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So Let’s Talk About Health

Posted Jan 07 2010 10:17pm

Health, huh?

I sit here writing another diva dedication at an unhealthy hour, I can tell you that much.

How does a multitasking mother find enough hours in a day to balance her “health” into the equation? That’s what I want to know. I’d love to fit in more fitness, more time to float in a spa and go for pedicures. I’d love to, but I find myself folding laundry, washing dishes and planning lunches instead. There’s a certain amount of discipline required if we’re to get the things we want in life. There’s a certain amount of commitment necessary if we’re going to achieve our goals and dreams and visions.

So, here I sit at the throne of the Diva empire and I’m singing the song of health and high energy living and…

…I found another cyst.


I have one on the back of my upper leg and I have one now on the side of my…



It’s small and most people might not see it, but I do. My late night snacking and crazy salt cravings are worthy of investigation, I think.

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