatically hooks me up to Cleopatra herself! I think you’ll agree that natural aromatics are a self-indulgence especially when they’re coming from plants that have noted therapeutic value and smell amazing!

In a world where we’re bombarded by visual images and noise, this is a sensual escape and positive pampering you’ll love!

1 lucky winner will receive their very own bottle of Wish Mist, on us!

*Due to postage fees, this contest is only open to those who live in North America. Thanks for understanding!

To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment below to let us know which WISH Summit call you’re most excited about tuning into and why.

You’ll find this year’s speaker line up right here.

Tweet this: 

Sex, food and relationships are on the agenda!  Are you signed up yet? #wishsummit

Then come back here and leave us a comment telling us about it!

“Like” the TeraWarner page at Then come back here and leave us a comment letting us know you “liked” the page!

If you’ve already liked the Tera Warner fan page on Facebook, let us know with a comment below, and we’ll still put an extra entry for you in the draw!

  • The contest will end Thursday night, March 15th @11:59pm Eastern.
  • We’ll enter everyone’s name into a drawing and announce the winner here on the blog on Friday, March 16th!
  • The winner will be contacted by email, and we’ll then get your postal address to send it your way.
  • WISH Summit

    Find the Answers to Your Burning Questions in Health, Love, Wealth, Beauty, Fitness and More!

    Join the World’s Leading Health & Wellness Experts or 40 Days and 40 Nights of WISH: The Women’s International Summit for Health

    Sign Up for This FREE Series

    Our official Raw Mom Club Ambassador Joanna Steven is also running a giveaway this week.  Check out her blog post here to find out how you can get your hands on a copy of Traveling in the Raw, by Robyn Law.


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    1. By Miranda on Mar 9, 2012

      Oh my how to pick one!! I am really looking forward to hearing Jean Kilbourne, but after just reading through them all, I think I may be looking forward to hearing Charu. Such a beautifully hard decision!

      Also, I like (love!) you on facebook Tera. Thank you!


    2. By Mirella on Mar 9, 2012

      Tenzin Palmo! I started reading her book and love it!


    3. By Therese Totten on Mar 9, 2012

      Excited to listen to Holli Thompson’s call!


    4. By Hailey Wood on Mar 9, 2012

      Wow, what a powerhouse lineup this year!

      As for who excites me most, it’s a tossup between Sergei Boutenko’s wild edibles, and Charu on authentic sexuality.

      I feel like I’ve already won :D

      Thanks millions!


    5. By Therese Totten on Mar 9, 2012

      And I already like Tera’s FB page!


    6. By Juli Mitschke on Mar 9, 2012

      First of all I have “liked” your facebook page over a year ago now! AND think you are absolutely amazing and I am also inspired over and over again by all that you do!
      Secondly I am excited for all the calls they are always so uplifting and inspire me to do be the best I can be but if I had to choose one I would go with Alice Bracegirdle simply because I have been one of the lucky ladies to meet this wonderful beauty in person during a bellyfit training. I LOVE the system and have been teaching it for over a year now. It is absolutely incredible. I love Alice’s perspective on the fitness world. WIth the help of her I have been able to move women in my community in a way they had never been exposed to and I am truly blessed to see the results that have come from it. I see happier women and healthier women. The smiles on their faces are priceless. This always lifts my spirits higher and I continue to enjoy learning from Alice and keeping in touch with her radiant self!


    7. By jeanne on Mar 9, 2012

      Im thrilled about all of the presenters but Bruce Lipton is always a favorite of mine. Fascinating! Thanks again Tera for all that you do!


    8. By Amanda on Mar 9, 2012

      Sergei Boutenko love him and he is easy on the eyes!!


    9. By MandyMcButter on Mar 9, 2012

      I “liked” your page…but if there was an option to click “make love to this page,” I would have opted for that. Tera, you are one of those people whose voice instantly makes me feel better. That sounds like a simple statement but it is actually life-altering. I identify with you as a goddess and as a human and as everything in between. Your introductions are perfection and my dream is that one day I will have one of my own. The amount of time and energy you put into making Women’s lives better is shocking and makes me feel like my heart may explode with gratitude. And you give it away for free!!! In a world where people will give you tidbits of info but make you swipe your credit card before you get to the mind-blowing climax, that is truly amazing! I promise that I do not take it for granted. You are such a gift, and my dream for the women in my life is that they will just click the links that I send them so that they can get in on this love fest and see what they are missing. You are changing the world for the better and that is an understatment!!! xo


    10. By Patty on Mar 9, 2012

      SARK is always a great speaker!


    11. By Jen Avery on Mar 9, 2012

      Sark!! Her books have been an inspiration to me for years! And i’ve “liked” your facebook page for quite a long time, too.


    12. By Kate on Mar 9, 2012

      I always feel better after listening to a Carol Look interview!


    13. By Kate on Mar 9, 2012

      I “liked” your FB page Tera!


    14. By Colleen on Mar 9, 2012

      Hard to choose since you have an amazing line-up but I have been working hard to educate myself on wild edibles since last year so I choose Sergei Boutenko’s talk as the one I’m most excited about.

      Thanks for putting this all together!


    15. By Lisa on Mar 9, 2012

      I would have to say Holli Thompson. I didn’t realize that she attended the same holistic nutrtion school that I did. I was just at a conference in Long Beach, California, and I saw her up on stage. She told us a little bit about her story. She sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to hear what she has to say!


    16. By Colleen on Mar 9, 2012

      Oh and I have liked your page for a while now ;-)


    17. By Deborah Franzen on Mar 9, 2012

      I liked the site previously. Can’t get enough information from here! Can’t wait to hear all of the speakers.


    18. By Lisa on Mar 9, 2012

      I have been a fan of yours on Facebook for awhile now. Love your site!


    19. By Jessica Wood on Mar 9, 2012

      I’m looking forward to hearing Charu. *fingers, toes, and eyes crossed*


    20. By Jessica Wood on Mar 9, 2012

      I liked Tera’s page on FB. :)


    21. By Nikki on Mar 9, 2012

      I am looking forward to Kris Carr because I just think she is the coolest and always has an awesome message to share and the way she shares speaks straight to my heart :) yay!!


    22. By Deborah Franzen on Mar 9, 2012

      picking just one that I want to hear is quite the hard task! I’ll eliminate the ones I’ve researched previously…Teresa Tapp, Carol Look, Donna Gates, Nadine Artemis& Mr Masaru Emoto. Right now I am trying to learn as much as I can about wild edibles so I’ll have to pick Sergei Boutenko. But I want to hear ALL!!


    23. By Lori Anne Morris on Mar 9, 2012

      I’m so excited about hearing everyone but I think
      Nadine Artemis is who I’m really looking forward
      to hearing. I use some if her products already and
      love how they make me feel and look.

      I also did like Tera your facebook!

      Thank you for all that you do for us princeses! He:)


    24. By Katrine van Wyk on Mar 9, 2012

      I’m looking forward to hear what Donna Gates has to say this time. She always has great applicable advice and insights that are different from what we usually see covered and conversed about in the media.
      Kris Carr is also so inspiring, always!


    25. By Abigail on Mar 9, 2012

      I “liked” the page. I just listened to the first phone call and loved it. Thank you so much for sharing this with whoever wants to listen. I am excited for many of the calls. I am most excited for David Allen because his book was recommended to me. I bought the book and haven’t even read it yet (a few months later). I am eager to hear what he has to say and hope it helps me with growing my business. Thank you


    26. By linda malik on Mar 9, 2012

      Carol Look This is the best infromation to trun your life around and go in a positive direction. Subconscious behavior is powerful and who would have thought. Now that we know what to do to suceed in life in love relationships in finance in raising kids in all aspect of life we want work so hard. Just tap in and release. God Bless….


    27. By Stephanie Sobol on Mar 9, 2012

      Kris Carr!! She is such an amazing role model and I love listening to her speak about her passions!!


    28. By Lisa on Mar 9, 2012

      I am looking forward to hearing Donna Gates. I have an autoimmune disease and would love to hear what she has to say about healing. I am also looking forward to Nadine Artemis. I have recently started using her products and would love to hear more about natural beauty products. Thanks for hosting this amazing event!


    29. By Lisa on Mar 9, 2012

      I have also previously liked your page!


    30. By Angela on Mar 9, 2012

      I am absolutely ecstatic about hearing Bruce Lipton. I read his book Biology of Belief and loved it! I have been recommending it to everyone I know. As a biology graduate it was so refreshing to read the truth, that it’s not the genes that control a cells life but it’s environment (except for the few exceptions of course). The one thing I can’t stand is when people use genes as an excuse for their problems. Quoting Lipton I try and spread the word, “It’s the environment, stupid”. Can’t wait to hear what he has to say!!!


    31. By Christine on Mar 9, 2012

      I already like Tera’s page! I bought Nadine’s kit last fall and loved the Wish perfume…would love some more!!



    32. By Jenny on Mar 9, 2012

      Nadine Artemis. I am signed up for the upcoming Beauty class, and cannot wait. I have LIKED your page for quite some time. But I am looking forward to all the amazing speakers :-)


    33. By Deb on Mar 9, 2012

      They all look great Tera (as always) but I think Nicole Daedone – after all, who doesn’t want to learn how to have a 3 month long orgasm? ;)


    34. By Caryn on Mar 9, 2012

      Tough call, indeed, but I’d say Tenzin Palmo. I saw a film last spring about this remarkable woman. I’m sure the call will be profound not only based on what she has to say but also just based on her presence.

      I liked the page (can’t believe I hadn’t already).

      On Twitter, can we get a less racy option? My Twitter page is for my book “Animal Impact” and my consulting work. I think a lot of my animal advocate audience – who are predominantly passionate, hard-working women – could benefit from this series, but I wouldn’t position it around sex. Maybe something about feeling uplifted and including the word “free.”


    35. By Fabienne on Mar 9, 2012

      I love the WISH summit.. I can’t wait to listen to Sergei Boutenko’s wild edibles as I know we have soo much to learn in that domain. My mum is always trying new things that she found during her walks and none of us had copy her, because of fear.. so can’t wait to listen to Sergei and probably is going to confirm that she was right! ;)


    36. By Diana Ocasio on Mar 9, 2012

      I want to smell more prettier !!!!


    37. By Linda Osmond on Mar 9, 2012

      I love Teresa Tapp. She’s such a loving, honoring, and generous woman who has helped so many other women!


    38. By Trina-Lea Briggs on Mar 9, 2012

      Wow…it is so hard to choose as this is such a phenomenal line up of speakers. But after watching the video featuring Somaly Mam and the amazing work that she does, I can not wait to hear this beautiful soul share more of her story. Tera…thank you…this Wish Summit is sure to be the best yet!


    39. By I Auset Reid on Mar 9, 2012

      I am most looking forward to Charu’s talk about Tantra. I have been married for 10 years now and just beginning to awake to the magic that we have the potential to access but often ignore.

      Please give me an extra entry for liking the Tera Warner page and all her loveliness.


    40. By Lori Taylor on Mar 9, 2012

      I won’t wear synthetic fragrance – this Wish Mist sounds amazing! AND, would be sweet to win it on March 16 – my 55th birthday!


      Reply by Lori Taylor on March 9th, 2012

      Sorry- and oops! I think the speaker I’m most looking forwaed to hearing is Kyle Cease – love how he shifts my energy with his humor and truth!


    41. By Sue Paulick on Mar 9, 2012

      Dr. Vandana Shiva looks like a very appealing speaker as stated in her bio. Hoping to get a better understanding with the nature of our existence and the roots to our food coming from holistic practices. It all starts here!


    42. By Denise on Mar 9, 2012

      I love Carol Look! She’s my hero!


    43. By Denise on Mar 9, 2012

      Also “liked” your Facebook Fanpage…actually did it yesterday before even seeing that it was an entry ticket!
      Thanks for doing this Tera…just heard you for the first time on Carol’s call and you are so sincere and amazing…Thanks for shining and giving us all permission to do the same! Great work!


    44. By Debbie Palmer on Mar 9, 2012

      Would love to win Wish Mist! Sounds sensuous…have liked your page for a long long time!


    45. By Yulia Azriel on Mar 9, 2012

      Hi Tera,

      Thank you so much for your amazing work. I am looking forward to Nadine Artemis “A Head-to-Toe Renegade Beauty Makeover” – I feel so ready to transform myself into a all-natural beauty! I already like your FB page! I admire your work and your openness!! Thank you for everything you do for WOMEN!


    46. By Margaret Plouff on Mar 9, 2012

      Well, first of all, I’m looking forward to hearing YOU, Tera for 40 days!! whoo hoo! Shakya Leone I will be excited to hear from because she has shown me through her earth empress and raw books and videos how to take exquisite care of Myself!! I love her!!!


    47. By Rani Primmer - Jagged Touch Studio on Mar 9, 2012

      Looks like a great line up and I’m very excited to the exposure to lots of new concepts that I’ve never even considered. But I think if I had to pick, I’d probably go with Tom Cronin
      The Science of Stillness. Meditation has always been a difficult thing for me to accomplish so I look forward to his insights.

      I Liked Tera’s FB page.

      Thank you for bringing this to us!


    48. By Ivelina on Mar 9, 2012

      I’m so excited to listen to Dr Bruce Lipton !


    49. By Ivelina on Mar 9, 2012

      I liked your FB page last year :)
      Thank you Tera <3


    50. By Diana on Mar 9, 2012

      Probably Allana Pratt but I’ve never heard half of them. So looking forward to meet others.


    51. By Annick on Mar 9, 2012

      Im looking forward to the Jean Kilbourne call, I work in this industry and struggle to do the right thing everyday.


    52. By Ciaara on Mar 9, 2012

      I already like Tera’s FB page!


    53. By Ciaara on Mar 9, 2012

      Very tough choice to pick one, but I will go with SARK!


    54. By Diana on Mar 9, 2012

      Liked your fanpage!


    55. By Chris Black on Mar 9, 2012

      I am excited about all the speakers. I have so much to learn. Nadine is fast becomming one of my favorites to learn from.The Wish Summit last time was awesome!I expect nothing less from this one.


    56. By Chris Black on Mar 9, 2012

      Also Green Smoothie Queen,I have liked your facebook page a while ago already.


    57. By Hillary on Mar 9, 2012

      Nadine…I’m in need of a head-to-toe makeover!


    58. By Erin on Mar 9, 2012

      This one definitely has my attention!
      Nicole Daedone
      Slow Sex: How to Have a 3-Month Long Orgasm

      Except I do have to leave the house once in a while. ;)


    59. By Suzanne on Mar 10, 2012

      I’m most excited about hearing Bruce Lipton. I found his website fascinating.

      I also liked you on Facebook!


    60. By Tooie on Mar 10, 2012

      I really enjoy Carol Look, I’ve heard her on various summits and she always motivates and inspires me.
      Bravo Tara, keep up the loving and light work you are doing for the world
      You are awesome!


    61. By Jennie Wiewel on Mar 10, 2012

      I already Like the Tera Warner Fan page. I also tweeted the link.

      I think I am Most excited about hearing Nadine’s call. She has lots of good information about the harmful effects of the junk we use and then what we should replace it with.

      I would love to win this contest!!


    62. By Sharon on Mar 10, 2012

      I am excited to hear all of them, but I would definitely have to pick Sergei Boutenko!


    63. By Sharon on Mar 10, 2012

      Oh, and I “liked” your page too!


    64. By Andi on Mar 10, 2012

      Ok, for obvious reasons, I’m really excited to learn about the 3 month long orgasm!! Can’t wait for Nicole Daedone. But I have to say that there isn’t a speaker I’m not delighted to hear from . The line up this year is amazing. Deeply grateful that you’re rolling it out again!!


    65. By Christy on Mar 10, 2012

      Oh, so many… One I’m looking forward to is Donna Gates


    66. By Christy on Mar 10, 2012

      I like Tera’s page :)


    67. By Lorelei MacBeth on Mar 10, 2012

      SARK…I bought her books in the early 90′s and LOVED them…they really affected me in a magical, twirling, paint the bathtub feet pink, dance when you want to, be free kind of way!


    68. By Angelica on Mar 10, 2012

      Hi Tera!

      Thank you so much again for one more year of WISH!! As women constantly driven by emotions, we need so much to listen to such great experiences and advices on a daily basis coming from your wonderful and generous guests! I must confess that I haven’t had the chance to listen to the first 2 interviews and probably won’t listen tonight’s also for I’ve been working in the night shift (but not for long), but I’m downloading each one of them in order to listen calmly and carefully as a priority this coming Sunday!
      About your guests, well, what can I say? I’m experiencing one of the hardest, saddest and most emotional moments in my life at the moment due to a love break up, so listening to empowering calls such as Marni Batista`s will make me feel encouraged for sure. Besides, in moments like these, we feel so inferior and deprived of self-esteem that I`m so sure that after listening to goddesses and confident women like Allana Pratt, Nadine Artemis and Shakaya Leone I`m gonna be able to get myself together and get ready to conquer the world again!!!

      Lots of love to you, Tera, and your team!
      Thanks again!!!


    69. By Tammy Trew on Mar 10, 2012

      Loving WISH so far..this is my first time doing WISH and I am so excited! Looking forward to listening to both Nadine Artemis & Bruce Lipton! I am a scientist in the making and a microscopist which David Wolfe knows a lot of from doing blood microscopy for earthing :) . Thanks so much for making this possible, and also for making it possible to listen to later- that way you can hear it more than once and listen to it later in case you have something else going on at the time of the live call. Which right now I do considering what time my classes are for school!


      Reply by Tammy Trew on March 10th, 2012

      Already liked Tera on FB :) .


    70. By Diana on Mar 10, 2012

      I agree… so many great choices! If I have to pick I think I am most looking forward to the talk by Chloé Jo Davis.

      Also just “liked” Tera’s FB. I hadn’t realized there was one!


    71. By anita kaiser on Mar 10, 2012

      It’s nearly impossible for me to pick just one person I am super excited about – when I look through the list I am thrilled about many if not all the folks on your list. The one that really stands out if I was forced to pick one – Mr Masaru Emoto – I have never heard him speak although I often quote his studies. Can’t wait! thank you tera for this amazing opportunity! Will share any way possible!


    72. By anita kaiser on Mar 10, 2012

      liked but really would have loved you on facebook!


    73. By Lynn on Mar 10, 2012

      I like the facebook page. I have been there before and read it. I’m am looking forward to Tenzin Palmo. I have recently read a few books on Buddism and it is quite powerful. I can’t wait to hear more about this. I have started yoga and that is great too.


    74. By Ivy on Mar 10, 2012

      I am excited for SARK….. I really just adore her….


    75. By Ivy on Mar 10, 2012

      I have already liked Tera Warner on FB.


    76. By Sharon on Mar 11, 2012

      I’m excited to listen to every one of these amazing people! I know a little about some of them & have followed the works of several for years. A few that I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with are Sergie Boutenko, Alice Bracegirdle, Dr. Moss, & Donna Gates. Always love Shakya Leone & Carol Look!
      I feel especially blessed to have found Tera & the Raw Diva site a few years ago. Tera, your skill as an interviewer have developed and blossomed during the years I’ve listened in. This whole project is indeed a WISH come true!

      Blessings on us all!


    77. By Andrea on Mar 11, 2012

      Thomas Omwenga.

      This seems like great information as I am currently training for a superhero scramble race with obstacles. It was very hard to decide because I have heard many previous call from many of the people listed and have enjoyed so many of them.

      I am looking forward to the whole WISH series. Thanks Tera.


    78. By Andrea on Mar 11, 2012

      I have already liked Tera’s facebook page and enjoy getting her updates.



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