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There seems to be a common perce...

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:28pm

There seems to be a common perception that criticism and complaining is what is going to make the world a better place. I am sure I am one of the culprits at times.

Jason Vale’s catchphrase “If you don’t look after your body you’ll have nowhere to live” provoked a complaint that “its not even a very good or helpful quote, merely stating the obvious which therefore assumes the reader is a unaware of the mortality of the body.”

My response is:

‘well i had just being looking at Jason Vale’s site and feeling very appreciative of what he is about - it’s so easy for us all to get into critical mode and i love it when i have moments of pure feelings of appreciation for somone and that fault finding left brain that we all have goes into abeyance. It’s so easy with successful/famous people to get into that’ he’s not this, he’s not that’ mode (so we don’t find ourselves so wanting) rather than appreciating what they are giving.

Yes i know it states the obvious but sometimes we need reminding of the obvious. A lot of people in the health field are saying the same old things again and again AND MAYBE IT NEEDS SAYING and them saying it is more helpful than other people putting them down for saying it. I think a lot of people don’t appreciate how much hard work these people put in and rather than appreciating it resort to knocking them down hoping it will make them feel better which of course it never does. If anyone wants to do it a different way then they can just get on with it.’

Over the last rwo days, God know what is in the air but have been attacked for no apparent reason on several fronts. I live, as a far as i am aware, a relatively harmless and hardworking life, i can only speculate as to what has brought it on. And by a couple of people i have gone out of my way to be supportive of. I feel I need to be a bit more vigilant in a way. I’m a bit bored of all the controversies and can’t see why we can’t just get on with having as healthy happy lives as possible and stop putting down other people. And if people want to live unhappy unhealthy lives they can get on with it too without being criticised. But they can’t expect other people to create a happy healthy lives for them even though it’s human nature to help if they sense their help is being useful. It’s one thing to see the bad things in the world - and another to go on reacting and recreating the same old things, in the same old circles. We could go like this forever - the question is when will be bored with it.

I am working hard on a book at the moment and I think I will have to restrain myself on blogging to keep my energy for that. And that way maybe I can keep out of some of the controversy. For God’s sake I’m just a mum trying to do the best for my children and make the place i live (my home, garden and planet Earth) as nice as possible. Perhaps I will keep it to mainly photos for while. Can you argue with a photo?????

This is what I told someone today:

“I am not interested in being ’confronted’ about the way I am or live my life. Equally i have no interest in ‘confronting’ other people about the way they choose to live their lives. As far as I can tell we are all (including me…) mostly unconscious anyway and i don’t see any point in semi-conscious people going around picking at the bits of unconsciousness they semiconsciously perceive in others. It’s semi-sighted people poking eachother through fog and there is more chance of damage being done than anything helpful in being achieved. I will only go as far as i absolutely have to to defend myself, my children, others who i feel connected to in this way, the place i live etc.

Many people who have had energetic/consciousness shifts can often see that they are but small glimpses of what we could be as humans. I am interested in a general raising of energy and awareness and spreading information that is generally useful - as many many people are. I don’t expect anyone including myself to be be fully conscious - or at ultimate health potential for that matter now. We are so far from it, including me, even if my levels of health and energy are far better than the average, largely through taking the advice of people who have been there before me. My aim is to add information to the general pool - I am not claiming to be some kind of leader or example to follow - just to share information and ideas that may help - even if it helps someone to know that it’s not for them!!!! “

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