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Sunshine, Sunshine In My Soul Today…

Posted Feb 12 2010 10:40am

I remember that hymnal from when I was a little girl and went to church with my grandma.

The memory is etched so vividly in my mind: I remember a lady getting up to lead song service. That “sunshine” song was her favorite. It amazes me how the sunshine streamed through the windows as we sang itlike Heaven was smiling on us.

This memory makes me smileand feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

And I can’t believe I am able to remember it like it was yesterday!

Okayokayenough of my little trip down memory lane… ;-)

That memory is what came to mindthoughwhen I learned that Julia (from  Easy Eco To Go) blessed me with an award. You can read about it in her post: Let the Sunshine In!

Sunshine Award

sunshineblogaward - easy eco to go


Thank you so muchJulia! I’m honored to be a source of sunshine for you! I love how your blog is always inspiring and sunny – so you’re sending out a lot of rays yourself! :-D

NowI’m supposed to pass on this award to 12 of you who bring sunshine to my life – but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy more than just 12 of you light up my daysso I’m giving this to each and every one of you! Take this Sunshine Award and enjoy it – you deserve it!


I want to thank you for your sweet words on my guest post at Positive Provocations (Healing Your HeartHolistically) and I’m thrilled that my post on emotional eatingfood labelsand judgments resonated so deeply with y’all!

How cool is it that we can all relate to being too hard on ourselves?! We aren’t perfect… All we can do is strive to be better. That’s it. Our eating habits (and life in general) has too many shades to label with one “color”!

Which helps me realize what brings the most sunshine to my life is not limited to one thing!

I feel the warmth of sunshine:

  • when I’m helping others
  • from family and friends
  • when I’m writing and blogging
  • by reading your blogscommentsand emails
  • and so much more!

But my highest source of sunshine comes from my strong faith. I wouldn’t be who I am without it. :-D

What brings sunshine to your life? Your family? Friends? Work? Exercise? Writing? Blogging? Reading inspiring articlesbooksblog postsetc. Lots of sunshine and love and big hugs to you!!!

Ohand don’t forget about my latest contest! You might reallyreally want to take advantage of those extra entry options (like linking back on your blog) because there’s 200+ entries already and it doesn’t end until FridayFebruary 19th! Enter now!

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