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So, a new-look blog now here and ...

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:32pm

Super_k So, a new-look blog now here and a brand new web site in the offing that I'm busy working on behind the scenes, and all sorts of other things have been moving and shaking in the recent weeks! (Hint: The image left, is part of the new web site; you like?!).

I'm taking 5 this Wednesday afternoon to share my latest with you, as I shall be working this evening, organising and hosting the Raw Food Leader Teleclass with Rene Archner - it'll be great for all you foodie types, who want your cake and be able to eat it! Don't worry if you can't make it, the recording will be available in the next few days through The Fresh Network online shop....

Anyway. I called this post A New Era because that's what it is right now. I have a few things coming to a natural conclusion (which feels great), new things launching (exciting stuff) and this morning I began my now-daily commitment of getting up at 5am to finish my book. It's all good.

Now, let it be known that the getting up at 5am thing to finish my book is no mean feat, as for months I have been thinking that one day I would find a way of building the writing into my schedule... well - it just hasn't happened! (It only took me 2 years to realise this). So, I got real, got clear and realised that it was a priority, and the only way to get it done was to carve out a sacred time to focus solely on that. So early to bed and early to rise from now on, something that I thought might take some getting used to as I'm well known for burning the midnight oil, but already I can see (and feel) the wisdom of switching my hours in this way. And guess what? Progress! And I do love those early hours...

In fact, now I am being 'held accountable' not just by myself or my coach(es), but by the group I taught last weekend! At the end of the class each person made some commitments, things they would do on each of the 7 steps we covered, by the end of this week, and I was brought into the equation to!

So my commitments are...

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