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Where Your Sense of Self Worth Comes From & How to Give It a Boost

Posted Jun 01 2012 7:42am
Written by Tera on June 1, 2012 – -

by Tera Warner

So, how much are you really worth, Sunshine? When you stop for a moment to ponder notions of self-worth and confidence, what comes to mind for you?

Is it the number of dollars and pennies you’ve tucked aside? Is it how much you own, or how much you owe, and the material value of the gadgets, gizmos and any General Electric appliances you’ve acquired throughout your lifetime?

With thanks to Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and a few decades of dysfunctional advertising and marketing campaigns, you may measure your self-worth by the size of your thighs and the width of your hips.

Maybe it’s how many friends you have or how many acronyms you can stick to the end of your name? Is it your plant-based palate or how much chlorophyll you can consume in a single blended serving of liquid food? How righteous your prayers? How expensive your brand of underwear?

If you’ve been collecting fancy underpants and chugging ever-greater volumes of chlorophyll to become a more valuable and worthy citizen of planet Earth, then I’ve got news for you!

The one thing that makes you truly feel valuable in life, Sunshine, is  your willingness and ability help to other people.

When you know you can make a difference, you feel empowered, confident, alive and valuable. When you can’t, or you’re not sure how, or you simply get too caught up in your own soap opera and forget you are a needed member of a much bigger group of people, then you flounder, worry, doubt yourself and sink into a pit of TV-watching oblivion.

The way back to confidence and a high sense of self-worth is simply to reach out.

Reach to your neighbor, reach to a woman in the street who needs help carrying her groceries. Reach to a family member, a friend, a co-worker who could use a boost. Reach to someone you admire, reach to Oprah, reach to me, if you want to!

Put away all the excuses for NOT making a difference today where you know you are able to do so. If you want to feel confident, valuable and on purpose, simply tune into what you can do to help another or the world and get busy making it happen!

Love and long arms,



The world may seem like a pretty big place, but it gets smaller the more you’re willing to reach! Share with us how you can reach out and make the world an even better place to be!

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