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This Story Will Save You Approximately $1046.35 Plus Tax

Posted May 21 2010 2:59pm

Let me start by saying I love my Blendtec blender.

No one could ever convince me that there’s a better blender out there.  After hosting dozens of workshops and making thousands of green smoothies, I have put my beauty to the test and I BELIEVE in the power of my 3.5 horse power love machine.

But I also realize that not everyone can afford to spend $500 on a new kitchen appliance. The following story is to inspire and encourage budget-conscious raw food enthusiasts to take heart in the fact that you do not NEED to spend a fortune on fancy kitchen equipment to thrive on a predominantly raw food diet.

This Story Will Save You Approximately $1046.35 Plus Tax

Sometimes I like to escape for a romantic getaway and spend the night at my partner’s apartment. He has more windows, better light and a beautiful little back porch, but no 3.5 horse power blender. There’s something awfully UNromantic about having to drag along my blender for a “getaway” so I just decided recently to leave it at home and make due with water or fruit or whatever…

MAC has a blender.

I call it the “Osterizer 2000″ or his “garage sale blender”. He’s a bit sensitive about the fact that I call it a “garage sale” blender, because he insists he did NOT buy it at a garage sale. I’ve explained the only reason I call it that is because you could find one EXACTLY like it at just about any garage sale for less than $20.

This little love machine is no match for my Blendtec, but the other day I decided to just give it a chance and see how she’d make out in the preparation of my morning green juice.

I loaded it up with the usual ingredients; juice of a grapefruit and a couple lemons, 2 apples, some celery sticks and then approximately two heads of leafy greens (parsley and kale). I was NOT expecting much at all, but I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised when the Osterizer 2000 produced a perfectly pulverized blender-full of green slop that I immediately strained through my $8 juice extractor.  It produced a perfectly satisfying glass of green juice and I simply couldn’t wait to share that with you, because:

1. You don’t NEED to invest a fortune in fancy equipment to get started on the raw food diet. Just pull out your Osterizer 2000 and when you burn the motor (which you most certainly WILL do if you’re eating the amount of green smoothies and green juices we recommend) then you’ll know it’s time to invest in a Blendtec.

2. No matter how many green smoothies or juices you make, as far as I am concerned, you will never ever ever ever need to drop a dime on a fancy shmancy juice extractor. After 7 years of toting around my $600 juice extractor, I made approximately 7 juices. That’s an average of one per year.

The hassle of dealing with difficult to clean parts just was too much for my multitasking mother’s mind to deal with. So I ditched the juicer and invested about $8 in a nut milk bag . Since then I make one or two green juices A DAY!

Grab a nut milk bag and pull your own Osterizer 2000 out of the cupboard and make good things happen! You’ll save about $1046.35 you can put toward a new spring wardrobe instead!


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