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Top 5 Fresh Raw Food Tips to Relieve Water Retention

Posted Nov 29 2011 10:59pm
Written by Katie on November 29, 2011 – -

- by Katie Rainbird

We’ve likely all heard, “The human body is approximately 70% water.” However, if you’re suffering from water retention it may feel as though it’s much more than that!

Water retention symptoms include: Feeling bloated, swollen tender glands, swollen and immobile joints, headaches, sudden weight gain, and puffy legs, ankles, feet, hands or eyes and face!

When you’re coming down with the ‘flu you feel tender under your ears and chin, right? That’s due to swollen lymph glands.

When the lymphatic system is challenged it becomes swollen, which is a short term but necessary part of the immune response. What’s more, ongoing challenges such as diet, lifestyle and hormonal imbalances can lead to chronic swelling and leaking of fluid into body tissues.

Thankfully, there are a variety of raw foods that can help!

But first, let’s educate ourselves a little more about the lymph system…

  • 1.  The lymphatic system is a large and very important component of the immune system.
  • 2.  Lymph vessels run parallel to blood vessels, bathing all cells of the body, distributing nutrients and collecting wastes for elimination.
  • 3.  Far more water resides in the lymphatic system than does in the blood stream: a sluggish, poorly functioning lymphatic system will lead to water retention and numerous symptoms and/or diseases.
  • 4.  Lymph fluid collects in nodes throughout the lymphatic system where it is filtered and then passed on; there are over 600 lymph nodes in our bodies.
  • 5.  Lymph fluid flows slowly in a one-directional course around the body, there is no “pump” for it as such, thus we need to assist its flow with water, nutrients and movement.
  • Try these at-home remedies for water retention using readily available foods and easy-to-adopt lifestyle practices…

  • Rich in potassium and sodium, which
    is essential to maintain fluid balance.Celery for Water Retention and Lymphatic Health

  • Stimulates urine production, causing the elimination of fluid from the body.

  • Rich in Vitamin C, which strengthens vessel walls, supports the immune system (of which the lymphatic system is a part), powerful antioxidant.
  • Powerful but gentle diuretic which rids the body of excess fluid.
  • A mild bitter which acts as a liver tonic and great for detoxification.
  • Mild laxative effects to help shift toxic load.
  • Diuretic
  • Promotes the functioning of the kidneys, liver and spleen (which contains a vast proportion of the lymphatic system)
  • Potassium to balance out the sodium in our fluid: promoting healthy fluid balance and regulating blood pressure.Potassium and Protein for Water Retention and Lympahtic Health
  • Protein to strengthen blood and capillary vessels, thus keeping fluids in their proper channels.
  • Eat a “rainbow” of fruit and vegetables as well as nuts, seeds and sprouts.
  • In the case of water retention it really is “like treats like”!
  • Drink at least 8 glasses per day to support kidneys and flush out excess fluid and toxic load.
  • Outside of your kitchen, you can also try these useful water-shifting tricks to help reduce excessive water retention.

  • 1.  Enjoy a 20-minute brisk walk each day: Lymph fluid is one-directional and needs pumping action to move upwards.
  • 2.  Try gentle dry-brushing (in an upward motion) of the limbs before showering.
  • 3.  Reduce salt!
  • 4.  Reduce caffeine intake.
  • 5.  Manage stress — raised levels of the stress hormones can cause water retention!

    So don’t forget to drink plenty of water and include a variety or fresh raw foods in your diet — especially items like celery, fennel and dandelion — and relax!

    Here’s to keeping yourself in check for a healthy lymphatic system and vibrant, fresh, raw and radiant health!

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    1. By Richard Tasca on Nov 30, 2011

      Also . . . . . cucumber and parsley juice are diuretic. Fine post, Tera. Thank you.


    2. By Doll on Nov 30, 2011

      I’ve starting adding lots of celery to my green juice and boy o boy it’s pushing the fluid through me!! It really works! Oh yes, and cucumber too.


    3. By Lynda Smith on Nov 30, 2011

      Helpful information everyone should know. Thanks for the reminder! Getting the cucumbers and celery out of the fridge now!


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