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Well, the pace of life has slowe ...

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:33pm

Sleep Well, the pace of life has slowed for me a little now back from the Fresh Festival. The feedback has continued to pour in with the words "life changing" frequenting the emails and letters received. Yes, it was indeed a life changing event - for me as well as our guests. My presentation on Sunday afternoon was entitled "Why Going Raw is a Whole Person Journey". This is also the title of Chapter 1 of my forthcoming book, Raw Food for Beginners, and, I think, one of the most important concepts to grasp before getting into raw foods in any big way. The bottom line is: if you embark on a raw food journey, your life will undoubtedly change. I'll be posting a lot more about this in future entries, but for now, here's an update on how my life continues to change and what's going on chez Karen...

Firstly, having envisioned, organised and run the Festival I am a much "bigger" person than I was before. In fact I feel like I've somehow been through some kind of initiation test! Last year I had full time help pre-Festival, whereas this time much of the event was pulled together in the last 2 weeks - and just by me! Hence "The Heat is On!" post a few entries back... When you can organise something so monumental and successful on your own in very little time AND have a Hollywood star show up, that's when you know you've grown!

Traditionally I've been incredibly poor at giving myself credit for any of my good deeds/ successes; in fact I have treated myself very much like a work horse or machine in many ways over the past 7 years. No holidays, no down time to speak of... And I have never taken the time to take a step back and look long and hard at what I've created. Well... today is the day that changes and I don't mind admitting that my back is suitably well patted by myself as well as Fresh Festival Fans - and it feels good! In true coaching Karen-style I have promised myself a number of treats in appreciation of my hard work and they are as follows:


1) A week away on Jason Vale's Ultimate Mind & Body Retreat in Turkey next April

2) A shopping spree for clothes in Cambridge before the end of November (watch out Oasis!)

3) A new sofa for my lounge (IKEA, DFS? - any suggestions? I'm looking for chocolate-coloured...)

4) A new, brightly coloured chair for my office (saw a nice pink one somewhere recently)

Now, that does rack up a fair few pounds for sure, but goodness I have earned it and I've also been SO good with money recently that I don't feel one pang of guilt as I would have done in the past. So, naturally I'll be back in due course to report on each spend and I hope you get to delight in my purchases as well : )

Other changes here are many and varied:

Luke_ella My son's childcare hours have changed, therefore, so does my timetable. Now how exactly does one do more in less time? No doubt I shall figure it out! Of course, it's a blessing to spend more time with Luke as he really is such a sweetheart of a boy. In fact he's the brightest light in my life... every morning he wakes up full of joy and energy for the day ahead and for life itself. Whoever said that children are our greatest teachers was spot on. He's the greatest teacher I've ever had. But how do I stop him growing up?! This photo is of him at the Fresh Festival with his latest girlfriend, Ella. Let's just say that more than a few kisses and cuddles were notched up over the 3 days they spent together...

Discover_soul_purpose After a few months wait, I have just signed up for some coaching with one of the world's most "together" branding and marketing coaches, Suzanne Falter-Barns. I have been a fan of Suzanne's since I first happened to stumble on her web site about a year ago. In fact she has two excellent web sites - How Much Joy Can You Stand and Get Known Now and I visit them both often, as well as her two blogs! Rare is it that you can find someone so spiritually adept yet down-to-earth and grounded in crystal clear clarity. So impressed have I been by her work that I have purchased practically every resource she has to offer and can vouch for their quality without reservation... So, as of January, Suzanne will be leading a group on self-promotion via teleclass from New York and I and a handful of others will be strengthening our brand, creating our own web sites, and various other cool things that I've been waiting and wanting to do for months. Tres exciting! So watch this space... If you're looking to find your life purpose or are a business person yourself struggling to capture the real you and market it to the world, well I've just given you one of the best contacts that will ever grace your favourites list! Check Suzanne out!

Inner changes recently have come thick and fast, and this is really the most significant of all changes. I received an out-of-the-blue call from a Get Fresh! reader 2 days ago who had kindly rung specifically to compliment me on my latest Raw Coaching article. During our chat where we discussed the Festival and the magazine and the work involved, he asked the question "How do you manage to do so much?" The short answer, and the one I gave to him, is that every time I step up my productivity I have to push my roots further into the ground and pay better attention to myself, my health, my "self-care" and my connection to my truest self. In other words I have to invest more in myself before I can invest in my work and those that it serves. When I don't, it catches up on me. And we all know how true this is, right?

But when I get it right (and that means drop the guilt and just go inside...) I really get it right and then I am running on something else that makes me more productive, insightful and much better to be around than if I hadn't taken those steps away from my desk and into my heart. In the end, just through taking a few minutes or hours out, I get back so much more than I gave - in all ways, and then I'm off and running again!

Nicola_bunting So, yes, a time of sinking those roots even more deeply as I know there's some really big stuff to come. Not sure what that looks or feels like yet, exactly, but life is picking up a pace and I know myself and life well enough to know that I am being prepared for some huge stuff or at the very least a big shift. What that is exactly remains to be seen, but, well, we'll see! As I've said before, psychic abilities seem to be unearthed or enhanced on a raw food diet and that's certainly been true for me. So now I have to do my "roots in the ground" thing, give thanks, breathe deeply and prepare for whatever may come. So it's at this juncture that I have to reveal another of my hottest and most remarkable aides. My life coach, Nicola (pictured), is quite simply the best life coach I have ever worked with and her coaching has been of unquantifiable benefit to me these past 7 months. She, more than anyone else to date, has helped me to really get to know myself and get clear on what I want and where I want to go, and the good news is, I am going there! So, if you're looking for a non-raw-food-related life coach then Nicola is the best. (And of course if you're looking for a raw food coach or a raw food life coach then you've come to the right place - AND I have spaces! email me... I have some great packages ready and waiting for you).

So between now and Christmas it's time for that much-longed for whole-life revamp. Something I so LOVE to do when life has got a little crazy. To just step back, take stock and recreate anew is what lights my fire the most. And seeing as I now have some time and space to do all three, tonight and this weekend "project revamp" gets underway!

To fresh starts, solitude and serenity : )

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