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sulphur burbs diarea associated with kidney disease? My husband has early kidney disease

Posted by gerib1959

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Please check out the following link....

It lists the 10 symptoms of Kidney disease, and Sulpher burps and Diarhea are not at all associated with Kidney Disease.

They sound intestinal. Perhaps from a food borne illness. Please consult with a local health practitioner if symptoms progress.

Did U mean diarrea? I know that severe diarrea can cause renal failure, one of the most serious condition of kidney disease. Because severe diarrea triggers dehydration, which is one of the common reasons accounting for acute renal failure. Don't indulge the diarrea, becasue serious result can incur by this. Seek medical assitant is your optimal option. Since the doctor has diagnosed your husband has developed kidney disease, taking right treatment can be greatly helpful. But it is worthy mention that, comprehensive diagnosis is the foundation of treatment and prognosis. Hope everything will be fine.
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