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The 90 Day Deep Tissue Detox

Posted Jan 23 2009 5:40pm

The Raw Divas in Association with Proudly present:

A 90 Day Deep Tissue Detox!

Finally Experience the Health-Boosting

Effect of a Meaningful Detoxification by Safely,

Comfortably Eliminating Toxins You’ve Built-Up

From Years of Pollution, Stress,

Unhealthy Eating and MORE!


Burst Into Spring Feeling Better Than Ever!!

(This Program Will Be Starting on The 1st of February and finishes on the 1st of May)

Dear Diva,

Whatever you’ve been told about “detox,” whatever you think you know, THINK AGAIN! The truth is, there’s a lot more myth than fact in circulation out there, and even though I’ve guided over 10,000 people through a 7 Day Raw Food “Detox” in the last 18 months, I’m the first person to step up to the stage to say,


More than ever people are struggling with all kinds of health conditions. They come seeking solutions amidst the apparent safety of  the “Natural Health Movement” and its educators, but beware!! The degree of confusion and contradiction out there is frightening for anyone seeking answers.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard people play down the seriousness of their health condition, discomfort or pain by labeling it a “symptom of detox”. Some people, even years after having transitioned to a healthy diet, still blame “detox” as the cause of their health considerations. This isn’t just irresponsible, it’s DANGEROUS and far to o often perpetuated by leaders in the “natural health food” industry, but THIS HAS TO STOP!

All the uncomfortable symptoms, side-effects and irritability associated with “detox” DO NOT NEED TO BE HAPPENING TO YOU!

What’s worse, if you are struggling with poor health during your transition to a “healthier” diet, then you could very well be causing yourself permanent damage!Even brain damage!! There’s A LOT more you need to understand about the processes taking place in your body and what “detox” is all about.

You’ve got to be willing to think for yourself. You’ve got to be willing to ask more questions and SPEAK OUT when you’re struggling if you want to get to the bottom of things. Don’t muffle your voice in the presence of unsettling health conditions just because someone says you’re “detoxing”. There is a surprising number of health educators with little or no background in clinical nutrition or medical science out there advising people about what to eat and how to “cleanse” the body or “detoxify.” They are oversimplifying and generalizing the personal health conditions of other people, often based on their own personal experience and personal symptoms, and this is neither acceptable nor ethical.

It is VITAL that You Educate And Inform Yourself!

Ask questions!

What are the credentials of the people advising you? Ask for references! Ask for studies! Ask for proof! You deserve that much from your health educators. A few years of snacking on broccoli sprouts and wheat grass is NOT enough to qualify someone to take your health in their hands! Which doeesn’t mean they can’t support and encourage you, but they should not be advising you about medically related health conditions they know nothing about.

But he can! Meet Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren:

doctort If you don’t know this fine fellow, he’s the founder of –an organization devoted to educating people about sustainable  and environmentally responsible living. His resources cover everything from the paint you use to decorate your home to the food you put on your plate. He’s a Medical Doctor trained in Europe, a Doctor of Chiropractic and Nutritionist licensed in the U.S., a university professor of nutrition and functional medicine who possesses two Board-Certifications in Clinical Nutrition and other Board Certifications, a leading authority on early laboratory diagnosis of cancer… I could go on, but you can read more about his credentials here. What matters most for our purposes is that he’ll be the medical consultant and chief educator throughout our 90 Day Detox program. Thanks to “Dr. T,” for the first time ever, we’ve got science to back us up and that’s why he and I are proud to present you our 90 Day Deep Tissue Detox.

Note:(For those of you who have finished your 7 Day New Year’s Detox, or if you’ve ever taken our FREE 7 Day Detox,The Body Enlightenment System or our 3 Day Green Smoothie Challenge, this will be the perfect transition or “next step” for you!)

Too often we’ve seen people roller coaster after a short-term attempt at Raw Foods or various “Cleansing Diets and Activities”, usually following a series of failed attempts at other diets (”high-protein,” “low-fat,” macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan, etc.). Some mini challenges and programs are a great place to start, but we need something that will assist people in meaningfully improving their health in the long-run, achieving long term change, and effectively detoxifying their bodies of the toxic buildup they carry in their tissues. We need to make sure that people have the scientific understanding of what’s going on in their bodies, and that they s uccessfully eliminate the toxins in their system, on a gentle gradient that does not cause them to suffer from further ill health or discomfort.

We’re implementing a gradual, 3-step transition program with anintense detox in the third and final stage of the process, and the whole thing is backed with the medical and nutritional support of Dr. Tel-Oren. Because this program is done scientifically and responsibly on a gradient, you can avoid the crash and burn of most hard-core “detox” Programs offered by self-proclaimed authorities without any science background. What’s more, you won’t be damaging yourself through an uncontrolled, uncomfortable “detox” reaction that could even be causing you significant brain damage!

This complete 90 Deep Tisse Detox program will give you an extended opportunity to solidify your healthy lifestyle and actually eliminate the toxic chemicals, residues and build-up that have accumulated in your cells and tissues after years of stressful living, pollution and unhealthy dietary choices. In order to give you maximal medical benefit, support, and confidence through the process, we’re divided this 90 Day program into 3 Distinct Steps.

Here’s how it works:

Throughout the program you’ll be given access to a special forum in The Powder Room. You’ll also receive DAILY support by email encouraging you and offering additional support, suggestions and guidance throughout the program. The program itself will be taking place in 3 steps, each step including a series of essential teleseminars that address the science and the practical application of a meaningful detoxification process.

fruitbeautifulTHE FIRST STEP: Elimination of Gluten, Dairy and Primary Environmental Toxins

The FIRST PHASE of the program will be 30 Days of 100% Gluten Free, Dairy Free eating. No matter what dietary background you’re coming from, this first phase of the program is very important. The truth is, that YOU CANNOT ENGAGE IN MEANINGFUL DETOXIFICATION IF YOU’RE EATING GLUTEN OR DAIRY PRODUCTS! Y ou’ll also learn the principles of healthy hygienic living by eliminating many environmental toxins and stressors in the air, water, in your home and at your workplace.

Here’s what you’ll receive as the educational component of the FIRST STEP of our 90 Day Deep Tissue Detox Program:

Teleseminar # 1:The Fundamentals of Proactive Detoxification

How do toxins affect the body? How are we exposed to them? Who is most susceptible? How do we assess our toxic accumulation status? How does the body detoxify carbon-based toxins? How do we enhance the body’s detoxification process of such toxins? This lecture includes dietary components, hypoallergenic components, liver health, kidney health, medical food component, detoxification through the skin, the lymphatics, the lungs, and the importance of the gut, among many other relevant issues…

Teleseminar #2:Gluten Sensitivity, its Wide-Ranging Manifestations, and Current Diagnostic Limitations

Currently associated only with gastro-intestinal symptoms, gluten sensitivity and intolerance has recently become a very well-researched topic of extreme clinical importance, with implications to neurological, immunological, hormonal and digestive diseases far greater than previously realized. In this lecture we will explore the latest scientific findings, the available lab tests, and therapeutic considerations

Teleseminar #3: Dairy Myths & Factsweightlosscouple

Dr. T will cover the numerous detrimental effects of dairy products (as opposed to mother’s milk) on human biochemistry and physiology including hormonal influences, immunological aberration, digestive disorders, neurological and autoimmune disease, toxicology, respiratory illness and infectious disease risk.

Teleseminar #4:Highly Immunogenic Foods

Learn more about the foods people react to the most often and why. Discover the reasons these foods are so dangerous and how to avoid them. Learn about elimination and provocation technique (explained on the next teleseminar) to identify the foods that are causing YOU to have allergic reactions.

Teleseminar #5:Food Sensitivities, Allergies and the ALCAT Test

Learn about the differences between allergies and sensitivities and between sensitivities and intolerances. Be introduced to the ALCAT blood test and its many advantages over other food allergy tests. Learn how to implement the results of the ALCAT test so that you can reduce your exposure to sensitizing foods now and in the future. Discover ways of eating that will reduce the risk of developing further allergies. You’ll also find out why some foods are more dangerous than others and how to avoid them or reduce the risks whenever you decide to eat them.

ALSO INCLUDED: **A complete menu planner for the entire month of February!!**

THE SECOND STEP: Reduce Physical Stress, Gastro-intestinal Endotoxins, and Inflammation. Also, Implement a Hypoallergenic Diet Needed for Detoxification!


The next 30 Day section of this process will involve a COMPLETELY hypo- allergenic diet. We will prepare you with a special lecture all about the most common foods that cause allergic reactions and sensitivities in people, and how to avoid them by providing you solutions and recommendations. You will be stepping up the level of detoxification on this second stage of the program, and prepare for the final stage!

There is an extensive education component to this part of the program as it is VITAL that you educate and prepare yourself for the extensive toxin elimination that will take place in Step Three.

Here’s what you’ll be learning and what’s included in this 2nd Step of the 90 Day Deep Tissue Detoxification program:

Teleseminar #6: Tackling Air Pollutants

Consider molds, chemicals, gases, volatile compounds, kitchen pollutants, perfumes, skin and hair products, and cleaning materials, PLUS non-toxic home construction, renovation, and decoration products.

$$  Optional Additional Costs  $$

Other optional but recommended costs are for the ALCAT Test. The ALCAT Test is a blood test to help determine a person’s specific food sensitivities and allergies, and also precisely identifies sensitivities to indoor environmental chemicals and common household molds. This test costs approximately $385 for 110 specific foods, 10 chemicals and 10 molds. The ALCAT Laboratory will coordinate the venipuncture with you. This should be done easily anywhere in the US and Canada, as well as England and Germany, and in several other countries. We will assist you with this process when the time comes.

If you cannot afford the tests or live in an area where these tests are not available, we can recommend an elimination and provocation program (taught in the teleseminar) that can be helpful in determining your specific allergies, but is less precise and significantly more time consuming.

Gut Preparation” - The Final 2 Weeks of Step Two

In the final two weeks of this second stage, you will start using special medical foods in order to prepare the GI tract for the intense Deep Tissue Detox that will take place in the body. This minimizes the number of endotoxins entering the system from the gut, plus reduces the re-absorption of toxins that have already been processed by the liver and excreted into the bile ducts.

IMPORTANT! (The GI tract is a very significant source of in-coming toxins, and therefore trying to assist the liver and kidneys in eliminating the maximum amount of stored tissue toxins will be ineffective if we fail to address the gut first!)

Teleseminar #7: Functional Medical Foods for Leaky Gut Syndrome,  Gut Health, and Deep Tissue Detoxification

In this teleseminar Dr. Tel-Oren will be explaining the functional medical foods and supplements that we will be recommending for the GI tract and for the deep tissue detox of Step 3. Understanding these hypoallergenic medical foods, why they are effective and how and when to use them is the focus of this teleseminar.

$$  Optional Additional Costs  $$

IMPORTANT NOTE: IN ORDER TO PROCEED TO THE THIRD STEP OF THIS PROGRAM IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU ORDER SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED FUNCTIONAL DETOX FOODS IN ORDER TO FACILITATE THE FINAL DEEP TISSUE PHASE OF THIS PROGRAM. (For people who do not want to purchase these prepared detox foods, we can provide lists of specific foods and herbs that will help facilitate the process in a similar way, but this will likely be significantly more costly and inefficient, while also potentially decreasing the effectiveness of cleansing. If you buy the ingredients yourself, you risk getting substandard quality ingredients. **It will also be much more difficult for Dr. Tel-Oren to ensure the effectiveness of this third and final stage of detox if you are NOT taking the suggested medical grade foods.)

Teleseminar #8:Gastro-intestinal Health I

Learn how to sustain GI health and eliminate dysfunction in this area of the body. You will understand how to improve patterns of the microbes of the gut! You will learn ab0ut digestion, G-I hormones, stomach acids, pancreatic enzymes, and liver function.  It is VITAL to reduce toxicity that comes from the GI tract, since  the digestive system is one of the main sources of endotoxins! Learn the intimate association between the GI tract and the nervous system and immune system and how it can affect the overall health even in the absence of gastro-intestinal symptoms.

Teleseminar #9: Gastro-intestinal Health II

Learn about the best products/supplements to use in order to prepare your body for a deep tissue detox by nourishing the cells lining the gut and improving their metabolism and vitality, and reducing the impact of pathological microorganisms throughout the GI tract. Having this knowledge will help p revent the overgrowth of candida and other fungal organisms by addressing the cause instead of just chasing the symptoms and fighting the same condition again and again! You’ll also learn all about fiber and its importance to health as well as the different kinds of fiber we need.

ALSO INCLUDED: **A complete menu planner for the entire month of March!!**

The THIRD AND FINAL STEP: The Deep Tissue Toxic Elimination


The Final Step of this 90 Day Deep Tissue Detox program is where you will finally experience and understand the elimination of toxic residues in the body. Here’s how the final stage of the 90 Day Deep Tissue Detox will work:

This final stage of the program involves cycles of eating the hypoallergenic foods that you’ve learned about in the previous lectures, of Step One and Step Two, mixed with cycles of fasting from food while engaging in eating functional foods only. **The digestive tract is minimally activated during parts of this phase.** In the cycles where there is no food, your body gets nothing but the necessary nutrients for detox. This COMPLETELY eliminates the risk of food-based toxins entering the system.

These Medical-Food-Only cycles are shorter in the beginning, but get longer and longer near the end of the third phase. These are the stages of deepest detox. This is when large amounts of toxins will pour out of the tissues, the brain and the subcutaneous fat layers of the body. The body will not be burdened by absorption, metabolism and the digestion of regular foods. It will have all the energy it needs efficiently directed toward the detoxification process. When you lose the toxins from the fat, this is when you are most likely to experience healthy weight loss (only in those who have excess weight).

You will also learn about bifunctional modulators which help prevent pathological detoxification in earlier lectures. In this final stage of detox, you will use bifunctional modulators, in the event that you are getting too many toxins for your body to handle in Step Two. Also, in the event that phase one is sluggish, these modulators are going to up-regulate phase one, commensurate with phase two, thereby synchronizing detoxification phases one and phase two in the liver.

Teleseminar #10: Electromagnetic Pollution

Learn how to address one of the most insidious causes for disease and dysfunction in modern society - a cause partially similar to the impact of allergies and sensitivities. Learn what tools and support are available for reducing the risk and understand the symptoms and indications of someone suffering from the effects of excessive EMF Pollution.

Telseminar #11: The Fundamentals of Water Hygiene

Healthy Water, Healthy Body! Learn all about the different kinds of water and shower filters, chlorine, fluoride, water purification, and water mineralization. Also discover how water balance in the body really works and get the facts about water pH, overhydration and underhydration.

The Biochemistry of Health  & Disease: A Series of 3 Teleseminars

Teleseminar # 13:Free Radicals And Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is one of the 3 main markers of healthy biochemistry. Free radicals, the result and the and the mirror of oxidative stress, are associated with metabolism, inflammation, toxicity and with the process of every disease known to human kind.

Teleseminar #14: The pH Reality and Myths

Long known as a popular topic, in oversimplified books and articles designed to give the public a false sense of security and distorted perception, the pH teleseminar will shed light on the deeper recesses of this complex subject. You will learn to differentiate the different organ systems, tissues and circulation manifestations of pH, the useful and not-so-useful laboratory tests that are available, and the myth of the urine dipstick.

Teleseminar #15: The Importance of Mineralization

Find out how minerals impact your health for better and for worse, and realize how mineralization is one of the 3 powerful markers of your health status.

ALSO INCLUDED: **A complete menu planner for the entire month of April!!**

Your Support Resources for This Program

support In addition to the fact that you’ll receive access to our Private Community Forum, where you’ll get the chance to communicate with other program participants, we’ll also be sending you several emails throughout the week to keep you inspired and on track. In order to ensure you feel completely supported through this process, we’ll also be offering:

13 Weekly, Small Group Support Teleseminars

Each week throughout the Third Step of our 90 Day Detoxification program, you’ll be invited to attend a small group support teleseminar where you’ll get the chance to ask some of your questions and get support and encouragement moving forward. Practical tools, ideas, tricks and recipe adaptations. We’ll also do our best to invite a few special guests to come share their wisdom, experience and knowledge to support you in this program.

Still Have Questions?

“90 Days is a Long Time! I’m not sure if I can do this for that long!”

90 days is a gradual transition to a healthy way of life that you’ll maintain for the rest of your life. The crash and burn of yo-yo dieting or roller coasting on raw food doesn’t work. There are underlying conditions that need to be addressed, and this program will help you eliminate in a meaningful way, the toxic build-up you’ve accumulated in your lifetime until now.

The fact is, this program is designed to get you ready for the rest of your life! Just think of all the days that have been lost to ill health and toxic living! Freedom and rejuvenation are just around the corner!

“What If I Live In Europe, Australia or Overseas? Will I Still Be Able to Access the Medical Foods and Materials for this program?”

The entire program, outside of the recommended medical foods, will be electronically provided. All teleseminars will be recorded for you to listen to at your convenience.

Regarding the recommended tests: If you cannot afford the tests or live in an area where these tests are not available, we can recommend an elimination and provocation program taught in the teleseminar lectures, that can be helpful in determining your specific allergies, but is less precise and significantly more time consuming. Nevertheless, this approach is time-honored and scientifically accepted by all medical authority on the subject.

Regarding the functional foods: If you require more time for shipping, please let us know so that we may accommodate your situation and ensure you receive your materials in time.

“How Much Does This Program Cost?”

A ONE HOUR consultation with Dr. Tel-Oren would cost you $250 dollars and believe me, many people are paying this price for his consultations all around the world.

Don’t wait until you’re in a more significant health crisis when you have no choice but to spend hundreds, if not thousands, on consultations and remedies. TAKE CHARGE of your health by eliminating the toxic residues in a safe, meaningful way with the support of a qualified medical consultant to guide you through this process (and a heck of a team to support you through the emotional, social and community aspects entailed in taking on a program like this).

The content that we’ve put into these calls will save you at least 8 hours of the kind of support you would have needed to advance this far on your own by working with Dr. Tel-Oren. You are EASILY saving yourself about $2000 in medical consultations, and those of you who have already spent this much on medical appointments, supplements and health care know that IT IS NOT hard to spend that kind of money on your health. While there are additional costs to be incurred in this, with the purchase of medical foods and tests (if you choose) we know that the top-quality, scientifically supported educational teleseminars we’ll be providing will be far more valuable than we could ever attribute a dollar amount to.

We GUARANTEE that if you’re not satisfied with the

content and support thatthis programoffers, then simply contact us within the first 30 days and we’ll refund your money

no questions asked!!

We have put this program together to assist people in need of a health transformation, and the truth is, simply by following this program over the next 90 Days you can make a significant positive change in your health! We’ve made this program as affordable as we can, but you have to be willing to invest in your health to get the results you expect.

How much have you spent on random e-books, subjective CD’s, and mini-miracles until now? Has it helped?

Do you really understand what’s going on in your body and how to handle it? NOW is the time to take charge of your health!

While we know that this program is worth easily more than $2700, we want to make it as accessible as possible and that’s why if you SIGN UP TODAY you pay only $197/month. ( Your credit card will be billed $197 at the time of your purchase, and 2 additional payments of an equal value will automatically be charged to your credit card 30 days and 60 days after your initial purchase.)

YES!I want to SIGN UP TODAY & experience

the benefits of a 90 Day Deep Tissue Detox!

I understand that I will have a value of over $2700 worth of lectures, support, and educational materials for this program! I also understand that all of my program elements and teleseminar information will be received electronically, and that the program begins on 1st of February, 2009, at which time I will:

  • Be guided through a gradual, comfortable transition to an allergy-free diet in order to prepare myself for the Deep Tissue Detoxification
  • Learn the scientific truth about detox, gastro-intestinal health, the biochemistry of health and disease and more than 25 hours of clinical, scientific explanations for the key processes taking place in the body during detoxification.
  • Receive access to over 12 hours of small group support calls to address social, emotional and personal issues throughout the program.
  • Be given access to a private forum ONLY for participants of the 90 Day Deep Tissue Detoxification program.
  • Beinspired and motivated with ongoing support by email (at least 2-3 times per week throughout the program)
  • Finally understand the real causes of poor health conditions and get back in control of my own health feeling better than ever!
  • Safely, effectively eliminate years of toxic build-up from pollution, stress, chemical exposure, drugs, etc.

SIGN UP for the 90 Day Deep Tissue Detox Payment Plan TODAY

I’m Ready for a Deep Tissue Detox!!

CLICK HERE to Make 3 Easy Payments of $197

Monthly Gold Payment $29.95 per month


SIGN UP for the 90 Day Deep Tissue Detox One Time Payment TODAY

(You save $94!!)

I’m Ready for a Deep Tissue Detox!!

CLICK HERE to Make 1 Easy Payment of $497

Monthly Gold Payment $29.95 per month


This may very well be the best thing you’ve ever done for your health!


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