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Update on Eli’s Health – a Holiday of Hope!

Posted Dec 14 2009 6:30pm

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Remember a while back when I shared Eli’s story with you? You know, the young guy pictured below?  The inspiring fellow with a heart of gold – yet a heart that wouldn’t work correctly?


Well… I have a fantabulous update to share with you!

Juicer for Eli

First of all, a juicer was anonymously – and very generously – purchased for Eli by one of YOU not long after I posted about his situation. What a blessing!!!

The juicer made it safely to Eli’s family and they’ve been juicing for him non-stop ever since. And… Eli is getting stronger!!!

Enthusiastic Eli

I know a friend of the family and she keeps me posted on Eli’s progress as often as she can.

Here’s the latest:

"He’s been through the mill, testing wise, but is finally coming out of it. He had to have a bone marrow tap three weeks ago and the results aren’t fully in yet – but so far, so good. His echo has shown quite a bit of improvement over the one done last month. He has also been able to keep his blood cell counts up.

This is AFTER receiving the juicer and juicing DAILY.


He will get to go home for Christmas, pending his heart cath on the 22nd. Eli is telling everyone: Never give up and always look for the positive in every situation. When the road gets rough, stand your ground and fight!"

The family friend also says:
"And Eli wants that passed along. He is truly thankful and can’t wait to feel even better as time progresses."

Isn’t that RAWsome?!

The healing benefits of raw juices are AMAZING! Those fresh juices Eli’s family is making for him is helping to strengthen his weak, little body. It’s such a JOY to know that Eli is most likely going to have the opportunity to wake up on Christmas morning in his own bed, in his own home!!!

And even through the most difficult times of his little life, Eli has a positive attitude. What a precious soul he is!

My heart and prayers are with Eli’s family, friends, and Eli himself…

And, in honor of Eli’s courage and determination, I leave you with a few of his words that touched me the most:

“When the road gets rough,

stand your ground and fight!”


Amen, Eli! Amen!!!!

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