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Wild Edibles Recipe: An Autumn Radiance Nettle Elixir To Give Your Skin An Extra Glow

Posted Oct 17 2012 12:02pm
Written by Tera on October 17, 2012 – -

By Dawn Houghton

I am so excited to be moving into the Autumn season and finding lots of wild edibles still looking and tasting so GOOD! Nettles are amazingly abundant still and provide us with such a rich and creamy dark green shot of chlorophyll to boost our blood cells and supply much needed radiance.

According to Sergei Boutenko, Wild Edible expert, stinging nettles are one of natures most nutritious wild foods, they are rich in iron, silica, calcium, vitamins A, D & K. So lace up your walking shoes, grab a cozy sweater, and venture out into the crisp Autumn wind to gather a big bag of stinging nettles.  When you get back, you can whip up this skin brightening extra creamy elixir to give your rosy cheeks an extra glow.


  • Large bunch fresh picked nettle tops (top 4 leafing branches)
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 apples
  • 1 cup pure water
  • Okay, so you have foraged your beautiful nettle tops (using gloves to lessen the stings!). Now, give them a good wash to remove any stray bugs and dirt, drain them and give them a loving squeeze; this helps remove the sting too.

    Wash and quarter the apples. Either leave the lemon whole, just half it, or, remove the outer skin, leaving some of the white intact for the Vitamin C. You can choose to make this in your blender and strain it through a nut milk bag, which is really quick! OR juice all the ingredients through a masticating juicer. Centrifugal juicers just won’t do the nettles justice at all!

    Once you have your juice, pour into a jug, add the water and stir well. Enjoy this extra creamy blood building Elixir straight away for huge benefits and see your skin begin to GLOW!

    The reason we all can do well to choose nettles as a daily inclusion is due to their levels of calcium, iodine, vitamins A, K, C & D, silica, sulphur, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, manganese and of course CHLOROPHYLL!

    Other health benefits of nettles include assisting those with arthritis, boosting circulation, cleansing the body of gout, improving our skin (the key to geting that glow), colon health, supporting the kidneys  and spleen.

    Sergei Boutenko & Heather Gardner and their famous WILD EDIBLE COURSE from the Women’s Wellness University offer you just that!!

    The Wild Edible course started October 15th but there’s still time for you to join. Learn how to identify wild edibles and use them in your diet for health, workbooks, coaching emails, online journal, dedicated Facebook groups, regular Q&A , ongoing support and comes with a lifetime membership, so you can retake the course anytime for free and get all the planned upgrades.



    Dawn Houghton is an Internationally trained Certified Living Foods Chef, Live Foods. Educator and Detox Coach. An established Live Foods Chef and creator behind Raw Alchemy and the School Of Living Raw Foods, Dawn graduated from Elaina Love’s Pure Joy Culinary Academy in April 2012.

    Dawn has a deep love and connection with wild places and studies Permaculture Design, playing as a Living Lightly facilitator of deep emotional and spiritual awakening through harnessing Mother Earth energies. Dawn’s mission is to work with many people, where ever there is demand and need, to share the infinite benefits of a lifestyle rich in Live plant sourced foods, assisting in the transformation of health and enhancing longevity and working with those in recovery from serious illness and disease.

    Connect with Dawn:   or

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