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THE LESSON I LEARNED AT MY RAW VEGAN MEET-UP: Obey food-combining rules!!!!

Posted Jun 12 2009 10:27pm


I went out to dinner with a raw vegan meet-up group tonight. (when I tried to explain the concept to my Japanese room-mate, she asked me if it was like a *blind date* with a lot of people.  Well, yes, I guess you could say that, if you stretched a bit.)  I’ll tell you more about the meet-up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I want to think about what happened to my gut tonight.
I don’t often go out to eat.  I am very hinky about what I eat, and what the food preparers might have been thinking when they made what I am going to eat.

Tonight, I realized that when I prepare food at home,I am actually doing a fair job of food combining, andI also found out what happens to someone who has been food combining and then eats a wild mix of food.

I just did not think when I ordered all that food!
I did not really pay attention to all the ingredients in the food (although the restaurant did a good job of explaining).  I was happy, yea, excited, to be with a group of like thinkers who were also very interesting people in their own wright.

Then,about three-quarters of the way through the dinner, I began to feel some distress.When I ate the dessert, I actually felt physical pain on my tongue (am I newly allergic to something? Or had I just eaten too many different things in a 2 hour period?)

By the time I left the restaurant, I was in major pain.(in New York City, where there are people everywhere – unlike places where you can get in your car and do what you must).  I  finally made it home.  After a while, the discomfort abated, but not before I had a chance to reflect on my own misdeeds and make new resolutions.

The next time I go out to a raw food restaurant, I am going to pay attention to the ingredients of the food I order, and limit what I eat
, instead of having the delicious entree, the delicious smoothie, and the delicious dessert.  I do not want to feel like a sulphur-filled balloon every again.

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