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what does a semi vegetarian eat?

Posted by blessing

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The term "semi-vegetarian" is often used to describe someone who avoids eating some kinds of meat (usually red meat) but still eats others.  For example he or she might avoid beef and pork but eat fish and poultry.

Actually the term is misleading.  It refers to a type of omnivore, not a type of vegetarian.  In a sense all omnivores eat this way, since they all avoid eating some animals.  For example, Americans eat cows and pigs and poultry, but don't eat horse or dog or rabbit (all of which are eaten elsewhere).

This dietary pattern is not vegetarian.  You can no more be semi-vegetarian by only eating certain meat than you can be semi-celibate by only having sex with redheads and not blonds.

Semi Vegetarian ?

Do u mean that u don't eat meat however you eat fish ?

try to explain yourself better, So i can answer you better :0--


I am gathering that you mean that you eat vegetables and you eat meat.   Perhaps you mean that you are working toward being a vegetarian, but sometimes you eat meat?  Maybe you mean that you eat fish or chicken sometimes?

If you eat fish, you are in luck, because the fish-eaters have invented a new name: "pescatarian".

I would say that a semi-vegetarian eats vegetarian food (no meat) sometimes, and eats meat sometimes.  Actually, that is not a semi-vegetarian, but, depending on what the person actually eats most of the time, a "standard" diet.  If the person seeks to eat healthy food, i.e., non-processed whole foods, then we might say that the person is eating a "healthy diet", based on the standards set out by allopathic nutritionists.

Basically, there is no such thing as a semi-vegetarian.  Either you eat meat, or you do not.  If you eat meat, you don't get a name (unless the people who are talking about you are raw vegans, in which case your diet is SAD -- Standard American Diet.)   If you eat only vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, eggs, and dairy products, you can be an VEGETARIAN.  If you do not eat any animal products, you can be a VEGAN.

To sum up, then: semi-vegetarians eat what they please when they want to, and like to tell vegetarians that they are amenable to the idea of vegetarianism until they walk by a steak or a Burger King. 

That is a new term, I have not heard that one before.  I would say that it must mean more fruits, vegetables, plant based, etc.. than animal products in your diet.  I am a Raw~Living Vegan, I have A Lot of free info on my weblog...

Please feel free to ask any other questions that may come up.

May Vibrant Health be Yours,

Cathi :0) 

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