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The Truth About Diva Notes

Posted Mar 06 2010 4:55am

People might think that I send out my diva notes as a way of uplifting others, but that’s not the whole truth. You see, for every ONE email I send out to the world, I get dozens back. In that respect, one might see this as a rather selfishly motivated venture. ;-)

Few things will raise a person’s sense of self-worth more
than the ability to help others.

TAll the fussing you’ve been doing to lose 10 pounds so that you’ll feel a bit “better”. Spend 15 minutes doing good deeds for elderly people in a retirement home and watch what happens. Teach a little kid to tie his shoe laces.

We put so much attention on food and diet and nutrition, but Life is about relationships, attitudes and the contributions we make to the world around us.

This morning I took a moment of tranquil reflection to finally write a “diva note”. In case you don’t receive them, you’ll get them when you sign up for the FREE 7-day raw food detox we offer. This is what I sent out this morning.


I’ve missed you.

I’ve been just swamped in preparations for WISH , but I’m here this morning with a doozie, so listen up, Si-star!

While interviewing Ali Brown for WISH, she shared with me a quote by Jim Rohn, which goes like this:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”


It took a few days for this one to sink in, but when it did, I started making some adjustments. I started getting a bit more choosy about the people with whom I share my time, my attention and my resources.

Have you been accepting certain conditions and situations because you feel you’re not “worthy” of something better, or “not there yet”? The speakers of WISH will remind you again and again to behave as if you already are where you want to be.

You don’t need to wait until you’ve got a hot pink convertible and your own official fan club to start acting like a superstar, my dear. You’ve got to think like a superstar, act like the superstar you ARE, then you’ll feel so good you’ll finally start doing the things you most want to do in the world.

when you get the hot pink convertible.

Insist on quality ingredients in Life and love.

You worthy.

Founding member of your Official Fan Club,

One of the cool things about inspiring and uplifting other people, is that you get a mega dose of inspiration and uplifting back. Immediately after sending out my message, I refresh, refresh, refresh my inbox to see if any responses have come in.

Check out some of the emails I received this morning;


I signed up for the 7 day raw detox months ago (I think back in November), but I never really did it.  Life became really bumpy for a while there with an unplanned pregnancy, a disappointing reaction from spouse and a subsequent miscarriage.  I have been “out of sorts” since then and have yet to really feel like I have regained control of my life, health and wellbeing.  I gained 20 pounds that I haven’t been able to shed and just haven’t felt the “spark” that I used to. I printed all of the 7 day detox materials when I originally signed up and have considered starting several times since then.

Finally TODAY, I am on my 24 hour fast!!  How great it was to come in to work this morning and see your email!  (Is it possible that you could have known I needed it?) :)   I am beginning to think that, in spite of the fact that I am just starting it now, signing up for the 7 day raw detox last year was one of the best things I have done in a long time.  All things happen for a reason, and I am realizing that, while November might not have been the right time for me, NOW is the time!  Because I have read through the materials so many times since November, I feel very prepared for the next 7 days.  I am looking at the detox week as the beginning of my “Kristin’s Got her Groove Back” phase of life.

Please know that you are making a difference in the lives of others, and you have made a difference in my life.  Your emails were there at times when it felt like no one else was.  You are like my secret little cheerleader – one that I have especially needed over the last couple of months.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  What else can I say?

With much gratitude,

Gushing gratitude from every pore, messages like these fill me up better than green smoothie ever could. Check out this one! It’s even from a MAN! OH YEAH! I loooove that we’ve got a male following in Divaland. You gotta be a cool cat to be comfortable hanging out with a bunch of “raw divas”:

“Dear Tera You absolutely magnificent ray of SUNSHINE. Just let me say I find in your emails and website a joyful sense of life and SPIRIT that I have to say I love what you are doing, you are most perfectly suited to it!!
Sincerely, Grant

And more and more and moooooore:

“Dear Diva, your emails are the sweetest, most inspiring and uplifting messages I receive.  Thank you so much for the beauty and joy that you bring and inspire in others.  xoxoxo”


“Hello beautiful people

I have been receiving these notes for a while now and reading them with a smile.  However, this time I just had to send you a thank you for this wonderful note.

It is a lovely thing that you take the time to do and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to make people feel better about themselves and their lives.

Thank you and Bless you all!

Alice xxx”

And this one… this one made my heart skip a beat:

You just don’t even know!!!…This note may have actually saved my life today! I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue. Thank you my sister!

In love & light,


When you realize the impact your choices have on other people, you’re inspired to improve, persist, be the change you want to see in the world.

At the end of your days, it will not be what you did wrong or what you said to offend that takes up your attention. It will be regret for what you did NOT do or say to make things go right in your life.

Dive in and take your life head on, Sunshine.

That’s the only way to go.

Love, boundless support and gushing admiration,


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