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Successfully Raw NYC - And More! Part 2

Posted Aug 24 2008 5:39pm

Part 2 of my NY weekend re-telling...

YAAAWWWWNNNNN... On Sunday morning I had a nice long lay in. A 3:30am bedtime and a very long few days prior certainly warranted it! And the bed was sooo good!

Penni and I had already agreed that we’d spend the day together as Penni was to fly back to Tulsa later that day and I was getting up at 4am the next morning to get my cab to JFK. So, after stretching out and having a lovely refreshing shower it was very much a case of - Let’s go!

Purejuice_menu Our travels took us first to Pure Juice and Takeaway ; my second visit. I was so craving a green juice and a coconut water that I had both :) One big glass of each. Yum. And I tried some little cookie dough ball type things (I’m sure the real name is much more glamorous!), and although they were tasty I realised by this point that I was so craving fresh fruit and salad that I just couldn’t take one more “mock” anything!

We sat in the window and chatted away. Penni was well into her juice feast – about day 33 or more - and so was more than happy to slurp away! It was so nice to sit there like old friends (even though we'd only known each other about 36 hours!) and share so much about ourselves and our lives and feel so blissfully content. Friendships really are priceless and yet I have not made as much time for them, or family, over the past few years, not always finding it easy to find "my people", especially into raw. So finding Penni and others had been yet another wonderful aspect to the weekend that I had not predicted.

In many ways I found myself wishing I was also juice feasting; sometimes I wish I didn't have to think about food (totally ironically it has become such a small part of my own life!), and I could feel and see the benefits of juice feasting in both Penni and Philip, which certainly got me thinking...

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