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Well, Tickle Me Pink!

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm

Way across the big pond, In The Raw, has been mentioned in the UK's Daily Telegraph, which boasts a circulation of over
840,000 readers.Here's what it said in Wellbeing on the web: the 9 wellbeing blogs you need to bookmark:


Charts the "(mis)adventures of one gal's transition into the land of raw foods" in her quest to go one up from organic – to eating without cooking. Whether she's mixing up smoothies or foraging for wild edibles, it's inspirational stuff ("Acne – gone. Chronic fatigue – gone!") and information-packed: the recipe for Almond Mayonnaise is a revelation…

Wanna know whatreallytickles me (besides even being noticed out there in the great big blogosphere)? The fact that In The Raw wasn't recognized as simply a "raw food blog" or a "weight loss blog," but was included with eight others to"Bookmark these blogs for better health."Love that. It just reinforces my belief that eating raw, living foods isn't about dieting. It's a lifestyle choice. And, a healthy one!

So, go make yourself a delicious green smoothie, bookmark those eight other sites, and enjoy some good, healthy reading.

Now, please excuse me. I have to go call my Mom.

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