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Strawberry Serenity: Synergy Organic, Raw Kombucha Tea Review

Posted Mar 14 2010 4:58pm

Before getting in to this Kombucha Tea review, I just wanted to thank everyone for your kind and encouraging words regarding my Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis + Fibromyalgia post. Besides your comments on that post, I’ve received messages on various social media sites, as well as emails. I appreciate every message – your words mean a lot to me!

Now, let’s talk about Kombucha!

“We use the very same generation of Kombucha culture that GT Dave used when he first started bottling it from his mother’s kitchen. Now we have thousands of cultures that give birth to new "babies" everyday.” —  

Kombucha Tea. Interesting, isn’t it? I’ve discovered quite a few folks have no idea what it even is, or why you’d drink it. I know I didn’t. I mean, fermented tea? Really? I wasn’t so sure about this stuff! This, coming from a gal who has sipped organic apple cider vinegar (with Mother!) water for years.

But I’m known to be naturally curious, so I had to see what all the excitement (aka hype in the blogospohere) was about.

Fun Fact!

“In his autobiography, Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote that drinking Kombucha helped him survive the Siberian slave camps of the former Soviet Union.” —

You may remember my review of Passionberry Bliss . It was really good, but it was my first-ever Kombucha experience – so I almost spewed it out my mouth as soon as I tasted it. ;-)

I had bought Passionberry Bliss with my own money, but today’s review is sponsored by – the kind folks at Synergy sent me some coupons so I could sample a variety of their flavors!

GTs Synergy Kombucha, free, coupons

So, what’s the big deal? What is Kombucha and why should you drink it?

From their FAQ page :

Kombucha culture has a wide range of organic acids, probiotics, acids and enzymes that give it its extraordinary value. Here’s a brief look at the benefits of each:

Beneficial Probiotics - Due to the prolific presence of pesticides, antibiotics, and preservatives, the beneficial micro-organisms present in our bodies are being destroyed and killed off on a regular basis. These friendly microbes play a huge role in our digestive and immune systems. Therefore, it is crucial that they are replenished from natural sources like kefir, yogurt, and Kombucha. Our beverages contain Lactobacillus Bacterium and S. Boulardii, which can help support a healthy digestive and immune system.

Live Active Enzymes - Active Enzymes are generally only found in foods that have not been cooked, processed, or refined. They are like the “spark plugs” for the body’s cells because they put “life” back in our bodies. If you think about it, the body is a living thing; why would you feed it something that is dead?

Polyphenols - These are antioxidants that fight off the free-radicals that stress the body and compromise its youth and health.

Organic Acids
These nutrients can help promote tissue and blood alkalinity and help normalize the natural process of homeostasis throughout the body.

  • Lactic acid helps maintain healthy digestive action (through the probiotic lactobacilli) and for energy production by the liver.
  • Acetic acid is an antiseptic and inhibitor of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Glucuronic acid, normally produced by a healthy liver, is a powerful detoxifier and can readily be converted into glucosamines, the foundation of our skeletal system.
  • Usnic acid has selective antibiotic qualities which can partly deactivate viruses.
  • Oxalic acid encourages the intercellular production of energy, and is a preservative.
  • Malic acid also helps the liver to detoxify.
  • Butyric acid protects human cellular membranes, and combined with Gluconic acid strengthens the walls of the gut in order to combat yeast infections such as Candida.
  • Nucleic acids, like RNA and DNA, transmit information to the cells on how to perform correctly and regenerate.

    Synergy Kombucha drinks

    The fermented tea comes in a variety of flavors and there’s pretty much something for everyone.

    The flavors in the above photo are (starting at the top-left):

    • Superfruits
    • Trilogy
    • Mystic Mango
    • Raspberry Rush
    • Passionberry Bliss
    • Strawberry Serenity
    • Cosmic Cranberry
    • Guava Goddess
    • Divine Grape
    • Gingerberry

    I, of course, am reviewing the Strawberry Serenity flavor today.

    Strawberry Serenity

    Synergy Kombucha Strawberry Serenity



    There are a LOT of pros with this tea. This stuff is pungent, in my opinion. I compare it to apple cider vinegar with Mother. It is, after all, fermented and has a strong, tart taste. But it also tastes good. Make sense? I love the taste and I think it’s fantabulous that while I’m drinking something I enjoy, I’m reaping health benefits galore. Some benefits believed to come from drinking fermented tea are:

    • better digestion
    • healthier hair, nails, and skin
    • enhanced eyesight
    • increased energy
    • relief from arthritis pain
    • help eliminating toxins
    • speedier healing from cold and flu
    • better circulation
    • improved blood pressure levels
    • relief from gout
    • and much, much more!

    Pretty amazing, huh?

    And it fizzes and sort of tastes like soda to me!


    Price. Not everyone can afford to pay $3 – $4 for a bottle of fermented tea. But there are two servings in each bottle, so you could drink half and save the other half for either the next day or another time – that would result in you paying only $1.50 – $2 per serving.

    But sometimes you can catch a crazy good sale and stock up like Brittany , over at Eating Bird Food.

    And if you only like to drink things that taste sweet or super great, you may have to convince your mind to drink Kombucha Tea. I’ll be honest, it isn’t for everyone’s taste buds. I have found, though, now that I’ve had a few different flavors (those reviews are coming soon) it is actually “growing on me” and I like it a lot! Kombucha Tea is addictive!


    I give Synergy’s Strawberry Serenity GT Kombucha Tea a B+ because the strawberry flavor shines through nicely and it’s yummy. And although it’s a little expensive for a super frugal gal like me, I’d actually buy this with my own money. It isn’t something I can buy often, I would definitely splurge for this once in a while.

    And I love the company’s mission statement:

    “To combine the wisdom of ancient medicinal foods with the resources of the modern day to create products that uplift and enlighten the health of all those who enjoy them.”

    Are you a Kombucha drinker? Do you drink it occasionally or have to have it all the time? Do you make your own or stock up from the store, or online? Share your Kombucha experiences – and if you have a recipe, share!

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    Contest Alerts

    Averie, over at Love Veggies & Yoga, is having a raw food book giveaway .

    I’m giving away a jar of Tropical Traditions raw honey .


    Disclaimer: The kind folks at sent me coupons so I could sample a variety of their teas; however, I was not paid to write this review. I was not asked to feature their site, company information, or even mention them. The thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.

    Thank you, Synergy!

    Also, the organic apple cider vinegar link to Amazon is an affiliate link. So, if you order anything once you’ve clicked that link, I’d make a small commission. Thanks in advance for supporting Raw Juice Girl’s blogging efforts! ;-)

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