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What’s Your WISH for Women? (WIN The 2012 WISH Workbook!)

Posted Apr 18 2012 7:56am
Written by Rachelle Fordyce on April 18, 2012 – -

- by Rachelle Fordyce

Yesterday marked the last day of the 2012 Women’s International Summit for Health!

The past 40 days and nights have been filled with fantastic interviews of some of our world’s greatest inspirational speakers – men and women speaking with integrity and enthusiasm on topics of Attitude, Wisdom, Sensuality, Health, Beauty, Fitness, Abundance, Balance, Relationships, Food, Empowerment, Body, Diet, Thought, Mind, Exercise, Sex, Passions, Desires, Career, Business, Economy, Getting Things Done, and SO much more!  … Not to mention Loving and Accepting yourself unconditionally!! ;-)

Now as so many who have participated are sitting perched on the edge of a vision of what their lives have the potential to express, experience and become, we would like to extend the opportunity for you to share YOUR wishes with the world.

In the comment section below, take a moment to share your WISH for Women and your WISH for your own life. Know that as hundreds of thousands of women (and the brave, supportive men who love them) come to visit this blog, they will be helping you hold a piece of the picture you’re painting for your life and help to make it so!

Be brave! Be bold! Tell us, what’s YOUR WISH for Women?

By taking the time to post your WISH for women below (and the WISH for your own Life, if you so desire) you will be entered to win one of three copies of our WISH Workbook.  This is an e-workbook loaded with tips from the transcripts and action steps to bring the wisdom of WISH into action in your life. It will be made available sometime in May after we have completed the transcripts, notes and action steps.

  • runs a tight schedule
  • has a large collection of self-help books collecting dust on your library
  • easily puts things on the shelf for “another day” (knowing full well another day won’t come!)
  • wants to do more than just “listen” to the calls–you want to apply the information
  • struggles to prioritize yourself (even though you know what you need to do to feel good)
  • is a multitasking woman with a to do list that just keeps getting longer and longer
  • is in need of a bit more help and support to make things go right in your life!
  • would like to feel the wisdom of WISH trickle into your life and your inbox all year long
  • wants to stay connected to the spirit of WISH even after the summit has ended
  • …then you’re going to LOVE the WISH Workbook!

    Tera has spent hundreds (probably thousands) of hours prepping and conducting interviews with some of the most well-respected and inspiring people of our time, and she’s been taking notes. ;-) She’s taken the best nuggets of wisdom from these calls and put them together in a workbook so that you can spur this wisdom into ACTION!

    These are not just transcripts of all the calls from The Women’s International Summit for Health 2012.

    The “uhms” and “aahs” have been taken out, and we’ve compiled the very best parts  (the juicy stuff!!) and put them into a series of action steps that will literally guide you guide you through a one-year plan to actually put into practice the wisdom you’ll learn in this event.

    We’ll give you plenty to keep you busy until next year’s WISH Summit! ;-)

    3 lucky winners will each receive a FREE download of the 2012 WISH Workbook, “If Wishes Were Horses”!

    To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment below and share Your Wish for Women and WHY you want to receive a free copy of The 2012 WISH Workbook, “If Wishes Were Horses”!

    To gain even more painting power for your WISH, (and an extra ballot for entry) you can also “Like” the Tera Warner page at  Then feel free to share your WISH there, too! The more people see it and read it and imagine it, the more paint will be sprinkled on your spiritual canvas!!

  • The contest will end Sunday night, April 22nd, 2012, but you can share your wish any time.
  • We’ll enter everyone’s name into a drawing and announce the winners on Monday, April 23rd!
  • We would be delighted and honored if you would share your wish with us knowing that the hundreds of thousands of women who read this blog from around the world will be helping to paint a piece of the picture that we’ll all walk into.

    Thank you so much for supporting us during WISH, for telling your friends and for doing your part to make the world a better place. So much begins with you. We honor your efforts and celebrate your achievements in love, life and the pursuit of your wildest wishes always.

    A big congratulations goes out to Lynn Wilk, the grand winner of our 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox giveaway! Here’s what Lynn had to say when she was informed that she was the winner:

    “SERIOUSLY????  I am SO SO SO excited!!!!!!”

    Yep, seriously!  :-D

    Happy Spring!



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    1. By Brooke on Apr 18, 2012

      My WISH for women is for them to come into their power as we transition to the new world, the new way of thinking. I have heard countless people, including the Dalai Lama, say that women will be the ones to save this planet. We run the households, do a majority of the shopping, and raise the next generation of humanity. Who else could take on this daunting task of saving the world?

      I would love a WISH workbook because I feel like it would take these interviews to another level. I already feel my life shifting after listening to the interviews. I just can’t imagine what my life will be like if I get a book that helps me think about the concepts in the interviews and give me action steps to implement those concepts in my life.

      My WISH for myself is to run a local, organic farm business so that I can grow healthy, wild, amazing food for myself, my family, and my community while creating jobs for those people as well.


    2. By Brooke on Apr 18, 2012

      I already liked Tera on facebook.


    3. By Cassie Ito on Apr 18, 2012

      I want to express my deep gratitude for the WISH Summit. Like most of us I have listened to a fair number of on line conferences and enjoyed most of them. WISH is in a class by itself in terms of breadth of content and truly inspiring positive life changes in a gentle, subtle way. All of us are unique in spirit and stage of evolution and WISH is accessible to anyone who is yearning to live more consciously and in accord with their true nature.
      Some of the moments in the calls will stay with me forever. I truly feel that I will be more kind and giving of my true essence to my children, friends and family, the earth, animals and MYSELF as a result of listening to the amazing speakers and Tera during WISH. Bravo!


      Reply by Cassie Ito on April 18th, 2012

      Oops – so lost in the praise of the WISH Summit that I forgot to include mine for women! I hope we all can love ourselves enough just as we are and right where we are to want to take the next best, brightest, biggest,bravest step towards our inspired, happy and perhaps sometimes a bit messy, life.


    4. By Brandy on Apr 18, 2012

      My wish for women is realize how truly beatiful, unique, inspirational, strong, powerful, and delicate we are. Don’t be afraid to reach for your dreams!

      My wish is for myself is to listen to my own advice and starting making myself a priority so I can pursue my dreams!

      Thank you Tera!


    5. By Lori on Apr 18, 2012

      My WISH for women is that everyone has the opportunity to hear, learn, grow, and flourish this year’s WISH interviews. I have been so moved by them and feel so very expanded. Thank you Tera!


    6. By Marie on Apr 18, 2012

      My wish for women is to always remember that each of us is a unique, amazing, beautiful, talented, and truly powerful Goddess. There are infinite divine possibilities ready to be expressed through us and as us so keep reaching for the stars! We are here to glow, shine, and radiate our light! Yet practicing self-love, self-nurturing is essential, we are so worth it!!


    7. By tika on Apr 18, 2012

      My wish for women is for us all to learn that love and our own happiness comes from within and not any external source. That we are the captains of our own ships and only we have the power to make our own lives better.

      I would love to have a WISH workbook because I am on a journey that is helping to discover myself and connecting with my mind body and spirit and using the wookbooks along with the calls I downloaded will just help me even more with my shifting of energy and living my life more authentically.

      My WISH for me is to live out my life as authentically as I can. Full of love and life and wisdom I can pass along to future generations and to write my novel and to open my own cake boutique.


    8. By susanna on Apr 18, 2012

      My Wish for women is the lightness of being!
      The Lightness of being present, being here for ourselves and for our loved ones and for the Planet!
      My wish is also to access our deep strenghths, and to be aware of them; we create Life, at every level so may we give life to our projects, our families, our dreams, our wishes :-) and in that may we always remember the perfection we are!
      The path is out there and it’s waiting for our actions and our wisdom!
      With Love from Italy, CIAO!


    9. By Laura on Apr 18, 2012

      I WISH every woman is able to be “herself”, to be able to recognize that she, you, me are unique.
      I just want to say Thank you for all the interviews. I did really enjoy them. Now is my turn to start putting in practice what I’ve learned from them. WISH me “courage” to make the changes I have to.
      Love, Laura


    10. By Norine Beckett on Apr 18, 2012

      After listening to the first call of the WISH summit I knew that this would be a life changing event for me! I have talked to all of my friends and family about it as I progressed through the calls and I have been so excited by the potential for women that these calls have inspired! My wish for women is that we would realize that we are all unique and different and that is what makes us so special. There is no need to listen to the harsh critics in the world, pull up your big girl panties and change the world! We all have that potential and I know that these calls have inspired me to do that! I love you Tera and your message, keep on bringing the light to our lives!


    11. By Lisa Blansit on Apr 18, 2012

      My WISH for women is to continue on this fantastic journey realizing how incredible we are as females. To continue to expand our minds, hearts, souls and every aspect of our beauty. Thank you to all of you who made wish possible, especially Tera. I’ve been touched in a way I would have never guessed I would be from this experience.


    12. By Elizabeth on Apr 18, 2012

      My wish is that woman can find her voice, not the one she uses out in the world, not the one she uses at home with her loved ones, not the one inside that is really the ego, but the voice that is her true self, her inner guide,her authentic goddess! This is the quest I am on.


    13. By Darlene on Apr 18, 2012

      My wish for women is that they tap into their inner strength and discover that they have the power within themselves to become all that they want to be and to change the world for goodness.

      My wish is that all women worldwide will be accepted as persons in their own right and respected for their knowledge and for who they are as people!


    14. By Colette on Apr 18, 2012

      Dear Tera & WISH Creators,

      Thank you so much for a lovely, thoughtful and heart opening experience. Tera, you are a gem and I truly appreciated your presence, openness and vulnerability during these interviews.

      My wish for all women is for greater personal and social freedom, abundance and health in all its forms.

      Thank you!


    15. By Stephanie on Apr 18, 2012

      My WISH for women? That we trust the Wisdom within and allow it to guide us. That we stand in the Integrity of who we are, unswayed by outside opinions. That we believe in the Significance of our ability to make a difference. That we recognize Happiness comes from within. My WISH is that women the world over will believe in themselves and change the world. We can do it!


    16. By Anne on Apr 18, 2012

      Thank you Tera,
      WISH has been an amazing 40 days. Your interview style is so real and flows with gentle ease to bring a conversation to us. You are awesome.
      My wish for women is to love themselves knowing it is the path to give creatively to the world. I wish for them to hear their own feelings, needs and desires and move toward fulfillment. I wish all women to stand tall, take risks when needed and play with life. I wish for all women to hear their own joyful laughter ringing out into the spheres, to dance their beautiful bodies and embrace all of life.


    17. By Elizabeth on Apr 18, 2012

      I want to express my deep gratitude for Tera & the Interviewed & anyone that helped support the WISH SUMMIT to make it happen! What a service to women generally and individually!MANY THANKS!
      My wish for women is that women stay true to their heart’s desires, let their inner intuition guide them along with the Uni-verse (the Divine, God, or however you refer it It). My wish is that women are able to constantly be able to evolve along their lifetimes as evolutionary people, learning to make generative, forward moving meaning out of whatever circumstance may come upon them. The harder the challenges, the deeper the lessons. If we could find empowered meaning in the events of our lives and add to that compassion for ourselves and for others, then we can keep moving the conversation forward – just like the forward moving conversations in this WISH Summit were!
      MANY THANKS & LOVE, Tera & Staff :o )
      All the BEST to the WISH SUMMIT Community :O)
      Elizabeth Kipp


    18. By Andrea Zilizi on Apr 18, 2012

      There are a lot of fancy ways to put it, but my wish for women is “I wish for every woman to get what she wants”. That can be for any area of life–love, money, fitness, home, career, etc. I just want us all to fulfill our dreams and set the example for the next generation of women to aim for the same. Also, I think going for what you want should be done in a respectful way towards others and yourself.

      As a side note, I want to thank Tera for this summit. I LOVE your fire and your guidance. The speakers were amazing and you demonstrate to all of us the power of a woman with your gracious way of making this all happen.

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


    19. By Julia on Apr 18, 2012

      My WISh for women is for them to start listening to their bodies earlier in life. Before the crisis.
      I am 19, go to school full-time, work full-time, live with my beautiful dog and LOVE learning about all the good resources that are out there! I have never had a major health or life crisis, but thanks to you Tera and all of the people who were interviewd, I listen to my body and my heart.
      I drink my green juices, I stay away from animal products and gluten, I follow my dreams and I take advantage of the great tips of the amazing women out there.
      I started all of this at 19. My WHISH is for people to start when they’re young. It’s easier to change your lifestyle when you are just starting out your independent life! Be empowered in university and at the start of your career. Be healthy when others go to McDonalds after lecture. It feels great!

      I would love to receive a copy of the WISH Workbook so that I can refer back to it, make sure I caught every imprtant detail while listening to the call, and so that I can share the most important details with all my family and friends who were not able to listen to the calls. Reading and re-reading empowering interviews will hopefully help me in continuing the beginning on adulthood the way I started it.

      Thanks Tera!


    20. By Pam on Apr 18, 2012

      This WISH summit has been life changing for me! I am so grateful to each of the speakers, as they have truly inspired me, raised my vibration, and helped me to become my higher self.

      My wish for women is that we continue to use this enlightening experience to become better people and positively influence our world.


    21. By Aubrey on Apr 18, 2012

      My WISH is to love myself again and not be so overwhelmed by food so I can spread that to other girls.

      And of course I liked your fb page. THank you for everything!


    22. By Stephanie on Apr 18, 2012

      By the way, I also liked your FB page. Great info!


    23. By Leah on Apr 18, 2012

      My wish for women is a one world sisterhood. Let’s not sneer at one another and compare who’s wearing what, who’s thinner, who’s more successful, who’s healthier. Let’s just all accept each other as we are, and grow from there. Let’s end the competition and create the partnership!


    24. By Brooke Haynes on Apr 18, 2012

      My WISH for woman is that they find a way to enjoy, and to slow down enough to use their intuition, love, and nurture to help others enough the day. The ultimate WISH is for the woman to be able to put the smile, a real, simple smile back into their days!


    25. By Monika on Apr 18, 2012

      My WISH for women is that they stay strong to be able to resist the naysayers and follow their intuition and instincts which, I believe are inherent and also have confidence in their abilities to know what they are doing is right for their bodies and have the courage to absolutely follow through despite coming up against all sorts of obstacles.

      WISH has allowed us to start getting back in touch with who we are and our feelings in a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment.


    26. By Ruby on Apr 18, 2012

      My WISH for women is that we all give ourselves the space/time to do the (so-called) frivolous, unnecessary thing that we long to do, but feel like we shouldn’t. So often we think that we are not enough of one thing, or too much of something else to deserve the time and energy going into that thing that feeds our heart through laughter &/or creative expression. I am going to go read some Calving & Hobbes, and write a poem.
      I would really appreciate a WISH workbook because I listened to the calls last year (and continued to until the new one came out!) but without visual and concept reminders I didn’t feel the super-deep impact that I had hoped for.
      My WISH for myself is to have as many engaged ‘on’ moments as I can in this life, and to stay in integrity within all aspects of my life.

      Smile smile smile! Thanks Tera!


    27. By Cici on Apr 19, 2012

      My wish for women is to believe in themselves and the power of their miraculous bodies! We rock and we have to accept it.

      Thanks for the Summit–very inspirational!


    28. By Cici on Apr 19, 2012

      I already like Tera Warner on FB. Thanks!


    29. By anore on Apr 19, 2012

      My WISH for WOMEN is that they realize their profound gift of bringing forth new life, that they realize it so deeply that they keep themselves pure in food, lifestyle and thought throughout their child-bearing years to create healthy grandchildren. That they know that the eggs that form their grandchildren were formed in their daughter when she was in their womb–three generations! Glowing, optimum health brings more joy to each woman and her family than anything else in life and it comes from what one eats and how one lives.


    30. By Ui on Apr 19, 2012

      My wish is to utilize the gracious wisdom I gained from WISH 2012 to fill my cup daily with self-love and appreciation of life, so that I can be light and love, and can inspire my daughters (and even my sons) to do the same…then to send that energy out to touch the lives of others…”all branches on the same tree.”


    31. By Emma Spurgin Hussey on Apr 19, 2012

      Hello Tera,

      Today is my birthday, so I’ve been thinking about what I wish for myself in the year ahead. I wish for a lot, but not more concisely than in a poem I wrote a while ago, Nine Wishes at the Men-an-Tol*, which I’ll paste here. What I wish for myself, I wholeheartedly wish for all women. I also wish they may have plenty of cake.

      Thanks so much for all you do,


      * This is a holed stone here in Cornwall, said to have the power of all sorts of healing, including the bestowing of fertility, which to me includes creativity of all sorts.


      I came alone and was not followed.
      Nine times.
      Nine times widdershins.
      Nine times against the sun.

      One: I ask you for love
      Kind hands, kind words

      Two: I ask you for freedom
      My own flag
      A stiff wind to sail by

      Three: I ask you for health
      Strong legs, stout heart
      Teeth to bite into life

      Four: I ask of you wealth
      For food in the belly
      And to buy a little time

      Five: I’m asking for wonder
      May life always surprise
      Surprise me gently

      Six: I ask you for daring
      Fierce red courage
      My own voice

      Seven: I ask for compassion
      To know when to listen
      And when to speak out

      Eight: I am asking for friends
      My own people
      Who love what I love

      Nine: I am asking for peace
      Forgetfulness, ease
      And letting go.

      Nine times.
      Nine times widdershins.
      Nine times against the sun.

      I leave on my own and am not followed.


    32. By Danielle on Apr 19, 2012

      My wish for women is that each of them will somehow stumble upon someone who inspires them to be the healthiest and best they can be. Just 2 years ago, I was 220 pounds and wouldn’t even show my face in public because I was so ashamed of what I had become. After stumbling upon Rose Cole’s website (an amazing holistic nutritionist), I decided to take her program. I am now a healthy and happy 130 pound person who is more spiritual and conscious than ever. I hope that women all over the world can find this happiness, not only for their physical health, but also for their spiritual well-being. To be the person they born to be, and to do the things that they were put here on this earth to do. To let their light shine rather than dimming it, and to allow themselves to become the great and powerful women that God created them to be. If each and every woman can tap into their greatness, this world will undergo an amazing transformation. Woman have the power to lead our world into excellence…they simply need to allow themselves to do so.


    33. By Jessie on Apr 19, 2012

      My wish for women is to continue experiencing life. The daily WISH calls were an amazing reminder of the importance of YOU. I wish for myself and for each person who participated in this year’s WISH the daily reminder of the tears, the laughter, the insight and ah-ha moments, the new found information to live healthier and happier, and most meaningful to me, I wish for everyone to take the same hour dedicated over the past 40 days in each day going forward for all of these reasons. We all deserve it!
      Tara, thank you for bringing this collection of wonderfulness to us. I feel extremely fortunate.


    34. By Alicia F. on Apr 19, 2012

      My wish for women is that they start learning how to be in their bodies and feel good, your body is not your enemy and it is deserving of your love just as you deserve to feel amazing in it!!! Bring that beautiful motherly compassion to yourself and rock that beautiful bod ladies!!


    35. By Susan W. A. on Apr 19, 2012

      My WISH is that all women, men and children find INSPIRATION in their lives…the type of inspiration that beautiful, lovely, exquisite, exhilarating, living graciously, sharing, supportive, generous, real, stretching, grounded, adventurous, connecting Tera and her guests have provided me. Thank you so much for the incredible role model you are. May the boundless possibilities for growth and positive change and action be supported and be realized with abundance and grace. And may we be ready for this sooner than later in our lifetime. Thank you for the seeds and water…I’m tending to them lovingly, and patiently watching to see what flourishes. Then I will joyfully gather the harvest and spread those seeds again and again…near and far!

      This message I send is just the dawning of all I have to say, and the thanks I have to give.
      More will be expressed in the daily tasks I accomplish…the transformation I experience.
      While not verbalized for all to hear, the gratitude will be known in the hearts of Tera and all the WISH participants.

      Beautiful women around the world.
      What comfort you bring, so that my heart lightens and my mind soars.
      I see us all walking forward together, arm in arm, full of life.
      This is COMMUNITY.

      We never fully know the impact we have on others’ lives, now and into the future.

      THANK YOU. Wishing you tranquility, joy and gracious living.


    36. By Tracy Carter on Apr 19, 2012

      Float Like a Butterfly Sting Like A Bee….
      Watchout Here is Tera Warner and the Greens and boy do I mean the Greens,the Juice, the Laughter, the Wisdom, the femininity what else can I say? I was blessed to be a part of the Wish Summit for the second time and just like the first I have learned more than a lifetime and I am forever greatful for the connection and the nourishment and bloosoming of my soul.
      My wish for Women all around the Universe is that we become free to what the universe has to offer and that the we connect with dynamic things like WISH and know we can make them all come true!!!


    37. By Claudia on Apr 19, 2012

      My wish for women is that they learn to love themselves with the deepest of passion and cherishing adoration possible so that they feel every desire they have as something sacred which must be listened to and taken as seriously as her life itself. My wish is that women do not just voice these desires but sing them with all clarity and power because where her desire is, there her heart is. I wish women to adore themselves so deeply that their desires reveal themselves constantly, in each instant, received by her with joy, without guilt, without shame, without fear.


    38. By Dodie Smith on Apr 19, 2012

      I wish more women could take advantage of the wonderful classes you shared. I wish I would begin to make the major changes in my life that would bring me peace. I wish I could share peace without fear, with other women as a full time job!


    39. By Geneviève on Apr 20, 2012

      My wish for women…my wish is that women awaken to the power of their body to heal itself when given the proper tools, reconnect and trust their wise inner healer, become active participants in their health care and develop deep and nourishing relationships with our ancestors the plants our food, our medicine.

      Imagine a world where there is deep respect for nature….this is my wish

      My wish for me is to deeply integrate all of the above and be an empowered communicator able to inspire others to awaken to their true essence and shine.


    40. By Kendall on Apr 20, 2012

      Hey Tera (and friends),

      My WISH for women is that they step into their true light, standing up and out of their shells and play in the world the powerful roles they were born with.

      I wish a chance at the workbook because that same WISH I have for myself. And every day I strive to work towards my own authenticity.

      Lots of love,


    41. By Caroline D on Apr 20, 2012

      I wish that every woman would love her body and seek out joyful movement (like Nia) to nourish her mind, body, spirit, and emotions. My wish is that a woman would SUPPORT herself in seeking what she deserves: to feel pleasure, to care for herself, to receive all of what the universe offers her.

      Thank you, Tera, for creating WISH and for sharing your loving spirit! C=


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