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The composter for people who hate composting

Posted Sep 14 2008 6:08pm

Naturemillcomposter I really want to like composting. Seriously, I do. But with the smell, the maintenance and the whole worms thing, it just isn't happening.

Sure its good for the earth, but why does it have to be hard?

Say hello to my little friend! Enter the Automatic Composting Machine- the composter for people who hate composting, or don't even know what the heck it is.

What makes this product an expression of pure composting genius?

Products like this are faciliating and evolution in living. The easier we can make it to lively in harmony with the earth the more likely the common Joe is to participate. No sane human wakes up with the intention to pollute the earth.

The same goes for personal health. The easier it is to access, make, and eat raw-organic foods, the more likely your are to find out that your neighbor is hosting a raw-food potluck. And the beautiful thing is that, that is happening right now.

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