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Why Your Home & Raw Journey Are So Connected

Posted Aug 24 2008 5:39pm

From Successfully Raw Issue 90:

Home This week in Raw Passion (one of the coaching groups I am running) I shared how our home is incredibly important in our raw food journey, for a number of reasons, but often we just don’t realise it. And yet it’s really big stuff !

In this week’s article I am going to share with you some of the key points we looked at on our call, and at the end you’ll find an exciting Coaching Challenge! Note, this is only for those of you who are serious right now about upping your game, inside and/or out. So if this isn’t you then you might want to print this out and file it anyway, because when you’re ready you can dramatically fast-track yourself by taking the challenge on - and I think you’ll love it!

So, on with the mini teach-in:

In my raw food coaching model “Ongoing Support” (pictured), YOUR HOME features bang in the middle of “The Seven Circles of Raw Support” series, as circle number four. This isn’t a coincidence. Our home is precious to us in so many ways, whether we are raw foodies or not, and it forms our safe haven from the rest of the world and physically speaking, becomes the centre of our Universe. However, the more raw you become the more you will notice, I’m sure, the more intense desire you have to get your home in order, in just about every way.

So why is this?

There’s a couple of main aspects here.

The first is that “ as within so without ”, which basically means that as you clean up your diet and body, you naturally feel the desire to make the same thing happen in your external world. It might start small scale with an increased desire to clean, move furniture, sort papers etc., but in no time at all you might find yourself radically de-junking your home, making big internal changes with furniture, organisation and/or decor, or even consider moving home completely.

This is so common that I hardly need ever ask anyone anymore if it’s happened to them!

The second reason is rather more subtle and I liken it to creating a “cocoon” . Just as a caterpillar spins a cocoon in order to turn to mush and then transform into a butterfly, we too on our raw food journey naturally are drawn to creating more peace, quiet and space for reflection and transformation, and sometimes much more – within our own four walls, our home.

As we do this we energetically and literally set the scene for these great changes to occur, and so it is that when you have a clean body AND a clean home space, some magic really can and does occur.

In fact, the more you look at this for yourself, the more you will probably realise that even when you are going well with your food you still might be holding yourself back by holding on to clutter in your home, because the Universe is guaranteed to bring you radical shifts when you clear both at once!

So, for those of you who are ready for this level of change, or if you would like to address your home and put your dietary shifts on the back burner, here follows my coaching challenge...

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