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While I'm obviously a raving fan ...

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:33pm

Folders While I'm obviously a raving fan of cleaning up your diet, today it really hit me, more than ever before, just how important it is to dejunk your mind as well as your body to   really feel clean, pure and sensationally wonderful.

Regular readers of my blog will know that my biggest struggle of recent times has been my workload - that is running two companies, working with 4 coaches, coaching, teaching, writing, running a household and that little tiny extra job called "parenting a 3 year old mini-monster"... I bet a lot of you will know where I'm coming from in that regard! Oh yes, and then there's a social life, friends, family, coaching buddies and emails to consider... Need I say more?

Well, last night - finally up to my mental quota of things to do and my head so full that there was simply "no room left at the inn" - I decided that I would scratch the record, stop the world, and take half a day "off" to go through absolutely everything I had to do, sort, start, finish, tidy, file - you name it. And this is what happened:

I felt awesome : )

Everything that had been swimming around in my head for weeks, months, and in some cases years, just came tumbling out onto a single sheet of A4 and a handful of index cards ...and there it was - my life and to do pile all down on paper and instant relief ensued. Amazing. How simple was that?

And the irony was that it only took a few hours ... and has saved me who knows how many hours in stress and trying to remember or find things.

So why didn't I do it sooner?

Yes, so simple but so profound. My theory is that I am so full of energy anyway that I always manage to find some way of slowing myself down, so why not go for a shedload of mental clutter to calm the proceedings? Aren't we all good like that?! (So what's your energy syphon...?)

Once I could see in black and white just what had to be done, my energy levels went through the roof... and even better, it wasn't nearly as much as I thought it was going to be!

With head fully dejunked I then went about filing, moving, tidying etc. etc. and my office now looks rather amazing. I'll tell you more about what that looks like another time as it's rather an inspiring office, even if I do say so myself!

Next step, to eat. By the time I had finished doing all this cleaning and clearing I was very hungry. And lo and behold, what did I find? Even my eating was cleaner! I took my time, I appreciated each bite more, everything felt good, and calm, and peaceful, and because I had worked up a great appetite I enjoyed it even more than usual. Bliss!

And spookily enough, the phone didn't ring in all that time, until the scheduled 2pm call that I knew was coming anyway. And then the phone rang for the rest of the afternoon, now that I was "officially" back at work again. I tell you!

But I can't leave this entry without reporting miracles...

You may recall that last week I made the commitment to myself (and to you guys) that I would move the majority of my time and energy towards my coaching, writing and teaching work, and that even then, within hours of making that decision, miracles began to happen. Well, they have continued to come thick and fast, once again showing me that I am on the right path and of course that can only be a good thing.

My Friday miracles were: Call from TV company; Yet another coaching enquiry; Great chat with my new web designer; A fabulous Fresh Friday! call; A call from the health editor of a well known women's magazine; One new client sign up; One new class sign up; A great chat with Sandy Forster who I will be hosting this September as a separate project (more anon)... and a ton of other things just fell into place. It was one of those days. The type you wish would happen everyday, if you could but get over yourself!

Since then, more of the same, but even better. So now I expect the miracles! Back in the flow and loving it. I hope that inspires you (obviously it has me), because the world would be such a different place if we each got out of our own way and got clear and took action on what we really really want - on all levels. "Follow your bliss" as Joseph Campbell once so wonderfully said.

Making space today has also, I know for sure, physically stated my intention to move forward, having cleared the decks. While I still have a lot of work on my plate, I can see how it can be achieved effortlessly, and that obviously feels very good. The fear of its perceived enormity has gone. I am up for delegating more and feel great about that. Yay! It also means that more of the great stuff can come in, and it did. In fact today was especially wonderful as I saw the first draft of my new web site, which I've been wanting to get together for over a year. That was quite a moment for me. A turning point and no mistake. Not long to go now!

So to recap... empty head onto paper ~ fully ... clean, clear, sort, file ... sigh with relief, smile, breathe in deeply from the new space around you, and exhaaaale... eat when v. hungry for maximum feel-good factor, take a final good look around at your amazing work, plan a reward (mine's a session in a floatation tank which I haven't experienced for over a decade), then, back to work and allow the miracles to flood in. Clearing a space = creating a vacuum, and, as the metaphysicists among you will know, "nature abhors a vacuum", so... let's see what it can be filled with eh? Hint: It helps if you have a wish list!

But the story doesn't end here, because when it came to "picking up from nursery" time, I felt like a new mum. I had "more time" for Luke, I laughed more, I cherished every moment, I felt like a happy, competent, wonderfully loving mum, and that continued all the way through shopping, play, bath and reading, until bed time.

Then, later, while Luke was sleeping and I was still in dejunk/streamline mode, I delegated 4 other major tasks to a new Fresh Team Member and then... drum roll... I went online looking for a cleaner! And I think I've found one : )

So that was me well and truly cleared for the day.

Now my life is sitting on a bunch of index cards all I have left to do is shuffle them and pick ; )

If only!

So what did I learn the most from today?

That even if you feel like your body is clean, your mind very well may not be. And if your energy feels lower than you think it should, look for the psychic drains and not just the physical ones. I have found, the hard way, that a full mind can be just as uncomfortable as a full body, and when it's time to dejunk, don't put it off. Just do it. Taking those 4 hours "off" today felt like the best use of 4 hours possible. And I've learned some more about myself. And I've set up systems to prevent this from happening again. Even better!

Now I just have to be mindful of not finding another way to syphon off my energy! (Aren't we shocking?!) I shall be on look out...

Hope this resonates with, and is useful to some of you : )

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