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Wild garlic leave...

Posted Aug 25 2008 2:38pm

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Wild garlic leaves out early - the house reeks of dehydrating garlic bread as i add wild garlic leaves to our regular savoury kamut bread which is getting more popular with friends and family. Even adding the odd raw egg yolk to it fresh from the biodynamic farm we help out at - added high quality protein. Children’s swimming abilities reaching new lengths every time we visit the pool.

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Another odd new season has been cocreated - spring flowers at winter temperatures…everything seems determined to be out early despite the weather - also noticing how so many new and forward thinking projects and events for 2008 already lined up in defiance of everything. Not a normal happening but i went to bed at 8:30pm last night with the children and woke up ready to start my day at half past midnight…i often wake up with the birds at about 3am - i’m sure they didn’t used to start 4 hours before dawn years ago- everything’s going timeless .

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Loved Book 8 Part 1 of the Ringing Cedar Series by Vladimir Megre - ‘The New Civilisation ‘- i read them with Bertie and Lizzy and they love them too. Love the bits about money -a bit of a pet topic with me. Well people say we always had money even if it was shells or something. And i would say well you can collect as many shells as you like on most beaches but if i print money and take it down the shops either they won’t accept it or if they do my life might be made very difficult. The money system we have now is actually a very specific one that is not an accurate mechanism for exchanging goods and services but is used by a few people to manipulate many people. Actually, within our household, Bertie and Lizzy are writing out their own money - and stamps. We have Lizzy’s delightful grinning face on them and there’s a Bizzykins postal delivery several times a day - mostly love letters to other members of the family - ah the sanity of sharing life with a six year old and an eight year old. Back to money i would say i don’t know whether we always had money or some kind of unit of exchange but i do know there is a very primal human urge to give to help fellow humans out and that in a natural neighbourly way of living there would be many services provided without thought of payment. As we have become disempowered and pay for basic needs we are reluctant to give away the tokens that ensure our survival but if we had our time,energy, land and lives restored to us i think we would happily spend more time helping out those around us.

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This basic urge to help becomes an urge to do everything we can to help the world - been noticing the messianic tendency in a few people a lot recently. The tendency to think they are THE KEY FIGURE in somehow saving the world. As we reconnect with our creative power i think it is a natural thing to feel like we are at the creative centre of our universe but it’s just that everyone else is at the creative centre of their universe too and the idea of anyone being more in the centre than anyone else is ridiculous and once we go beond this we are one anyway. Is the self-centred phase a necessary part of the process? Let’s all celebrate eachother’s godlike qualities. Within our skulls still lurks the neurolical machinery to know ‘God’ the universal infinite consciouness. The tendency to complain and blame is hopefully moving into a period where if we see a job needs doing, rather than complain it’s not been done, we do it. Complaining has surely now maxed out to boredom levels - has for me but then i’ve brought up four kids.

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Back to Ringing Cedars, Anastasia herself proclaims ‘I exist for whom i exist’. Whether Anastasia exists or not is, in my view, an irrelevant question. Part of the incredible value of The Ringing Cedar series is it’s ability to deprogam people’s minds and take us back to what is really important to us. For most people there are some bits that do not sit comfortably - whether because they seem to fantastical or challenge their condtioning too much or because we may feel we have already gone beyond particular concepts. One of these for me is religion but i can see that for people for whom religion is important and valuable will find the religious framing of some of the ideas helpful. The books have ‘beneficial effect’ on so many of us and catalyse practical change which imo is where it’s at.

On that note does everyone know that looking up eg at the sky actually has beneficial effects on brain waves? Note UP at the sky, not a few degrees below horizonatal at the TV screen.mmm..

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