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Trip Like I Do

Posted Apr 09 2010 12:58pm

Yes! Road trip summer session is near! Recently I have been reviving my gypsy ways of traveling from place to place with eco-style. I remember now how good it felt to be prepared to do raw with ease with tree-huggin flair. There is nothing worse than being stuck somewhere with only a bag of salted hydrogenated nuts or a green banana to choose from at the closest gas station. Forced to contribute to landfill art by sipping my tea or juice from a paper cup can be easily avoided with literally 4 seconds of planning.

Over the years I have been on the road quite a bit and have learned me a thing or two about how to pack, plan and be successful with raw on the road.

My travel needs do to not stop at simply making sure I have the right snacks. I believe in being as green-conscious on the road as I am in my home as best as I can.

Mango's road tea and soaking almondsBelow I share with you tips and tricks for your summer trips that have worked for me. Weather you are solo or amongst an entourage; there is nothing like being prepared!

Long journeys of discovery or just a trot into town. Either way, I invite you to trip like I do.

1. Vessels: (n.) A hollow or concave utensil for holding anything; a hollow receptacle of any kind, as a hogshead, a barrel, a firkin, a bottle, a kettle, a cup, a bowl, etc.

2. Utensil: u·ten·sil (y -t n s l). n. That which is used; an instrument; an implement; especially, an instrument or vessel used in a kitchen, or in domestic and farming business.

3. Snacks (sn-a-xx-s) 1. A hurried or light meal. 2. Food eaten between meals. 3. On the road snack-o-tack.

Vessels and utensilsVessels must-haves:

A bowl: Preferable one with a lid for easy storage, mixing, tossing or eating from. One never knows when you will need to assemble a quick road-side salad or emergency guacamole to dip into. You may also use your bowl when ordering healthy “take out”. Spare me the used only once container.

A mason jar: Mason jars are great for water, juices, soaking nuts or seeds for later use or sun tea on the car hood! When I am rushed to leave the house but do not want to gulp down my breakfast, I simply pour it into a mason jar fitted with a lid and sip as I am cruising down the highway.

Eco Mug: For those going to hip coffee and tea houses take your own cup! There are many glass and ceramic mugs available now that even have the groovy lids made to look like the throw away version!

Bag: Shopping and storage bags must be stashed in the car so when you are at the store for food, clothing or trippin’, you can bag the bag! I even take my own bulk items bags so new ones are not littering the land fill.

Melissa's gear and vessels

Utensils must haves:

Bamboo cutlers: Most health food stores now carry the bamboo fork, knife and spoon set that fit snug in a purse or bag. I stash mine in my glove box, so when I am out and about or hit the salad buffet at the c-op; I can pass on the throw-aways and eat in style.

Sharp Knife: With a good blade you can cut avos, lettuce and most produce. Look for a 3-4 inch blade that has a slip cover for easy stashing. A larger flip knife will work as well.


Pack foods that travel well. Items such as guacamole, live hummus, and live salad dressing. Whole avos, cuks, and other produce that have tougher skins are perfect for packing! If cooler space is an issue, these foods do well under a seat or just in a bag under a blanket away from the direct sun.

Grapefruit, bananas, apples, veggies crackers and sea weeds are durable and generally not temperature sensitive even in the craziest of car rides.

Road spices

Spices and condiments are great to stash in your travel bag in the chance that you need to dress up your road snack. This includes Pink salt, trocomere, hot sauce, dulse, arame in a jar of water, chorella tabs and Spirulina for deep minerals.

Nori sheets are awesome for road wraps!

One should always pack pure water or go to for a fill up station along your path! This is why I bring an extra glass bottle. (old apple juice jugs are perfect!)

See my favorite travel recipes below for snack ideas

Random Gear: Here are items I would highly recommend stashing in your car for short jonts or long hauls

Towels or rags: To wipe up spills, your hands; dry off your vessels and gear. Spare us the toss out towels! If you must have throw-aways, use the biodegradable ones.

Toilet paper: You never have to wonder why some of the grossest bathrooms have locks on them.

Nuff said

Cutting board: This is an amazing thing to have in case you are at a park bench or funky truck stop bathroom and need a clean surface to chop and lay food on. You can find small bamboo boards that will fit right into a back pack or in a glove box.

Disinfectant Spray: Lysol is not an alternative here. It’s toxic and comes in a can! Instead try a Thieves spray or diluted food safe grade Hydrogen peroxide spray for cleaning services, utensils and hands.

Here are some of my own recipes I did for my last drive to LA. And back. Enjoy!

Sea-Avo dip

I love this combo so much! It is high in minerals, so satisfying and super easy to make.

2 ripe avos

1 TB sea clear probiotic paste from Shaman Shack.   click here

2 TB of already soaked arame (I always pack a jar of armame soaked in water)

Mix and mash everything in your vessel of choice. I usually use a vessel that I emptied from a previous snack to save on clean up.

Eat as is, or dip cucumber slices or raw crackers in it. I dare you to roll in nori for bind blowing experience!

On the road dressing!

No blender necessary! This is very easy to mix in a mason jar with a fork.  You can splash this over a bowl of sprouts or greens for a quick road-side salad.

½ c pure water
½ c cold pressed olive oil
1 TB garlic powder
2 TB mellow light miso
2 TB lemon juice
1/3 tsp pink salt
1/3 tsp course black pepper
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

Whisk all ingredients well. Place in glass jar and store in cooler or under car seat.
Shake well before serving. Dressing will keep for 7 days.

Hit the road green smoothie Serves 2

This is a great smoothie to make as you are packing for your trip. It is easy to digest, keeps well and will keep you energized in the seat of your car!

2 ripe firm bananas

3 ripe peeled oranges (in season tastes best)

1 c pineapple (optional)

4 leafs of kale

1 c baby spinach

1 tsp spirulina

Water to thin to desired consistency (apx 2 c spring water)


Happy  travels! Speaking of travel…. who’s joining me in Eden Hot springs?

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