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When Life Throws You a Fast Ball

Posted Jan 07 2010 5:04am

The last two days we’ve supposed to have been focusing on Creative Expression and Spirituality.  Did you get my telepathic posts?

Okay, I admit. Life threw me a few fast balls and I’ve not been able to spend nearly as much time as I would have liked near my computer.

But, interesting how life has a way of prioritizing the exact thing you’re trying to address. So many people get frustrated in the midst of unexpected circumstances. I know we talked about attitude already, but wheever you’re at, consider how you’re responding to the events on your plate. What you resist, persists. It’s so true.

The last couple days have brought some health emergencies and mental health emergencies and unexpected disappointments, but I’ve learned over the years to roll with the punches, to catch the fast balls and run with them. So, I’m still smiling and observing the process as life whips me around in all manner of unexpected ways.

All this chit-chat has been part of our 21-Day Challenge. The goal was to spend 21 days trying to implement some new life habits and targets for the new year. I spent some special time on January 1st and 2nd filling out my calendar with goals and projects and targets for 2010. I see the plan, now need to work on implementing it. Sometimes, simply by articulating the target, the stars align to help you make it all happen. Sometimes, it’s not effort as much as intention that steers the boat.

We started this 21-Day challenge and the goal is that we spend some time addressing different areas of our lives and taking the time to imagine our ideal scene, then focus on the action steps necessary to make these things happen.The next category I had put on the list (though I’d not listed them in any particular order of importance) was sensuality. But due to some of the fast balls I’ve been catching, I’d like us to do it on Health instead.

First let me say that if you’ve been contemplating the 6-Week Detox, it starts on Monday, and this is your last chance to register. We’ve already given out the initial preparatory materials and participants are gearing up for the adventure full steam ahead.

I am one of the participants.

I’ve had a tough time bouncing back to a “healthy” regime after the holidays. I guess once the boundaries are broken, discipline is harder to put back in place. But it’s clear that I’m struggling with a few health issues and if I’m gonna walk the talk, I better gear up and get serious. I thought I would include you in a bit of a personal process as i lead up and go through the 6-Week Detox.  I’m addressing some “minor” health issues, but health issues none the less, and I’d like to see what I can do to fix ‘em. My health care practitioner of choice is Dr. Ritmarie, and over the next few days (if life could PULEASE slow down on the fast balls) I’m going to take the time to fill out the necessary forms and have a health consultation with her. I thought you might like to see what that’s all about and get an idea of the problems I’m addressing and watch how she helps me handle things.

For now, my sweets, while I’d love to chat, I must get the muffins geared up for another day of school. If the focus is health, let’s start by painting the picture of our ideal scene and putting in place a few of the action steps that will get us there. Keep your fingers crossed that I get back here soon and if you see any fast balls flying by in my direction, could you catch a couple for me!

I’ve had enough for one week. ;-)

Love and light steps,


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