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The Power of Listening to your Body and becoming more aware of what it is trying to tell you!!

Posted Oct 05 2009 10:03pm

Why listen to your body

If you didn’t know already, our bodies have the wonderful ability of healing itself. Have you ever cut yourself by mistake? Have you ever fallen and scraped your knee or broken a nail off in the middle of your finger? I’m sure you have probably experienced one of these. When you did, your body most likely went through a process of healing and after a period of healing it probably looks like you never scraped or cut yourself.

Our body does so much more then heal it can give us signals. Some of these signals can be good and bad. Most of us go through life feel ing great especially in the first 20 or so. We go through life in our early years not really thinking about what we are doing to our bodies (Some people are conscious of it but most are not). We don’t think about the damage we could be doing to our bodies depending on the actions we take.

Around the age of 26 I became very sick, but it didn’t start at age 26. I really started to not feel so well when I was 23. My knees started hurting, constant headaches, consistent pain in my left side, problems losing weight and I could go on forever. Now most of us know something is wrong when you are having all of these problems occur and most of us run to the doctor.  I did, I ran as fast as I could but there wasn’t much they could do to help me, they just gave me some medicine and said try this.  I felt like an experiment for the doctor becaue he could not figure out what was wrong with me.

The point I am trying to make is our body is trying to talk to us, it is trying to say something is wrong with how you are treating me, please change soon before I totally break down. Most of us don’t understand that it is our daily actions that affect our body either in a positive or negative basis. I thought the doctors could heal me but I realized I had to heal myself. You see I had been eating out at fast food restaurants almost everyday, I never ate any fruits and vegetables, I drank a ton of pop and rarely exercised. How could any of those actions be good for my body? Why would I run to a doctor when the problem is right in my face?

How raw and living food can help you listen to your body and heal

Raw and living food has the wonderful ability of helping us release our addictions to food by giving our bodies what it need to heal. By eating more of an uncooked plant based diet, you are giving your body what it needs to heal and also as you continue to eat more and more raw food you’ll become more in tune with your body to a point where you will get signals right away if a specific food you are eating is good for you at that moment.

We spend most of our lives eating unhealthy food and living in an environment with unhealthy substances (Smoke, houshold cleaners etc…) we literally have no connection with our body. Our body is the best doctor for itself for it knows what it needs. If we would just clean up our bodies through cleansing and raw foods we would become more in tune and probably wouldn’t have to battle so many diseases.

The wonderful benefits of listening to your body

There are so many benefits of listening to your body. When you listen to your body you are allowing your body to get the right nutrients it needs to continue healing and protecting you from disease. Yes our bodies can heal from Cancer, it can heal from Type 2 diabetes. Our bodies have the ability to keep our bodies healthy when given the right foods. If only we would start listening to our bodies we all would be a lot healthier.

I hope that you start listening to your body first and the doctor second. No one knows what your body needs more then your body. I am in no way suggesting that you don’t go to the doctor but start taking a look at your current lifestyle and try to see how it might be affecting you instead of just going to the doctor and taking pills. Become more responsible for your health and you can beat almost any disease.

Tanisha Marshall is a Certified Raw food Coach, Author and Motivational speaker. Tanisha is dedicated to helping women transition to the raw food lifestyle. Be sure to sign up for my FREE newsletter for more great advice like this and upcoming events.

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