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Slurp! Chapter One: Forget What You Think You Know

Posted Jul 15 2012 7:17pm
Written by Tera on July 15, 2012 – -

by Tera Warner

Thank you so much for the deluge of emails and comments you sent in response to my foreword for my upcoming book: Slurp: The Nutritional Revolution That Fits in a Straw.

My feisty spirit has never been kept a secret, and as I mentioned last week, the reason I refused to write a book with previous publishing companies that approached me was because I gotta say what I gotta say and I gotta say it the way I wanna say it.

Freedom, for me, is worth a lot. This book is about me taking some serious liberties to say what I really think about food, health and well-being. I’m not writing what I think you want to hear. I’m writing what I think you need to hear. There’s a big difference. ;-)

In case you missed the foreword, you can catch it here.

I’m gonna skip the foreplay for blog post and head right into Chapter One. (I can’t believe I’m finally sharing this with you and I can’t wait to hear what you think! Feel free to come share your thoughts on Facebook, or leave a comment on this blog post!)

If you like it, I’ll share Chapter Two with you next week! :-)

There are all kinds of reasons a curious critter like yourself would pick up a book like this one about food, diet, or health.

Maybe you’re looking for

  • a few inches off the hips
  • more energy
  • better sleep
  • softer, younger-looking skin
  • freedom from illness, pain, allergies and dis-ease
  • Whether you’re here with the intent to overcome cancer or vaporize the pimple on the end of your nose, one thing is certain:

    Chances are very good you already know everything you need to know to improve your health and well-being.

    This may come as a disappointment to you, and if so, I can understand. However, it remains a fact that chances are very good you already know you need to eat more fruits and vegetables, live an honest life, get more exercise, enough sleep, and keep your spiritual and emotional cup half full instead of half empty in order to be well.

    The health and weight loss industry thrives on your addiction to the stimulation of another chance to lose those last 10 pounds. And they count on you pretending that you don’t already know you need to eat better, exercise more and lead a stress-free life.

    But the truth is, you already know what you need to know.

    And you know that you know. That’s part of the problem. ;-)

    It’s not about insufficient information.

    I’m willing to bet a ripe, Brazilian mango that your physical and electronic book shelves are already piled high with promised secrets to a slimmer, sexier, smarter, stronger, more spiritually enlightened you.

    You know a lot. You’ve heard a lot, read a lot, seen a lot, eaten a lot. And yet, in spite of your knowledge, when Life throws you a curve ball, you still manage to slip and dip your fingers to the bottom of a bag of sinfully salty potato chips. Your late night romance with the ice cream bucket is a treacherous affair against yourself, and another self-sabotaging rendez-vous with chocolate is all it takes for you to start feeling fat, flabby and fed up. At which point, habit and convention dictate that you’ll run to the next supplement, superfood, or secret sauce that will finally help you get to where you&rsq uo;ve longed to be. And all the while you pretend that you don’t already know how to get there yourself.

    So here’s a thought-provoking question, for you:

    What if the problem is not that you don’t know enough, but that you know too much?

    What if the problem is not that you need more information, but that you’ve already been given too much?

    Since the time your mama told you broccoli would put hair on your chest, you’ve been collecting information about fruits, vegetables, protein, calcium, sugar, fat, body types, blood types and metabolism. Some of it has no more basis in truth than mystical legends passed along through generations. Some of it comes at you backed with lights, camera, action and a multimillion dollar advertising budget (which certainly helps it feel very true).

    The purpose of advertising is to make you feel insecure, uncertain, empty and generally dissatisfied with your life so you’ll look for love in a plastic-wrapped package at your local grocery store while a familiar jingle plays in the back of your mind. This isn’t education. This is indoctrination.
    With data coming in at you from grandma, the school nurse, Colonel Sanders, Aunt Jemima and Betty Crocker herself, eventually you’ve learned to pick up ideas and  stick yourself to them as though they are true.  Then the next chance you get to talk diet, exercise, food or nutrition with your friend, you spit them out as if they were your own and now you’re stuck with them. But are they true?

    What do you really know about protein, calcium and omega fatty acids?
    What do you really know about whole grain cereals?
    Does milk really do a body good?

    The matrix of marketing and misinformation about food runs deeper than we think. The complicated concoction of words and images that spew themselves in the space in front of your face as you witness another photoshopped rendition of what it is you’re supposed to look, smell, eat and feel like is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. It keeps us opening our wallets instead of our minds.

    In the marketing madness of our modern era, a contagion of misinformation has been quick to spread and now we don’t know what to do. Do we get our protein from meat, tofu, nuts or leafy greens? Is milk good for calcium or isn’t it? Weren’t whole grains a part of a healthy diet? So what’ s all this talk about gluten-free foods? I thought low-fat was where it’s at, so why are we supposed to start eating coconut oil? Or should we? Do we eat a hearty breakfast, or fast and hydrate instead? Should we eat fat, which fat? Where’s the omega fat issue at these days, anyway? Is olive oil good? Should we heat it or eat it on our salads?

    The truth, dear one, is that behind your continuous roller coaster diets and food frustrations is a whole lot of confusion! Lucky for you, we can get to the truth of the matter. First, you need to know and understand that “truth” has never been a very profitable proposition.

    There’s no money to be made when people pick dandelions from their backyard for an evening salad. You won’t find billboards encouraging people to eat less, even though eating less is one of the surest ways to increase your life span. If broccoli stalks were painted wherever we see little, pink ribbons, we m ight actually have a hope of finding this “cure” for cancer. But we’re not there, yet.

    We no longer eat what makes sense, what is sustainable, ethical or ecologically sound.  We eat what we’re marketed, what’s cheap, convenient, socially and culturally dictated, or what is smothered in salt, sugar, fat and MSG.

    In the face of burgers, potato chips, and freshly baked bread, the choice to pick up a cucumber and look it in the eye takes more than will power. It’s take courage. It takes discipline. Above all, it takes a willingness to think for yourself, to walk your own path and to refuse to fall into agreement with the seductive advertisements telling you how you should look, think, eat, and live.

    So in order for us to get along, in order for you to redeem some return on investment for the time and attention you’ll be putting into the pages of this book, I do need to start with a small, but important, request:

    Forget what you think you know.

    If you’re too easily impressed by -ologists, -ologies, alkaloids and anti-oxidants than you may miss the gift of simplicity offered within the pages that follow. There’s nothing I’m going to tell you that you don’t already know, but in order for you to hear it, you’re going to need to be willing to let go of the years of advertisements, grandmotherly words of wisdom, food charts, pyramids and plastic-wrapped promises that have seeped their way into your world until now.

    Truth, when you spot it, is simple.

    It just makes sense.

    The promise of better health and longevity has been shrouded in complicated vocabulary and fancy packages for far too long. I believe now is the time to put away the smoke and mirrors, unveil the mysteries to discover that the “secret” to vibrant health and well-being isn’t a secret after all.


    OH! I’m so excited to hear what you think! You can come and let me know on my Facebook page, or leave a comment below, and I’ll get busy preparing Chapter Two to share with you next week!

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