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Why I’m Retiring From The Raw Divas

Posted Sep 03 2010 2:19pm

Hey, Sunshine!

Before I explain what I mean by that subject title, here’s a bit of what’s shaking around here and what we’ve been up to.

tera's first video My First Video Blog! (And my last video as “The Raw Divas”)

I did it!!!  It took three years, and you’ll soon see why, but I finally did a video!!! You can check it out here , and you’ll be happy to know that doing this one certainly helped me get over some of my fears about it, so you won’t have to wait another three years for the next one!! If all goes as planned, you should have it next week! ;-)

Raw Mom Cooked Dad

If you’ve ever struggled to stick with it on the raw food program because cooked foods are everywhere you turn, or if you struggle with different food philosophies in the same home, then you’re going to want to get on board our upcoming FREE event called “Raw Mom, Cooked Dad.” We’ve got some half-baked ideas and steamy solutions that will help keep peace on the plate!

You’ll be hearing from David Wolfe, Ani Phyo, Frederic Patenaude, Alissa Cohen, Markus Rothkranz and over 30  featured speakers who are going to come and give us the goods on how to stick with it when the
going gets tough, how to know when to compromise and what kinds of compromises are safe to make. Batch baking, recipe making, you name it, we’ve covered it in this event!

We’ve surveyed over a thousand moms to get their tips, tricks, recipes and inspiration and we’ll be sharing it with you as part of this event, so if you’d like to be on board, you can sign up right away. There will be lots more information made available in the weeks to come.

Green Smoothie Detox

We’ve had so many requests to do another round of the green smoothie detox, that we’ve decided to start another round of it first thing next week. But we had to squeeze it in since we have some other big things coming up. This is the only message you’ll receive about this event, so if you’re interested in joining this detox, now would be a good time to make it happen. You can read more and sign up here.

green lin

What’s Happenin’ in Divaland

Before I scuttle off to scoop up the muffins, I just wanted to let you know about a few things worth checking out on the blogs this week:

Diva Blog (

Raw Mom (

Green Smoothie Queen ( )

Stacey’s Busting Free From Bagels!! Learn More About How She’s Going to Do it HERE.

Now, onto the juicy stuff about my upcoming “retirement”:

green lin

I’m Stepping Down From the Raw Divas So I Can Step Up to Life!


It’s been just over three years since the first raw divablog post and a lot has happened along the way. We now have a subscribership of over 52,000 women around the world–a mere trickle in the bottom of the bucket, because in so many ways, we’re just getting started.

So, naturally, you might be surprised to hear that I am “retiring” from the Raw Divas.

Let me explain…

While I’ve been plucking away behind my computer over the last few years, I’ve come up with some pretty good ideas and worked with fabulous people to help make things happen. And I’m grateful and excited about everything we’ve done so far.

But as clever creatures know, there are no flat lines in life.

In life things are either expanding or they’re deteriorating. You grow or you go. You know we’re not going anywhere, so the only direction from here is grow! Grow! Grow!

My father asked me one question that would change my life forever.

“Tera, what did Mary Kay sell?”


“No. She sold something people could believe in and belong to.
She sold a community and she sold opportunities for women to empower themselves. ”


I’m no Mary Kay, but the projects that we have built were never intended to stuff one woman’s  pockets, nor was I looking to create a self-indulgent empire all about me. These projects were built upon the hope that many women could become a part of it, could come on board and use the tools, the system to help make themselves a living doing what they love.

In order for me to really focus on the projects that I love and that I know are going to help me realize my vision for this company, I need to get out of my own way and let someone with better skills, more attention, less multitasking, oodles of passion and a strong desire to create a powerful community take the lead.

I’d like you to meet a few of the women who are making this happen now:

Meet Stacey

stacey terryThe “Green Smoothie Queen” made her début a few years ago with our first ever 3-day green smoothie challenge . Since then, tens of thousands of green smoothie guzzlers have come on board to experience the goodness of blended lawnmower pulp, and the demand for green smoothies was more than this raw diva could manage on her own. So, I invited Stacey on board to start making it her own.

Stacey is witty and pretty, she writes well and she’s a fiddlin’ gal who sings like an angel. From her cozy little apartment in Winnipeg, Manitoba she spends her time working on the green smoothie blog , green smoothie detox programs and cuddling her new cat, “Cash.”  She’s the creator of our Raw Diva themesong (did you know that we had one?!!) and you can catch her singing it here .

Her personal goal is to turn the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba into the Smoothie Capital of the WORLD!  (it’s currently the slurpee capital of the world). She’s got her work cut out for her but we’re confident that donut shops in her city will be chanting choruses about chlorophyll in no time.

Meet Fiona

fiona hollisPassionate and fiercy loyal to all things that make the world a better place, Fiona is the director of our Raw Mom site . She’s got experience teaching young  children, in marketing and promotion, and she has a beautiful family of her own with three children.

She’s collaborating with me on the production of the Raw Mom, Cooked Dad event happening very soon (!!!) and has some amazing products and resources for moms and children that will be coming up on the site.

She’s busy building class planners that you can print off and take to your school with all the materials you need to give classes on ice cream, sprouting, green smoothies and other cool stuff kids love. It’s about more than just helping your kids get healthy, but having a positive impact on the youth in your community. Helping your kids inspire change in others!

She’s got big plans for Raw Mom and since she’s come onboard the community has really started to come alive! Fiona lives all the way over the ocean in the U.K. and her dream is to provide as much support as possible to mothers and families inspired by healthy living and the raw food diet.

So… we’ve covered the Green Smoothie site, we’ve covered the Raw Mom site…

Which leaves us with The Raw Divas . This project has been the heart and soul of all we do until now.

I can assure you that choosing to give up the throne on this project wasn’t easy. It required someone who shared the same world view as I do, who could market like a ninja in high heels, and who could make the Raw Diva project something better than I could do on my own. And I found her.

Meet Lyn Wright.

Lyn WrightIf Lyn and I were aliens, we most definitely came from the same planet!! And while the color of our hair may
lend itself to different generations, she’s got the experience and wisdom of a wise woman and the spunk of a frisky teenager!! Lyn’s passion is health and the well-being of others and she’s made her living up until now in marketing and promotion. You can actually read all about her here on the blog.

She’s here to help make the Raw Divas something bigger and better than I could do on my own, and she’s going to keep that blog hopping and get a lot more more Viva in our Diva!

Lyn’s goal is to work with me to expand this project so that Mary Kay can one day look down at an army of electric pink eco-cars and smile from above in admiration of the things we’ve accomplished.

So you see, my sweet, I’m not disappearing completely.

There are a lot of changes that will be happening in the months to come.  Until these changes are put in place, you’ll still find my sassy contributions on all these sites. But I’ll be moving to a behind the scenes role so these women can step up to make these projects even better than I could have done on my own.

And as for me, dear %$firstname$%, I will be rolling out some very exciting things and while I will wait to give you more of the details until next week, I will start by saying that it has something to do with this very brave and courageous act done by Doll this week, my assistant and our customer service queen.

I’ll let you take a peek and fill you in on more details next week.

Until then, have a fabulous weekend and know that I am simply glowing with gratitude for your presence and your support of what we do here. None of us could be here without YOU making it all happen.

Gushing with gratitude,


Since I will be weaning myself off the diva blog , most of my personal updates, pictures and articles will be happening on my new facebook page. Please and check out why yesterday was one of my best days EVER!!!

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