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WHAT IS WATER FAST AND HOW TO DO IT ? 105 - 114 days of water fast a year! Recent Entries

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:35am

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Socrates called a ‘unconscious’ those who ate more than 2 meals a day, and the father of medicine, Hippocrates, wrote:

“… if the body is not cleaned, then the more you feed them, the more it will harm …”

During the tightening of the disease, in order to relieve the body and to direct the forces of life to the fight against the disease, recommended dispensing with the adoption of food in general.

Similarly thought the other famous doctors of antiquity - Avicenna, Asclepiades , Celsus, who recommended their patients long  3 - 5 weeks water fasts in order to regain strength and health.
During the Middle Ages, another famous doctor, chemist and philosopher, Paracelsus, pioneer of medicine relying on observation and experiment, claimed that fasting is the best remedy for many diseases.

Still, some people love it, some people say it is not really the best way to cleanse and they claim that being only on water might be dangerous in some cases.

I remember David Wolfe saying that water fast is an incredible way of cleansing , but it is not  for everyone. Some people are already very deficient in minerals and water fast might additionally flush all the remaining nutrients.

Regardless of what other people say, I have a big crush on water fasts.


When I was in my teens I was doing 24 or 36 hours water fasts every week. I chose Saturdays for my fasting days, because I knew that no work, no school provide me a peaceful environment and I could be as much active as I can or take a nap if I wish.

My goal was also fasting three days in a row every month.
For example you can choose that every first three days of every month you do a water fasts.

I accomplished few of those fasts, but it did not stay with me, unfortunately.
In 2006 I did my 8 day water fast,learned a lot from this experience and gained a lot.


Just recently I’ve read Bragg’s ” The miracle of fasting ” - amazing book on water fast.

Paul Bragg is known as a life extension specialist, American pioneer on water fasting and the Bragg’s Liquid Aminos guy.
Let’s take a closer look at what  water fast is, why to fast, how long to fast and what water fast can do for us.


Treatment using the full water fast means complete, periodic resigned from all kinds of food  regardless of its form, whether it be food on the consistency of a solid, or juices and drinks - in order to switch on the body’s internal regime nutrition, during which the body uses its own reserves of  fatty substances.  At the time of supplying energy in the body from the inside, the body, in order to maintain a constant level of homeostasis, or internal environmental conditions, begins to search for reserves.

What happens is the dissolution (absorption) and utilization of deposits from fat stocks, affected blood vessels, inflamed cells, protein deposits, tumors, scarring and mucus in bronchi. Above that the  ‘consumption’  of pathogenic micro-organisms - bacteria, viruses , funguses, mykoplazm takes place, which leads to recognizing and removing of latent internal outbreaks of infection, removing the ‘root of the disease’.

The process of getting rid of harmful substances - foreign origin, allergens, radioactive radicals starts. All of this serves to maintain life in the body. Therefore, the consumption of a minimum quantity of food or juice during the healing time will shift the body from the regime of internal nutrition to the normal, outside regime of nutrition and thus break the course medicinal water fasting. If you want to continue treatment after some time, everything should start from the beginning. Water fast usually lasts for set time of period and might include the proper use of aquatic regime ( saunas, swimming, sweating ), a regime of active movement, the use of massage and purification enema or breathing system.
Regular water fasts lead to recovery, reconstruction immune system, the overall renewalPaul Bragg and many other famous water fastitians state that fasting gives the additional kick to your active life and longevity.


1. Overweight and fatness.
2. Cardio-vascular disease: Atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary artery disease, the pre-and after strokes,  inflammation of the inner lining of arteries, migraine, hemorrhoids and others.
3. Almost all the chronic diseases of the digestive tract: catarrh of stomach ulcers, chronic liver disease and gall bladder, viral inflammation of the liver, pancreas, diabetes (in the form of insulin dependence) and others.
4. Respiratory Diseases: bronchitis,pneumonia, inflammation of the pleura, forms of tuberculosis, asthma and other bronchiale.
5. Diseases of the urinary tract:  inflammation of the kidneys, kidney inflammation clusters, abnormal ovaries and the menstrual cycle, chronic inflammatory processes caused by the uterus (ovaries), diseases of the thorax, infertility, early pregnancy poisoning, the prostate gland adenoma , Congestive heart inflammation of the prostate gland, impotence.
6. Nerve disease: neurosis, neurasthenia, insomnia, paranoia, epilepsy, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, others.
7. Disorders of the immune system: allergic conditions, eczema, psoriasis
8.Tobacco dependence, alcoholism, drug addiction.


1. The first half of pregnancy.
2. Lactation.
3. Advanced tuberculosis, malignant tumors and malignant diseases of blood spilled disorders, diseases psycho-neurological  - all form of  immobilisation of the patient with dementia or mental diseases.
4. Endocrine, nutritional extensive process of internal organs (abscess, depravity and some others).


1. Short (1 - 20 days)
2. medium (21-40 days)
3. Long (41-60 days)
4. very long (61-80 days)
5. extremely long  (81-180 days).

Usually if one wants to do a fast by himself - the fast should not go beyond 40 days, and still it is not recommended for everyone.

What Paul Bragg suggests and what I find the most reasonable is the plan of water fast that incorporates all of the below ones :

  • 24 or 36 hour water fast every week ( one starts after a breakfast that consists of a fruit or juice. Or one can start after a dinner that consists of salad or nurishing soup )
  • every first 3 days of each month ( that is my personal piece of plan )
  • 7 to 10 days every 3 months

If you look closer, it all adds up to approximately :

- 48 days ( 24 h every week )
- 36 days ( 3 days each month )
- 21 to 30 days ( 7 or 10 days every 3 months )

105 - 114 days of water fast a year!

- your digestive track can rest for third of a year
- you are cleansing for a third of a year
- you are saving the third of the money that would be spend on food ;-)

I believe that this plan of setting up a water fast can do no harm.
If you incorporate some enemas into fasting, it can help in releasing the toxins.

After my 8 day water fast I lost :

- 8 pounds
- I saw strange mucus fibers after my enemas, which I am assuming was a residue of some old dairy products and starches
- I sweat a lot after the fast by attending 3 day yoga retreat
- my skin looked amazing!

There is few things that one needs to consider before going into water fast.


The diet before water fast ( and as a super raw foodie at every point in my life! ) has to be full of nutrients and light. Before the 3 days and 7/10 days water fast you should have a juice ( vegetable plus fruits ) every day, so you make sure that you are getting plenty of nutrients. You should obstain from meat products if you can.


Specially during the longer time of fasting you should spend your time in peace. Reserve for yourself some resting time, so nobody can bother you!


Specially after longer fasts the coming out of the fast should be at least of the same length as a fast if not longer. It should be break down with juice and after few days one can introduce some soft fruit and vegetable.

The last but not least, fasting is very personal thing.
I would be sure to not talk about this special time to anyone, so people would not bother you with all sort of questions or their considerations.

If you have any questions to me - please send me a note through ASK form.
I would be happy to talk!

Here is to your health and success!

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