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Wild things

Posted Aug 17 2010 12:00am

So this blog is really for dessert and such things but I’ve been in the woods for the last few days picking wild plants and this afternoon we made a few things from the epic finds. Cakes are getting made with the rest over the next few days.

We made some really yummy solar teas with the berries from a sumac plant. Sumac is deep red or purple. Sumac has been used in different cultures as a food and spice in the Middle East it’s added to salads for a lemony taste. The Native American used sumac with tobacco in traditional smoking mixtures.


Solar teas are amazing for cooling down they are totally thirst quenching. They are also super easy to make. First off organic or wild herbs will always taste better and on top of that they produce healthier teas, so if your not using wild herbs or something you have grown yourself, buy from a local grower that sells organic. All you need to make solar tea is quart mason jar (fyi if your British a quarts just a liter), herbs coarsely cut and water.

Start by adding half to cup of fresh herb to the mason jar (I like a cup when using Sumac). Add the water, a lid and shake it a few times. Place the jar in full sunlight, if you can shake the jar up a few times during the day. Depending on how you like your tea it should be ready with in 3 to 6 hours. Generally the tea will be rich and translucent in color. While your teas still warm shake, strain and serve.


Some other yummy combo’s

Alfalfa leaf with lemon verbena or red clover blossoms Chamomile with hibiscus flowers Elderflowers with peppermint or yarrow Fenugreek with alfalfa or mint Hibiscus flowers with rose hips Marigold petals with mint Mullein with sage, chamomile or marjoram Pennyroyal with any of the other mints Peppermint with spearmint Rosemary with hibiscus flowers Sage with lemon verbena Strawberry leaves with woodruff Yarrow with peppermint
Pickletastic time

I love pickles there my second favorite food next to cake. When we where out in the woods today we found a plant I think is entirely amazing wild leeks. We used two parts of the plant the roots which taste and look similar to garlic cloves and the flower tops. We pickled the roots with some dill that was dried a few weeks ago and used the tops in with cucumbers.
Roots of wild leeks
Easiest raw pickle recipe ever – mason jars, 1 quart of water, 4 tablespoons of pink or black salt and any other herbs you might want.

Put your cucumbers or roots into jars add any other herbs or spices you might want. In any other jug add the water and the salt. Pour into jars and seal; place somewhere warm I like on top of dehydrator. Cover with a dishcloth; let your pickles stay for 5 days. After 5 days you have super tasty pickleness.  
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