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The Only Thing That Satisfies Better Than Sex Or Chocolate

Posted Apr 01 2012 4:00am
Written by Tera on April 1, 2012 – -

- by Tera Warner

The other day I wrote a little letter suggesting the possibility that if “you know too much for your own good“, maybe you should consider using it for the good of others.

I shared the story about what happened to me the other day when I had some time to burn in a local café. I looked out at the puffy-ankled and inflammation-prone folks eating their greasy spoon breakfasts, and rather than feel a sense of self-righteousness for my youthful glow and healthy skin, I started asking myself what I could do to make the world a bit less deep-fried and a bit more fresh and new.

If you didn’t read that letter, you can catch it here. In that article I promised to share a lesson I learned that saved my life (and brought me exquisite pleasure), so here goes…

The Difference Between Responsibility and BlameAbout 8 years ago, I was listening to a lecture about personal responsibility, when I heard an idea that shook me to my core. First of all, it bears clarification that responsibility does not mean “blame”. Some people associate the two together, but responsibility is about your ability to respond to the idea that you are in some way able to influence change. When responsibility is imposed or forced upon a person,  it can feel like blame, but they are not the same thing. Responsibility is an invitation to consider the possibility that you can do something about it.

If you drop a banana peel, your ability to respond and do something about it is very real to you. You’re going to bend over, pick it up, and put it in the compost.

If your car breaks down, you’re going to call your local motor association or a tow truck and get someone to help you. Unless you happen to know a thing or two about broken down cars and how to fix them, in which case your ability to respond will be much higher. The more you understand about how your car works and what is needed to fix it, the more you’re able to respond!

The same is true about any area of life. We’ve all heard the idea that knowledge is power, but knowledge alone isn’t worth a sneeze in the wind. It’s only when knowledge combines with the human spirit’s will to act that real power takes hold.

That willingness to act is responsibility.

IThe Idea That Changed (and Saved) My Life‘d grown up like everyone else hearing about The Golden Rule and had the basics down of Thou Shalt Not Kill or Generally Be a Source of Destruction, Harm or Annoyance to Others. I figured that I was an upstanding citizen on planet Earth, behaving reasonably with no major crimes to my name and no significant threat to society. And indeed, this was true. But when you’re here to kick up dirt, make noise, wriggle, jiggle and dance through Life, then “upstanding” doesn’t really satisfy – or cut it.

The more I’ve learn about Life, the more I come to understand that it’s a game in which you either rise and expand, or you shrink and fall.  We either increase our awareness, intelligence and ability, or we start to decline and degrade. At the point of my life when I encountered the idea I am about to share, I was ready for a serious upgrade of my spiritual hard drive. It was time to raise the bar.


It hit me like a brick. A thousand moments of my life came rushing in at me coupled by an overwhelming recognition that in so many instances, no matter how dark or dismal or dreary it seemed, there was always something I could have done, but didn’t.

INACTION - as much as our action - can be the cause of harm.Again, this isn’t about blame, regret or punishment. It’s about an awareness of the degree of influence one person can have on Life. It’s a coming to terms with the fact that our INACTION – as much as our action – can be the cause of harm, misery and upset in life. Once we realize this, we regain the power to influence things in a positive direction!

It’s easy for us to look out at the world and make a lot of noise about the things people do to create problems in Life: Acts of violence, drug use, unhealthy eating, sexual perversion, etc.. You only need to scan a few headlines in the local paper or tune into the evening news to be soaking in it.

We feel that if we live a relatively honest life, eat well, maintain some personal ethics and treat people with respect, then for the most part, our conscience should be relatively clear… right? We should be able to sleep with ourselves and feel good about it all. Well, sure.

Aaaaaaaand, there’s even more to the story…

  • When you look out at the world around you and see sickness and varying states of dis-ease…
  • When you see relationships falling apart and arguments happening unnecessarily…
  • When you hear someone you love announce they’ve been diagnosed with cancer…
  • When you see conditions in life that you know you can do something about…
  • …what do you do?

    What knowledge do you have that the world needs? What have you survived or overcome that could help another person get out of the mud? Are you sharing it? Are you communicating about it? Are you doing anything?


    People Need You - And You CAN Make a Difference!Consider how many women finally start prioritizing their healthy diet the moment they decide to become pregnant – as though their own health and well-being wasn’t enough of a motivation!

    There are people who, knowing the injustice of conditions in other parts of the world, dedicate their lives to the work of bringing about peace, ending world hunger, educating, empowering and uplifting the lives of others on the opposite side of the planet. If you’ve ever met someone who has sincerely committed their lives to philanthropic endeavors, then you know the peace and deep sense of fulfillment they carry with them.

    You don’t have to run off to Sierra Leone to start making a difference. Sit in your local café and take a look around. People need you. If you know how to whip up spinach and fruit in a blender, you hold the secret to health and the fountain of youth. So share it.

    If you’re here, there’s something you can do about the state of affairs out there, and the fact that you hit your pillow every night without doing it may be hurting you more than you realize!

    It’s a silly cliché, but if people took it seriously I wonder to what degree the world would be a better place.

    We’ve become attached to our names and hairdos and are far too easily impressed by a hot pair of jeans and the number of “fans” and “friends” we all have. There are bills to pay, things to do, noses to wipe and hot yoga, too, and with all these multi-faceted distractions and diversions it’s a very easy thing to forget that – at the heart of the matter – we all breath the same air and drink the same water.

    The fat cells of polar bears in the Arctic have been tested and were discovered to contain toxins found in the beauty care products used by women in California.

    If one of us is making choices, consciously or unconsciously, to self-destruct, it undermines the delicate ecological and spiritual web that binds us all.

    Helping others isn’t just about “them“, it’s actually the best thing you could do for you and for the well-being of Life on Earth.

    I’ve looked down the barrel of enough buckets of ice cream feeling fat and sorry for myself that I know “Rocky Road” didn’t have the secret recipe for my spiritual fulfillment. I’ve stayed home from enough parties feeling puffy and pimply to know that withdrawing from Life and playing small never made me feel better.

    I’ve had my share of hot, sweaty nights of passion, too; and while there may be better lovers than those with whom I’ve had the opportunity to tangle thighs, I’m quite sure there’s not one who can make me rush, glow, and get the rosy-cheeked sweet satisfaction I’ve experienced by helping a woman believe in herself again enough to turn her life around.

    Embrace and act upon your responsibility to do something to make the world a better place.

    We may look for satisfaction in a nice, dark chocolate, or a tall, dark and handsome man, but you’ll never find there what you’ll find when you embrace and act upon your responsibility to do something to make the world a better place.

    The things that have lifted me up in life were:

    • Weekends spent volunteering in the long term care unit of my local hospital.
    • Creating a series of inspirational interviews that changed the lives of tens of thousands of women around the world.
    • Kissing my grandpa on the forehead hours before he died.
    • Watching my Dad dramatically improve his health and well-being after years of suffering with a chronic health condition and feeling discouraged.
    • Teaching my daughter to believe in her dreams no matter what anyone else told her.
    Nothing can compare to the sense of deep, spiritual gratification that comes from helping another person who was unable to help themselves – even if doing so starts with something as simple as spinach, fresh fruit and a blender.

    In simple terms, Sir Isaac’s First Law of Motion suggests that:


    As I sat in my little café in the sticks last week, I felt that “unbalanced force” act upon me like a lightning rod. It wasn’t enough for me to sit and smile a self-righteous smile from across the room anymore. It was time to do something about it.

    If you’ve not yet been hit by that same lightning rod, I invite you to head on over to your local greasy spoon diner and look a few people lovingly in the eyes. Hang out in the emergency waiting room of your local hospital. Your inaction, failure to act and do something you know you can doesn’t serve the world, and it doesn’t even serve you. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes it may be as simple as seeing the beauty in a stranger and then having the courage to tell them you saw it.

    There’s enough drama in the headlines. While the world sits in front of the their headlines and news broadcasts we can be out there making good news happen! Let’s get to it:


    How to Become a Global Green-Powered SuperheroIf you’re new around here and you’ve not yet taken our 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge, it’s time. Doing so will equip you with everything you need to know to help people who are sick, suffering and struggling with their health.

    If you have already bonded with your blender and been charmed by chlorophyll, then you are now officially equipped to make yourself a global green-powered superhero.

    Here’s what we’d like to do to help motivate you:

    For every 3 people you get to take the 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge, we’ll credit you with $20 toward any of our programs.

    So… If you get 3 people signed up for a 3-Day Challenge, you could access most of our e-books.

    If you get 15 people to take the 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge, you can access our Self-Study version of  our 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox for Free!

    22 people signed up for a 3-Day Challenge, you could take the full support version of  our 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox for Free!

    If you get 45 people signed up for the 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge, you could even take  17-Week Wild Edible Course, or any of our Body Enlightenment programs for Free.

    … You get the idea. ;-)

    We often receive requests for scholarships and work exchange opportunities and love to make our programs accessible to anyone, regardless of their personal financial situation. We understand it takes a team to make the world a better place, and we recognize that we really are all in the same boat.

    So, if you grab an oar by helping tell a few more people about some simple things they can do to turn their health around, we’ll grab an oar and do whatever we can to help you take your health and well-being to the next level, too!

    IN ORDER TO ACTIVATE YOUR CREDIT: Please keep track of the names of the people you get to participate in the 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. When you’ve got the number of people you need to access the program you want, please send an email to Doll Creelman with the following information included:

    • The names of the people you’ve helped to get signed up.
    • The name of the program you’d like to access.
    • How you feel about having done something that could change so many people’s lives.
    And it’s that easy! Here’s to you, Smoothie-Slurpin’ Superhero!

    Love and smooth sailing,


    What events or actions have lifted up your life, as well as the lives of others, in a way that sex or chocolate could never compare? Please leave a comment below and share with us your story.

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    1. By Helene McIntosh on Apr 4, 2012

      Good for you Tera – you are and have made a difference in the world of many women. I admire what you are doing and am feeling good about the green smoothie which I first started with Whitney Calibaba, who was terrific as well. Thanks for doing what you are doing.


    2. By Donnalyn on Apr 4, 2012

      Wow,… You really rock!
      Thank you sincerely for that encouragement and inspiration. So glad I found you!


    3. By Lori Nye on Apr 4, 2012

      I read Tera’s article: The Only Thing That Satisfies Better Than Sex Or Chocolate, and felt wonderfully inspired. Unfortunately, the links for the 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge do not go to working pages.


    4. By Katie on Apr 4, 2012

      I love this, Tera! I’ve known for some time that I have been called to be a coach to others, though I haven’t settled on exactly which kind yet!


    5. By Meg on Apr 4, 2012

      Tera, I just want you to know that YOU have been my unbalanced force. This has been the first time I’ve been able to listen to WISH, though I’ve wanted to for years. After getting out of an unhealthy marriage and becoming a single mom, moving in with my parents, and going back to school, this would be a really easy time to get complacent about the rest of the world. After all, I’m struggling to survive, myself. But thanks to WISH, I am not complacent. I am determined to move and shake and make the world a better place for my kids, and everyone else, too. I’m finding myself and my passions thanks to a lot of help from you. I can’t even begin to list all the changes I am making in my life thanks to your WISH summit. I plan on re-listening throughout the year so I don’t lose my fire. Thank you, Tera, for taking responsibility to change lives. Love you!


    6. By Wendy Schettig on Apr 4, 2012

      OK, I’ll post a comment. First of all thank you for your candid emails and blogs. I usually enjoy a good smile when I read your posts. I think you are really on to something when it comes to getting out and sharing the good that we have to offer. I’m a singer songwriter. I write songs about the crazy stuff that happens in my life and then sing them to various audiences. The songs can either make others smile or cry when I tell them the story behind why I wrote the songs. There’s something about music that opens up the soul and allows you to hear things you might ordinarily block out. Anyway, the reason I do this is because I can’t help but sing about what cured me. I have to tell people. I tried to keep it to myself but it created a fire inside me that brought me to my knees at my last job. I had to quit my job and start all over again (at age 53) and do what my guts were telling me to do for my whole life. Sing and write music. So, that’s what I do. I’m broke, but happy! But more so, I sing about Jesus. He rescued me when I was 24. I was depressed, abused, and suicidal. When I decided to kill my self, the only thing that held me back was that I knew I had done some bad things in my life and I probably would end up in hell. So I left my family and friends and went on a search to find God. I hoped maybe if I found Him, He would forgive me. I looked at eastern religions, but they taught me I would find the good within myself… I knew I wouldn’t find it within myself because I had messed my life up already too much. I wanted to find the God that made the beautiful flowers and the birds I loved to listen to. I wanted to even be a part of that world of serenity. I wrote a song about wanting to be a daffodil! I didn’t know how until I learned about Jesus. His story is in the Bible, but he is also written about in historical writings. Writings that were not written to be religious, but were written just as historical fact. He did the same amazing miracles in the history books too. He also taught about the Father and that He was one and the same with the Father. I learned something I didn’t know before. I learned the reason he died was to be the last and final sacrifice that would ever be needed for my sin. Which means he paid for my mistakes that were going to send me to hell. All he asks is that I let him be King of my life instead of myself as king. I figured I screwed everything up thus far, so why would I want to be king of my life anymore? So I gave Him my future. I prayed in earnest and asked Him to be my King. He performed a miracle in me… he took away my pain and depression. I didn’t even want to die anymore after He became King to me. I can’t help but sing about it now.

      So I tell you all this because the whole world needs to know He will save even the ones who have lost all hope like me. I love how you honor God’s creation by wanting to get back to the natural way of eating and living. You’re seeing and thriving on His handiwork every day and loving it just like I do. The joy and uplifting I get just being outdoors lets me know He is truly good and wants to show Himself to all who are willing to just look around for Him. I know you love the outdoors so I thought I would pass it on to you that you’re looking at our Creator’s creation. He loves you too and if you haven’t already asked Him to be your King, now is as good a time as any! And He is very, very good. Thank you and I pray for God’s blessings to you, Wendy (


    7. By Deanne on Apr 4, 2012

      It struck me the vibration you and others have been on Tera. I’m a nurse and after years of finding all the wrong things about the J.O.B i started to find ways to appreciate as I started to harness my passion to be an entrepreneur and live my truth! While I worked on my business and feel fulfilled the JOB transformed. Before I was popping pills or shooting insulins into juvenile diabetics and now I’m engaging the kids and families to understand the truth about how disease really just means “system imbalance” and so if they learn all about how amazing their bodies are and how it craves delicious living foods they will begin to feel better and become less dependent on the medicine!

      I’ve seen my father chime like a little light when I told him he would start feeling improvement from his health condition if he added more living foods and feel truly getting a new sensation of comfort foods that actually give him vitality!

      Yes my life has changed since I recognized my purpose and I get even excited to know that while I give more to ME the world around me shifts with more light and others are influenced to take responsibility for their own happiness and life becomes valued!

      Thank you for Sharon and validating the experiences I’ve had over the past few days!!

      Bless u


    8. By Sacha on Apr 4, 2012

      You rock sister woman! xx


    9. By Lidia on Apr 4, 2012

      Wow! Quite the in-depth article. You go, girl!!!


    10. By Kathy Webb on Apr 4, 2012

      Today as I was leaving the grocery store, I came across a lady who couldn’t locate her car. Now that may sound comical but I have lost my bearing in a parking lot and had trouble finding my vehicle. I assured her she was not the first or last to this experience and asked her to describe her car. I drove around, located her sedan almost hidden amongst large trucks and vans, and pointed her in the right direction. She was grateful and so was I – grateful to act upon a situation I sensed because I myself I been there before. You can’t have a testimony without a test; a lesson without less.


    11. By Carolyn on Apr 4, 2012

      Awesome article Tera … I so admire how you can put into words what I am thinking.. :-)
      Remember our “gifts” to create a more loving and safe world does not have to be huge!
      The act of smiling at everyone you passby each day or while shopping can make a huge difference in their lives and yours! Be kind rather than right in your living … love and blessings Carolyn


    12. By lizzy on Apr 4, 2012

      best post you’ve ever written, completely sincere, yet monetized at the end, totally cool.

      I know I’ve been guilty of not doing for a long time, I do hope to spread my wings more and more. and fly to share the news that there are better ways of healing then medical science tries to make us believe.


    13. By Ann Peckham on Apr 4, 2012

      Dear Terra

      I have just self published a book entiltled “The Power of Greens” as I am teaching this as afford-ably as possible for local women to take home to share with their families.

      Thank you for spreading the information too love and light
      Ann xx


    14. By Estelle donoghue- Harder on Apr 4, 2012

      Many times, grow great herbs make a garden from scratch see them grow water and Love that sall it takes then eat them drink them your choice … I have writen a song , called BAND OF ANGELS and if i knew someone to sing it I WOULD i SING IT MYSELF ON LY MAYBE PEOPLE WOULD RUN AWAYS..MAN YBLESSINGS AND HAPPY EASTER


    15. By Margaret Plouff on Apr 4, 2012

      Tera!! Darling Girl! Powerful and moving post, thanks for sharing every precious word!!!! Your words and the wisdom of Wish empower me to live up to my responsibility to share what I have learned from others and my own struggle back to health…seeing you reach out and just say it like it is helps me move out of holding back and just open up a conversation about health with friends, my customers at the health shop…..for example, when the “s” word comes up (sugar!) I say, but your’re sweet enough, tell me why you want more sugar? then the conversation begins! walking in the neighborhood with a green smoothie in a clear glass jar always starts a conversation! Telling my cancer survivor clients how stunning they are and sharing in their joyful new path, and really sharing the Wish Summit as their “homework” for inspiration has been so invaluable!!! Love You Much! thanks for all the gifts:):)


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