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Surprisingly many foods, that pe ...

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:32pm

Pulses_2 Surprisingly many foods, that people think are inedible raw (vegetables especially), are actually very edible in their raw state and often taste better raw than cooked. These include broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, courgette (zucchini), peas and beans straight from the pod, yams, sweet potatoes and many more.

Foods that are best avoided being eaten in their raw state are:

  • Potatoes - hard to digest, not especially palatable but wouldn’t harm you; potato juice is actually great for healing digestive upsets.
  • Unsprouted or uncooked pulses such as lentils, mung beans, aduki beans etc. These contain toxins that can only be removed by sprouting or cooking – so sprout away!
  • Kidney beans - you need to cook these if you want to eat them safely. Never eat raw.
  • Horse chestnuts - thesemust be boiled or roasted before eating due to the high levels of tannic acid
  • Grasses – we are not designed to eat grass : ) Small amounts can just about be tolerated but grass is best taken in the form of juice (such as wheatgrass juice).
  • Mushrooms – if you are picking your own, always make sure you have a good guidebook with you to avoid picking the poisonous varieties.

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