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Top 5 Holiday Foods You Must Have On Your Plate

Posted Dec 24 2012 10:43am

With the holidays now upon us, it’s time to focus on maintaining your regular diet set-up so that you can feel great all throughout the holidays.

Some people make the mistake of detouring off their veggie approach and are not only going to experience unwanted fat gain because of this, but are also going to find they feel bloated, suffer from indigestion, and have low energy levels to boot.

You definitely do not want to give up the style of eating that has brought you to feeling as great as you do now, so instead, focus on adding some healthy, seasonal foods to your plate that will help you stay the course and foster good nutrition.

Let’s go over 5 holiday foods that you should make sure are on your plate.

Fresh Cranberries

While typical cranberry sauce is loaded with added sugar that you want to stay away from, be sure to dish up a helping of fresh cranberries over the holiday. Cranberries are excellent for keeping your urinary tract healthy and also contain very low natural sugar levels.

This makes them ideal for keeping hunger levels lower.

Apples With Cinnamon

You may find most people dining on apple pie or hot apple cider during the holidays, but to avoid the added sugar that will only cause your system stress, try some sliced fresh apples topped with a sprinkling of cinnamon. Want something more elaborate, check out my wife’s Raw Apple Pie recipe here .

The cinnamon will further help to control your blood sugar levels and the apples will supply you with heart-healthy fiber.


Pecans are a classic nut of the holiday that will deliver you heart healthy fats as well as a small dose of protein and fiber.  Eat them on their own, or add them into a fresh salad for added crunch.

Mandarin Oranges

Nothing screams Christmas like a mandarin orange, so be sure that you indulge in a few of these to start your day off right.  They contain just 30-60 calories depending on the size and are loaded with immune-boosting vitamin C.

They’ll work great to satisfy any sweet tooth craving.

Pumpkin Seeds

Another classic pie that’s often served over the holiday is pumpkin, however this is a fully processed dessert that just doesn’t have a place in your healthy lifestyle.

Instead, get pumpkin into your diet by going for some pumpkin seeds. They also contain healthy fats that will help to tide hunger over, slow digestion, and ensure that you feel great at all times.

So don’t abandon your healthy diet this holiday season. Make sure these items are on your plate and you can feel great about what you’re eating.

Happy Christmas Eve,

Philip McCluskey

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