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The Green Smoothie Miracle: For more energy, natural weight loss and happiness!

Posted Feb 07 2013 10:13am
Written by Tera on February 7, 2013 – -

by Erica Palmcrantz Aziz

It’s February—a time of year for endless amounts of pink hearts, white teddy bears and red roses. But for the love of your health and well being, don’t forget to add a splash of green! In her article, ”The Green Smoothie Miracle”, Erica Palmcrantz Aziz explains how a drink so simple can help you lose weight, feel energized and find a bright, new outlook on life.  No matter what time of day or year, whipping up a green smoothie is always a great choice! This Valentine’s Day, be sure to care for yourself by giving your body all it needs to feel fresh, light and full of love. This article is loaded with tips to help you make it happen!

green smoothies for more energyMore and more people are looking for ways to include raw food in their lives but to different extents. People prefer food that’s easy to make, simple and tasty, and this is exactly applicable to green smoothies. Everyone, regardless of how much raw food one chooses to eat, can make green smoothies. They are quick to make, filling, and taste good. In addition, you get more energy and become slimmer and happier!

Remember to prepare the drink with love, gratitude, and joy. Love and enjoyment also provide you the nutrition you need, so if you find yourself sulking over a green smoothie, don’t try to force it. Allow yourself to feel what it is you’re really craving, and then give yourself permission to eat it with the same gratitude and love as you would with the green drink.You’ll find that the desire to eat green leaves will come back without any effort. It might take a while for your body to adjust to a new diet, but the body knows the green leaves will boost it with nutrition and after a while you will feel your body craving the green smoothies again.

Green leaves make your body more alkaline. Acidification of the body is unfortunately a result of the standard modern diet. Eating a diet containing alkaline is necessary in order for the body to feel as good as possible. Your digestive system gets more rest than it would by eating a salad or regular food because the blender grinds the food. Your digestive system uses the most amount of energy of all the processes in the body, so when we facilitate the digestion, it automatically leaves more energy for other things.

  • You devour large amounts of green leaves that are incredibly high in the essential minerals your body needs to function.
  • You devour lots of live enzymes. Live enzymes are proteins that act as a catalyst.Your cells need live enzymes to repair themselves and to build new healthy cells. Live enzymes make you shine!
  • Green smoothies increase hydrochloric acid in your stomach, which is essential for both the di- gestion and absorption of food.
  • Chlorophyll is the green color of the leaves—in short, chlorophyll is encapsulated sunlight. Chlorophyll is similar to the chemical composition of our blood. The more chlorophyll rich foods you eat, the easier it is for your blood and your internal organs to clean themselves. And the clea- ner your blood is, the less your internal organs will be burdened, which means you have a lower risk of getting various diseases.
  • The fiber in green leaves help to clear your bowels. Having old, undigested food in your bowel is a major baddy of ill health. When your colon is functioning properly, you have more energy!
  • Many people think they have to look like the slim ideals that exist in society and equate being thin with being happy. There are many tricks available to help us reach this so-called “ideal” weight including pills, powders, and different diets. These ideals are fixated on looking “slim” without taking our energy, strong immune system, and happiness into account.

    I want to replace the concept of “ideal” weight, which focuses on the external, with the concept of “natural” weight, which is achieved by changing your lifestyle and habits in such a way that you

    never again have to think about losing weight. When you have achieved your natural weight, you will be energetic, strong, powerful, as healthy as a horse, and happy. You will feel beautiful on the inside and that shines through. Green smoothies can help you reach your natural weight and stay there. Green smoothies are satisfying; you won’t have to go around being hungry, and you’ll easily accomplish a feeling of satisfaction in a way you might not have had before.

    green smoothies to boost your moodThe stomach and the intestines are directly linked to the brain and central nervous system. There- fore, they quickly react to what we do, eat, and feel. Some scientists call the stomach our second brain (read more about this in Michael Gershon’s The Second Brain).

    About 95 percent of our “feel-good” hormone serotonin is activated by the stomach, and various gastrointestinal complaints are often related to stress. The green leaves that are the basis of green smoothies are rich in fiber. They also act as a sponge by absorbing and removing undigested food and toxins that exist in our gut.

    Sauerkraut juice is one of my favorite drinks and can be homemade or purchased premade in the health food store. Sauerkraut contains plenty of the beneficial bacteria your stomach needs.To help the good bacteria in your stomach, you should drink sauerkraut juice or eat a tablespoon of sauerkraut or a fermented vegetable on a daily basis.

    Sugar, flour, dairy, and animal products often make our bowels constipated and irritable because they create a buildup of old undigested food. The soluble fibers of the green smoothie help to clear the intestine. When you have a functioning gut, you become happier!

    When we lose a few unwanted pounds, our bodies feel lighter and we automatically become happier because we are evolving into the people we want to be. Green smoothies can help you get rid of cellulite, get a flatter stomach, stronger nails, and shinier hair. Your breath will become fresher and you will smell bright and lovely. Because it helps your skin to “tighten” and become smoother and more even, green smoothies can also make you look younger.

    Introducing more pure food into your life can also open up a doorway to your spiritual life. If you drink a green smoothie a day, you’ll feel more in touch with yourself and may become more curious and open to discovering a new world within yourself.You will get to know yourself on a deeper level. You will no longer have to abuse food or try to push troublesome feelings aside with junk food and sugar.When you get in touch with yourself it makes you experience life with increased energy and pure joy.

    You might want to know what kind of miracle occurs whenever you start drinking green smoothies and juices. It’s not a miracle that hits you like lightning, but a miracle that happens on the inside, quietly.

    I believe all human beings have their own divinity within themselves but not everyone can see their own divinity and live accordingly. One of the reasons we aren’t in touch with our divinity is that many of us eat refined and processed products that divert energy from our consciousness and make us less capable of examining and discovering ourselves. The same applies to the stress of our daily schedule. Everything needs to be done quickly; we have to be the first, biggest, and the best or we are nobody. Rather than looking at the natural beauty of the qualities that make us unique, we act as if we are supposed to be copies of one another.When we start looking at our own divinity with the help of raw food and green leaves, something awakens within us.We begin to look at ourselves as an entity in the universe and take pride in the properties that make us unique. Imagine that most of us live like copies of each other. It’s pretty boring, isn’t it?

    There is scientific research showing that every cell in our body has its own cosmos and when we Mother Earth and the universe and fill ourselves with the purest food, we let the cosmos flow through us, and small miracles begin to happen.

    When we avoid food that make us stress from within, such as caffeine, white sugar and flour, a sense of calm starts to spread inside and out. That’s when we discover that our actions contribute to the wellness of both the heart and ourselves. When we lose the pounds we want to get rid of, when the skin takes on a new luster, when the eyes begin to sparkle from joy of life, and the whole body gets a positive glow—that’s when our inner miracle manifests itself on the outside. By letting the miracle into your life, you will shine and bring inspiration to your fellow citizens and let them open up to miracles in their own lives. Let the Miracle begin!

    To get  a taste of what green smoothies can do for you, visit our 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge! It’s the perfect introduction to our full 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox. What if you really can dramatically improve your health and well-being with something as simple as smoothies? Start with 3-Days and see what happens. Here’s to your next chlorophyll-rich adventure!

    Erica Palmcrantz Aziz has been high raw vegan for over eight years. This means that her diet consists of at least 85 percent raw food. Erica is a well-established advocate of raw food and inspires people to find their way to eat raw food. She has written four books on the subject: Raw food – a complete guide for every meal of the day,  Raw desserts, Fabulous Raw food, The Green Smoothie Miracle – your way to increased energy, weightloss and happiness. She lives in Sweden with her husband, Sam and their daughter, Saga. Her passion is to inspire, write books and educate about raw food. Read more about Erica Palmcrantz Aziz at and read more about Green Smoothies in the book ”The Green Smoothie Miracle”. “To eat raw food is to celebrate and give yourself and the earth the very best.”

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