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The Health Benefits of Magnesium: Nature’s Beauty Enhancer!

Posted Apr 17 2012 9:32pm
Written by Rachelle Fordyce on April 17, 2012 – -

- by Susan Almaliki

“To love beauty is to see light.”

This quote is indeed a thought provoking and inspiring reflection about beauty from Victor Hugo, a famous French 19th century poet.

As I was pondering Hugo’s words about light and beauty, I had the revelation that “light” is actually synonymous with what we perceive as “beauty”, because when we are experiencing light, we are also witnessing beauty. This is because light is a form of energy that our sense of sight is able to detect and revel in.

Think about it, what do you appreciate about a beautiful woman? Most people would agree that a beautiful woman possesses glowing, vibrant, clear skin; shiny, luxurious hair; and strong, white teeth.  However, many people do not realize that a beautiful woman’s beauty first begins at the cellular energy level and then radiates outward.  As a woman that desires to possess this indescribable sparkle of light, this indefinable beautiful glow, I am extremely motivated to discover how I might also shine my light of luminous beauty!

How about you? I believe that the majority of women would agree with me because it seems that many other women are also craving this beauty and especially envy it when they witness it in other women.

So I asked myself, “How could I capture this light energy and display its beauty?” In my quest for the answer to this question, I was drawn to an important mineral that is often overlooked: Magnesium!

Beauty Begins at the Cellular Level

Magnesium is present in every cell type in every organism because it is the fourth most abundant mineral in our bodies and the second most ionically-charged mineral in the cells. Because magnesium is directly responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions, it is an essential electrolyte mineral required for all life which means there can be no life without magnesium. In fact, magnesium has been called the “lamp of life”.

Magnesium: A Natural Beauty Enchaner!So, what are some of the ways that magnesium can enhance our physical beauty? Most people know that magnesium is very important in the absorption of calcium. Magnesium plays a significant role in bone health and maintenance as well as making the teeth harder, stronger, and whiter. Magnesium slows down the aging process in the skin because magnesium stabilizes DNA and RNA which are both negatively charged and are attracted to the positively charged magnesium. Magnesium is also needed for hair to grow properly because chronic stress can cause hair to fall out as a result of unstable blood sugar, chronic inflammation, not eating properly or getting enough sleep.

Magnesium is a very misunderstood mineral and the majority of people are unknowingly deficient in this mineral. In recent years, many people have begun to understand the health benefits of getting enough Vitamin D and so they have been wisely optimizing their intake of Vitamin D. However, because of an underlying magnesium deficiency, many of these same people experience undesirable side effects and believe the extra Vitamin D is the cause.

Magnesium and Your DietSince magnesium is so important for our beauty and our health, how do we ensure that we are getting enough of this mineral? Maybe, you are not aware magnesium is found at the center of the chlorophyll molecule because the capture of light energy from the sun is very dependent upon this mineral. Therefore, dark green, leafy vegetables, which are colored by chlorophyll, should be considered to be excellent sources of magnesium. Spinach is one of these green vegetables that provide us with a powerful source of magnesium. Seaweed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds are also good healthy sources of magnesium. However, whenever we cook or boil these foods, there will be a significant magnesium loss which is why the magnesium content of most refined foods is very low. So eating raw is the way to go!

David Wolfe says in his book Eating for Beauty, “The beauty of our hair, skin, and nails depends on how mineralized we are.”   So why don’t you have yourself a yummy green spinach smoothie for breakfast, along with a salad with plenty of green leafy veggies for lunch tomorrow, and turn on the “lamp of life” so your beauty will shine as your body reflects the powerful benefits of magnesium!

By including magnesium in your diet every day, your beauty will be radiantly magnified!

* * *

What are your favorite ways to include magnesium in your diet?
Please leave a comment below and share with us!

Be Beauty Program: A 30-Day Natural Beauty MakeoverIn our Be Beauty program: A 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover, one of the nutritional protocols we put in place is ensuring your diet is rich in dark, leafy greens and fresh, raw and natural sources of magnesium!

The relationship to the gut and the health of the skin is undeniable!

You can learn more about our Be Beauty program here.

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  1. By Nicola Amy on Apr 19, 2012

    my fav way to get it is young coconut water and green smoothies! esp. young coconut kefir – this stuff does wonders for previously highly problematic skin. Minerals baby!!!


  2. By Lauren on Apr 20, 2012

    Great post. It is so important that people stop focusing just on calcium when really it is magnesium that people are deficient in. Not to mention, without magnesium your bone health suffers. I was actually just reading a lot of research about using Magnesium oil for hair loss. Apparently it helps to break calcium deposits that reside on the scalp and essentially suffocate the hair follicle… going to try it!


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