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TOOTH Summit Guest Dr. Lina Garcia Modernizes a Medical and Dental Paradigm

Posted Jan 15 2013 7:00am
Written by Tera on January 15, 2013 – -

by Tera Warner and Nadine Artemis
Dentists only deal with our teeth aches and pains and medical doctors deal with everything else that ails, right? At least that’s what I’ve been lead to believe all these years. I had no idea that what I put in my mouth literally affected my entire body. Luckily, there are pioneers such as Dr. Lina Garcia who are committed to modernizing the medical and dental paradigm. She is reforming the outdated mindset that the body is separate mechanical parts. Her mission is to lead the dental-medical field into treating each person as a whole-being. Dr. Garcia is a doctor of medical dentistry, a doctor of dental surgery and a trained cranial osteopath. She deeply understands the integral relationship between the health of our mouths and the health our bodies.
tooth summit dr. Lina GarciaAt her Environmental Dental Practice associated with Dr. Mercola’s Natural Health Center in South Barrington, Illinois, she offers cutting-edge dentistry without antibiotics, root canals, fluoride treatments or mercury fillings. She guides her patients toward optimal dental and overall wellbeing, employing an osteopathic physician and a nutritionist to support the health of the whole person.
This interview will not only inspire you, but change the way you look at nutrition as a whole. Get cozy and lean on in to a warm conversation with Dr. Garcia who will feel like a long-time friend. Together you’ll hear her discuss questions such as:
  • During menopause, why can dental procedures such as root canals, mercury fillings, fluoride, metal implants and metal crowns be severely harmful to your overall health?
  • What homeopathic remedies can produce miraculous results in post-dental surgery healing?
  • How do cell phones act like antennas for microwave transmissions between the cell towers and metal dental restorations and implants in your mouth?
  • If sugar sitting on your teeth isn’t the problem, then what is really causing the deep systemic decay?
In Dr. Garcia’s interview she discusses her research on alternative solutions to conventional dentistry because, as she says, ““The business of the pharmaceutical and the big industries…is in the business of supporting disease.” Want to find out the answers to these questions and more? Check out our interview with Dr. Lina Garcia:
To access the full interview sign up for our TOOTH Summit for free here. You can access the entire series of interviews with our panel of dentists doctors and health heroes for free.  It’s time for an oral health care revolution. Get started now.

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