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Sweet Giveaway, Raspberry Moonie Recipe, and Weekend Activities

Posted May 02 2010 2:37pm

This is a bit of a random post. Lots of tidbits to share! There was some good feedback on Friday's Sweet Tooth. Chia pudding appears to be a hit, so I'll feature it again this week. It didn't even occur to me that blending the chia is a new thing for some of you. Yup, if you don't like that tapioca/fish egg texture, simply blend the mixture until smooth.

How was your weekend? We got into some fun festivities over here! On Friday, Philip and I went to Alex Ortner's house - the creator of Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days . For those of you who haven't check out this documentary, I highly recommend. It's so touching that I cried a bunch of times throughout the film.

Philip and I made an apple raspberry pie on camera which will be on Alex's site in a few weeks. It was super fun - the best part was digging in at the end! A few other fabulous people were visiting too - David Wolfe, Frank Giglio (who I met at The Tree of Life 2 years ago), and his wife Camille.

Yesterday Philip and I went to a state park in the area for a picnic and afternoon of reading in the sun, with a temperature of 31C (HOT) - the most summery day yet. The only downfall was that I got a sunburn on my left side, but hey, it's about time my body saw the sun again. We went for a super long, sweaty walk this afternoon, oh how I love hot weather!

Chocolate Giveaway!

This morning was choccie filled, kitchie time for me - I was dipping moonie pies! Last week I made a small batch of un-dipped raspberry, vanilla, and mint moonies in preparation for my moonie swap with challenge winner, Lisa . We were supposed to meet up in NYC next Friday to do the trade, however plans have changed, so it won't be happening. Instead she's going to send her pies to me, and I'll send her some goodies when I get back to Canada. 

Raspberry Moonie Recipe
I felt it was time to create a BERRY moonie, so the raspberry moonie was born. These are soooo good, and make a great addition to your  moonie repertoire if you've got the recipes . I'm bummed because I didn't write it down, BUT, I did measure, so if my memory serves me correctly:
-I blended 1 cup of  frozen raspberries (thawed, but measure when they're still frozen), into the vanilla filling. 
-I added a little cardamom but not enough that the flavor jumps out too much - it's more of an undertone (totally optional). 
-I also folded about 1/2 cup frozen rapsberries into the liquid filling before chilling it. Then you get the nice bits of dark red swirled throughout the pink filling. 

Now I've got a few extra pies hanging around. Oh, what to do?! Besides Philip and I enjoying them, I'd like to send out 2 moonies for a giveaway! Hopefully the good lord allows for a chillier day this week and they will ship without melting (I'll be sure to pack them with ice).

To Enter:
-Leave a comment below, letting me know why I should send YOU the moonies - your answer can be funny, sappy....
-Remember to leave your email addy or website (in my last giveaway, a number of people forgot to leave this info).
-Become a fan of Sweetly Raw on Facebook !
-Entry deadline: Tuesday May 4, by 10pm - that's right, this is a quickie! Enter fast!
-I will email the winner Tuesday night, and require your address by Wednesday morning (check your email - a past winner didn't get back to me and I had to pick a new one) - your moonies will be in the mail that afternoon and you'll have em by the weekend!

How's your cake planning going for  The Ultimate Raw Ice Cream Cake Challenge ?

Remember, the  first cake entry will receive one of Philip's ebooks , of choice! I never addressed this in the contest page, but, YES, you can enter as many cakes as you want in the contest and they'll be judged separately, just as I did with the moonies.

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