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The Solution to our Chronic Mineral Deficiency Now!

Posted Feb 05 2010 8:26am

by Dawn Adrienne Taylor

“Minerals in the soil control the metabolism of plantsanimals and man.
All of life will be either healthy or unhealthy according to the fertility of the soil.”

This was a statement made by Dr Alexus CarrelNobel Prize Winnerin 1912. Almost a hundred years lateragriculturist and writerGraham Harveywrote in The Daily Telegraph18 February 2006: “Britain’s once fertile soil has been systematically stripped of its crucial minerals by industrial farmingleaving our fruit and vegetables tasteless and a nation in chronic ill health.”

William Albrecht (1896-1974 Illinois)referred to as the Father of Soil Research for his pioneering studies of the effects of infertile soil on plants and animalswarned in 1930s that if the land was not remineralisedthere would be a massive increase in human degenerative diseases.

The Daily Mail has written extensively about the vital importance of minerals in the body; and BBC news in February 2006reported that “40% of the elderly admitted to hospitals in this country are so malnourishedthey are not strong enough to take medication [and of the] widespread ignorance about malnutrition in the NHS.”

In issue 103 of Healing TodayI wrote a response to an excellent article by Dr John Lovesey who exposed: “The Myth of a Good Diet” :

Minerals in their metallic form can be toxic to the human body. Dangerous levels of these metallic minerals can accumulate in the tissues and create serious health problems. These are found in the 2000 year-old sea bed depositsand are loaded with chloride. Very toxic inorganic minerals are being sold to an unsuspecting public under the guise of colloidal. The key factor is true plant derivation.

At age 15while having my healthy teeth removedthe students observing me mentioned the now legendary Dr Weston Price (1870-1948)a remarkable nutritional dentist who had performed extensive work across the world to discover whyeven though they didn’t brush their teethsome cultures had stronghealthy teeth throughout their lives. Shrunken mouths occurred in one generation of these people changing to a refined western diet. The results of his work were that all foods must be grown in mineral rich soil to avoid malnutritiona depleted immune system and poor growth.

In the late 1970sand a vegetarian at the timeI discovered more of the dire state of our soil and how our animals are fed growth hormones and anti-biotics; I took vitamin and mineral supplements thereaftersincerely believing I was replacing what even my organic diet lacked.

HoweverI foundin more recent yearsthat the minerals we buy in the shops are from ground rock (hydrophobic)or synthetic and made in a laboratory and are not extracted from plants (hydrophilic).

For minerals to have any valuethey must a) be plant-derived so the body can absorb them; and b) contain a full spectrum of at least 70 plant minerals. The average mineral supplement contains only 15-18 hydrophobic minerals i.e. those derived from the ground (soilground up oyster shellsalt lakes) of which only a fraction (typically 5 to 7%) can be absorbed by the body.

It never made sense to me that an efficient and sophisticated system like the human body would reject any of the vital nutrients it depends upon in order to functionand no doctor or nutritionist could tell me why so little of a vitamin and mineral supplement was assimilated. I learnedrather obviouslythat the answer is that we were meant to eat mineral-rich plants not the earth in which they grow! We are designed to eat applesbut have been given rocks!

Minerals in their metallic form [from the ground contained in most supplements] can be toxic to the human body.  Dangerous levels of these metallic minerals can accumulate in the tissues and create serious health problems. These are found in the 2000 year-old sea bed depositsand are loaded with chloride. Very toxic inorganic minerals are being sold to an unsuspecting public under the guise of colloidal minerals.  The key factor is true plant derivation. ~Dr Joel WallachBSDVMND

A plant mineral is between several thousand and a million times smallerthan the smallest metallic mineral.
The average plant-derived mineral is less than 0.00001 micron in size that could conceivably be 1/10,000th the size of a red blood cell.

The small size of the plant minerals makes it possible for the body to absorb them. They have been tested by specialist laboratories showing that they can pass easily through a one-inch thick paper filter. This means they would pass easily through the skin and enter the soft tissue regardless of a person’s ability to absorb.


Elmer Heinrich(author of The Root of all Disease) coined the phrase “colloidal” in order to explain the difference between the larger hydrophobic minerals directly from the ground and the infinitely smaller hyrophilic minerals via plants. Howeverhe said that he wished he hadn’t because now everyone misuses it.  The earth is a colloid of the universefor example.

“[People]…group plant derived minerals with metallic minerals that come from oyster shellcalcium carbonatelimestonesoil and clay and sea salts.   Supposedlytoo much of some of these metallic elements have toxic effects on the body.   According to Dr Gary Price Todd [and Dr Robert Bender to name but two]the human body is NOT designed to absorb or assimilate and use metallic minerals.   Forty years agothe health food industry recognised the metallic mineral absorption problem of no more than 8 percent. Chelated minerals were developed in the laboratory. This process involved wrapping amino acids or protein around metallic minerals to help the body metabolize them.   This did help the problem because these added dissolvers did increase the assimilation to about 40%. Howeverchelated or notthe fact remainsthey’re still metallic minerals.

Don’t be misled by this recently formed IONIC mineral jargon. They just came up with a new descriptive name for an old metallic element solution that really doesn’t contain many mineralsbut it does contain a lot of sodium.  The definition of an Ion is ‘an electrified atom of group of atoms’. This could describe anything on earth.”
~ From “The Root of all Disease” by Elmer Heinrich

I’ve never accepted either that“you can expect to get illnesses when you get older,” or that “after age 40you get these odd niggling little pains.” This is not how life was designed or meant to be and the suppressivetoxic treatments for isolationistplagiarist-Pasteurian diseases we are given haven’t helped. These are the symptoms of what doctors refer to as sub-clinical diseasesbut which indicate an already depleted immune system is deteriorating further. They are warnings of those illnesses that manifest full-blown later in lifeyet which are unnecessary if we consume a nutrient rich diet.

As Linus Paulingtwice Nobel Laureate also stated in the 1950s:

“One could trace every sicknessevery disease and every ailment to
a mineral deficiency.”

These 75 organic plant-derived minerals have been used successfully by millions in the US/Australia and other countries since 1932 and have received in excess of 15,000 written testimoniesmany hundreds of which have been legally attested. They are extracted from ancientrich80 million year old Senonian vegetate when the Earth was unpollutedusing the purest water filtration methods.

Considered to be one of the top twenty scientists in the world when youngerDr Schrauzerresearcherinventorauthorand chemist says that these 75 plant derived minerals arewithout doubtthe purest of the plant derived mineral extracts that he has analysed.

Our nutritional needs begin from conception

Pregnant women are recommended to take 600 mg twice a day. I personally take at least 600 mg three times per day because I don’t want to take any risks of missing out on minerals! Stress is leached out of the cells during emotional traumas or physical exertion and perspiration and excreted from the cells by heavy metals in most of our environmentsas well as being already absent from our foods. The Powdered Mineralswhich last at least two months for one personcan be sprinkled directly into waterjuice or into food. For children who weigh under forty poundsthere are 300 mg vegecapsif you prefer a precise measurementwhich can be pulled apart for children who can’t swallow the vegecaps. Older children and adults take 600 mg once or twice per day as a basic dosage.

Here we have the immediate answer to our well-documented mineral-deficienciesand with the reassurance of the only company I’ve found that insists every batch has an external report certifying its contents contain 75 pure plant minerals.  I’m not aware of any other company in the world that does that.

Versatile – hairskin and nails – and healing burns!

I sometimes make my own face cream with a blend of oils (almondavocadovitamin Erosehip) and cacao butter gently meltedmaybe adding some Rose Absolut or Frankincensestirring in a little of the minerals just before it sets.   This is ok for night time because it’s a bit shiny! I’m not a professional face cream maker so I mix in a few minerals occasionally into some of the excellent organic creams on the market for the daytime. A little of the minerals goes a very long way.

I’ve even just put a little oilolive oil in the palm of my hand and mixed it with the minerals especially after a day in the sun.

I reacted very badly to some shocking news and some hair fell out several days later leaving a bald patch. I had alopeciabut I knew the minerals would work – hair is made of mineralsand every one of our cells requires plant minerals to function. It all grew back in six months or so and my hair is healthierthicker and shinier than it’s ever been since I was a teenager. The work the plant minerals do at cellular level inside the body that we can’t see is by far more importantas the hairnails and skin are just the outer reflection of what is going on inside.

As well as upping the dose orallyI put it on the bald patches every night and all my hair grew back. It’s better than it’s ever been since I was a teenager and I don’t need to colour it at almost age 55!

My son burnt the top of his hand putting a log into a sauna stove in Finland and he put it under the cold tap to no avail. It was painful and red. I already had a large water bottle for everyone to drink to which the plant minerals had been added because saunas leach out minerals through the skinbeing the largest organ of the body. We poured the minerals into the bowl to bathe his hand and the pain went away in less than a minute. He went to remove it in amazement but I suggested he leave it in for 20 minutes to allow the skin to repair. It did. The mark was barely visible the next day. The remaining mineral water was given to a deserving shrub as we left the summer cottage! The minerals are used in burn-units as they are much more effective than aloe vera.

These 75 plant minerals have also been used in ongoing trials in two small African states (Guinea and Burkina Faso). The populations were so severely malnourished they were incapable of absorbing the nutrients or digesting the food supplies they were being given. Initial results indicated extremely encouraging improvements. As minerals are the basis of all nutritionthere is a real chance of feeding the Earth’s population and ending hunger and preventing widespread disease.

Small groups of people are working to re-mineralise the earth but this could take hundreds of years andas individualswe need to supercharge our own immune systems right now to resolve our health issues as a matter of urgency.

“Osteoporosis is a preventable disease,” says Dr Robert Benderphysician for over 40 years. Food intolerancesallergieshyperactivity etc. result from a lowered immune defenceas do degenerative diseases inaccurately attributed to age such as: high blood pressurediabetesAlzheimer’sstrokes and cancer. They are all avoidable if we consume optimum nutrition.

It makes more sense to say “minerals and vitamins,” in that orderbecause it is minerals that form the basis and contribute the most essential source for our bodies being able to function. We can survive longer without vitamins than we can without minerals; without themvitamins cannot be absorbed. “Vitamins are basically useless in the absence of minerals,” says Dr Gary Price Todd.

“Minerals and trace minerals are the catalysts for all the vitamins and other nutrients your body uses for developing and maintaining good health.”

David ThomasNaturopath and Chiropractorappearing on Radio 4February 2006

In 2002 having vastly overstretched myself consistently for many years in multiple ways (not to mention the vaccinations to traveland specifically unrequested hidden under porcelain mercury dental bridge)I contracted Epstein Barr Virus (glandular fever) and subsequently the very severe and wide range of approximately 80 symptoms of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Within a few weeks of taking these mineralsmy energy levels soaredmy mental agility returnedexogenous and endogenous depression and anxiety went and the carbohydrate cravings associated with the gut yeastcandida albicanshave also disappeared. I eat lessgenerallyas my body is satisfied with the nutrients it is receiving on a daily basis. LaterI made further changes to my lifestyle and eat a predominantly raw diet.

Minerals are the very source of physical life and the very foundation of nutrition because our bodiesinner and outerconsist of approximately 98% minerals and we need a full range each and every day. Minerals control every organ and all the electrical impulses in our bodies. Mineralslike the 50+ trillion cells in our body they feedwork interdependently and we therefore need a full spectrumthe way they used to exist in plants. If minerals are not in the groundthey are not in the plantorganic or not.

What the sentient body needs is a full range of instantly absorbablehydrophylicplant-derived minerals that have already been predigested by plantswhich must have grown in mineral rich (about 70+) land. This is how we were meant to consume them. Howeverthis is no longer available to the majority of us on the planetorganic or notunless we live somewhere like Mount Etna where I’ve met people living to a ripe old age and vibrant because they plant their all foods in mineral rich volcanic deposits from deep within the ground (and the sun and alfrescoliving with a strong family unitions in the sea airetc.); or in Africa where I lived and my Father and grew enormous vegetables–aubergines/plantain–the size of rugby balls because our gardens were virgin soilnever before farmedand had been unaffected by rain erosion because of the density of the foliage.

Taste in fruits and vegetables is also to do with minerals. When there are sufficient minerals fed to growing vegetablesit increases the brix (fruitvegetable sugars) enormously as shown in the tests in Japan by New Zealand scientists. Cravingshunger evenrelate to plant mineral deficiencies leading to chronic diseases. Dr Gabriel Cousens has written a great deal about minerals andin particularhis work with Diabetes 2 in terms of a mineral deficiency.

Diabetes 2 seems to respond exceptionally well to 75 plant minerals with many people coming off medicationwe’ve noticed. People are reporting that their blood pressure is down for the first time in yearsthat they have automatically cut down on smokingdropped a dress size or if they get a cold it doesn’t last and many other people have far more dramatic health experiences. The most common experience is that everyone taking this full spectrum of plant minerals reports an increase in energy.

In his bookThe Root of All Disease[is a lack of minerals]Elmer Heinrich says“I have been monitoring and studying thousands of mineral-deficient people for twenty-five years. In my opinionheart disease is a direct result of a [plant-derived] mineral deficiency!”

These pure plant minerals provide the essential food we cannot obtain even from discerning shopping as well as enabling the quickest and most gentle detoxification (a lack of minerals prevents the body from detoxing normallysome people report increased bowel movements especially initially or a cessation of constipation). I call them “the food I can’t get from my food!”

From my own results aloneI am tempted to say this 75 mineral supplement is miraculous but taking plant-derived minerals really is a matter of very simple common sense and of biology and geology that should be taught in schools. If we return to the agricultural wisdom of the past e.g. three-field systems where one field is left fallow for several years to regenerateinstead of spraying every possible inch with chemical feeds to create bulk crops for profitI’m certain we would develop a society rich in health and intelligencewith a population who understand the wisdom of nurturing their planet and fellow man.

Rick Bocknerthe 22nd and last Reiki Master to be initiated by Mrs Takata (the remarkable lady who brought Reiki from Japan to the West in the 1930s) told me that Mrs Takata always said to him: “All illness starts here,” patting her solar plexus to indicate where the absorption and digestion of our nutritious fuel begins.  Mrs Takata who devoted her life to healing through Reikiunderstood the body well. I believe she knew of the essential importance of minerals from plants as she drank a special mixture of blended raw vegetables several times each dayin those days when there were minerals in the groundwhich she took with her wherever she wentin addition to practising daily Reiki.

Although“We are not human beings on a spiritual journeybut spiritual beings on a human journey,” (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin). We areneverthelessvery much physical beings on this beautifulblue-green planet andas suchmust nourish our bodies to enable us to follow our true paths in optimum physical health and developed consciousness. I wish I’d found these special plant minerals soonerbut better late than never. All my family take themtoo. It is clearly evident we cannot rely upon officials to make health choices for uswe must take the responsibility ourselvesand I shall continue to share this information with everyone. I strongly recommend you try them for yourself.

Dr Weston A. PriceDDS (1870-1948)

To purchase 75 Plant Minerals (or read the free e-book “The Root of all Disease”) go to click on Buy Products and select “Powdered Minerals” from the Products menu. Dawn may be contacted by email:

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