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Sink Your Teeth into THIS Frisky Friday Freebie!

Posted Oct 28 2011 7:33pm
Written by Rachelle Fordyce on October 28, 2011 – -

- review by Eliza Ceci

It’s Friday! That means it’s time for another Frisky Friday Freebie!

The Winner of last week’s Frisky Friday Freebie giveaway is…. Susanna Liberty! She will receive in the mail 3 tasty flavours of raw vegan kale chips by Two Girls Cooking! Congratulations, Susanna! :)

For this week’s Frisky Friday Freebie, we’ll be giving away 4 copies of Nadine’s e-book Successful Self Dentistry to four lucky winners! Eliza Ceci, one of our regular blog contributors here at the Tera Warner blog as well as founder of Peace On My Plate, has written a wonderful review of Nadine’s book. Nadine is also on our BE panel of experts for BE Beauty!

You can check out Eliza’s review on Successful Self Dentistry, as well as the Frisky Friday Freebies giveaway contest details, below!

Nadine ArtemisNadine Artemis, the radiant, ever inspiring creator of the wonderful (which is the home to her potent essential oil creations for true health and well being), has truly inspired me with the tools, knowledge and how-to she presents in this book.

I see Nadine as a visionary because she not only shares knowledge from personal experience mixed with ancient wisdom and peppered with facts and science, but she does so in a way that is smart, interesting and surprisingly fun. I never thought I would say that about a book on oral care!

As a teacher and believer in all things natural when it comes to caring for and nourishing the body myself, this book was such a breath of fresh air. Nadine takes you through the entire mouth from teeth, saliva and gums to bacteria and decay. She doesn’t skip any of the important how-to’s either.

This is a wonderful guide every family should own so you can learn yourself the most effective and essential ways to care for your teeth properly so you will always enjoy a healthy mouth.

Nadine covers some really important topics including:

  • The importance of healthy teeth, gums and saliva and why each have important jobs to maintain proper balance in the mouth.
  • The truth about toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouth wash.
  • Questions to ask a prospective dentist & how to prepare for a dental visit.
  • The effect of processed foods on our teeth and what to eat for beautiful, healthy teeth instead.
  • Oral care for children.
  • 8 steps to successful self dentistry.
  • A breakdown of effective healing botanicals and herbs for certain conditions as well as Nadine’s top picks for vitamins and supplements that increase the health of your teeth!
  • Successful Self Dentistry: How to Avoid the Dentist without Ignoring Your TeethI found all of the information in this book so valuable. Nadine outlines quite a few medical research studies for those who may be skeptic. But the truth is, Nadine is on to something profound. So often, even to those of us who are health conscious already there seems to be so much misinformation, confusion and stress on this topic. Our teeth are so important to us, especially since they are one of the first things people see so we want them to be healthy!

    Successful Self Dentistry by Nadine ArtmeisI love that the facts are laid out here in the book in an easily digestable way and Nadine doesn’t stop there. She gives wonderful recommendations, resources, tips, tools and suggestions based upon common tooth problems and how it is never too late to have healthy, beautiful teeth and gums. I recommend this book to anyone who is currently looking to upgrade the health of their teeth as well as those who may be experiencing certain specific issues.

    This book is a wonderful reference to go back to again and again. It certainly has empowered me to know the ecology of my mouth, how I can have ever lasting strong and healthy teeth and gums and what to do to prevent unpleasant visits to the dentist!

    You can also listen to a telesemiar with Nadine on Tooth Truth and Self Dentistry HERE!

    4 lucky winners will each receive a copy of Nadine’s book Successful Self Dentistry: How to Avoid the Dentist without Ignoring Your Teeth in e-book format.

    To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment below sharing with us any natural, holistic products or approaches you’ve used in caring for your teeth!

    Tweet a link to this blog post, then come back and leave us a comment telling us about it!

    “Like” or share this blog post on your Facebook Wall! Don’t forget to come back here and leave us a comment to tell us about it!

  • The contest will end Thursday night, Novermber 3rd @11:59pm Eastern.
  • We’ll enter everyone’s name into a drawing and announce the winner here on the blog on Friday, November 4th!
  • The winners will be contacted by email!


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    1. By Theresa on Oct 28, 2011

      I’ve been oil pulling every morning with coconut oil and it has not only brightened my smile, but also helped banish a slight infection I had in my gums!
      I’d love to read Nadine’s book on dental health not only for my own good, but also to pick up any tips that might help my husband who struggles with significant dental issues. Thanks for the opportunity.


    2. By Amy Meade on Oct 28, 2011

      I try to drink a large glass of water after each meal to rinse sugars and starches off my teeth.


    3. By Nancy on Oct 28, 2011

      I have been using Nadine’s products for teeth – tooth oils and brightener- and really like them.


    4. By Nancy on Oct 28, 2011

      I “liked” this on Facebook.


    5. By sandra on Oct 28, 2011

      thanks Tera, reposting. =)


    6. By sandra on Oct 28, 2011

      I make a combo of baking soda and tao salt and brush as normal. will try the coconut oil though. =)


    7. By Judith on Oct 28, 2011

      After listening to the teleseminar a month ago I’ve added the saltwater wash, rubber tip tool and her recommended floss to my daily routine. I’ve scrapped my tongue for years.I bought tooth powder, but am still using up old paste.


    8. By georgette on Oct 28, 2011

      I have switched from the main stream toothpaste to a Canadian made organic toothpaste, thinking that is so much better, to now realize it contains glycerin which may be harming my teeth anyway!! I could use a copy of Nadine’s book on dental health just to give me a clue on how to keep my mouth and teeth truly healthy. Thank you.


    9. By angie on Oct 28, 2011

      this is one area of my health that i haven’t tried a more natural holistic approach….but i would love to! i would so enjoy reading this book and learning about alternative ways to care for my teeth. thank you!


    10. By Paula on Oct 28, 2011

      I have been rinsing with salt water after flossing. I have been coating my floss with coconut oil. I have been using a homemade toothpaste. And now that my baby has teeth I wipe them with a cloth soaked in salt water. After seeing Nadine’s video on self-dentistry I was amazed and I’m trying to do everything she said. I’d love get my hands on her book. Thanks. (oh and I tweeted this blogpost and liked it on facebook ;)


    11. By Kate on Oct 28, 2011

      I’ve brushed with baking soda. I started oil pulling with coconut oil and have found my breath is so much nicer! Works better than any mouth wash on the market!


    12. By Barbara on Oct 29, 2011

      Three years ago I quit using regular toothpaste and now I just use a tooth soap or something else without glycerin. I would love to read this book!


    13. By Susan on Oct 29, 2011

      I read from a trusted source a simple recipe for making your own toothpaste. One-half coconut oil & one-half baking soda. So simple and easy to remember. Works well! I’ve watched Nadine’s videos and have drooled over her product line. My cart total is formidable and stops me from ordering. I can’t decide which to eliminate. Would be very happy to win Nadine’s book! Thanks for opportunity.


    14. By Jessica on Oct 29, 2011

      I use an all natural toothpaste but would love to try a more all around holistic approach when it comes to my mouth and teeth! i would love a copy of this book to help out. thank you!


    15. By Naraleska on Oct 29, 2011

      I just heard the call with Nadine a couple of days ago, it was all very new to me. I am right now in the process to decide what to do with my teeth, I have 8 mercury fillings and a doctor’s appointment next week to see the best solution to replace them. I was thinking of ceramic filling, but now after the call with Nadine, I am not so sure what I should do really!. I guess the mercury should come out for sure! but what should I do instead?? should I just leave them open an go raw ….???? would any dentist leave them open??. I started to brush my teeth with some baking soda, I noticed a big different but I feel a lot of sensitivity. I am still learning ;)


    16. By Diane on Oct 29, 2011

      Hi…listened to Nadine sometime ago and have been using the information ever since.However, there must be loads more of great info in the book than just in the audio…would love to have a copy.


    17. By Marion Schmid on Oct 29, 2011

      As regards teeth, I have not had much access to natural means lately, but I’ve been using Weleda calendula tooth paste since several months to do without all the artificial stuff. Can’t wait to read more about it in the e-book!
      I also realized that since I’m eating raw, my teeth feel like “varnished” and all the stuff from cooked or sweet food which formerly sticked to my teeth is gone. Sooo cool!


    18. By Marion Schmid on Oct 29, 2011

      Just twittered a link to this blog! Hoping to be among the winners ;-) ), can’t wait!


    19. By Pascale on Oct 29, 2011

      Years ago I convinced my husband to use an organic toothpaste with tea tree oil that I really love instead of cheap commercial brands that have sugar!! Now after reading the other comments I will have to check if there is glycerin in it! I use Stimudents, special little wood sticks for gums health and really like the feeling after, anyone knows if they are ok?
      Shows how little I know about teeth hygiene. In the past I also used baking soda but stopped when I heard that it’s too abrasive.
      I’m going to try to find Nadine’s video and really hope to read her book.
      I will go and like it on Facebook right now!


    20. By pepina on Oct 29, 2011

      My mother, now in her 70s, told me the story of what toothpaste her father used to use when she was a child. he put his brush in the oven and had it covered with white ash. Then he brushed and his teeth were ever so white, my mom said, although he was a heavy smoker and coffee addict. she never dared to try. hm. i did. well, the taste… I returned to my non-fluorised toothpaste from weleda.


    21. By Pascale on Oct 29, 2011

      I just registered to twitter and twittered a link to this blog as my first twit!
      I also a like on Facebook.
      I’m really getting modern :-)


    22. By Gladys Hills on Oct 29, 2011

      I use Oralive by Ascended healtha ntatural from the earth, oxygen, anti microbial oils, ocean trace minerals and probiotic bacteria.
      Fells wonderful in the mouth and throughout the body.


    23. By Silke on Oct 29, 2011

      Hi – I used to brush my teeth without toothpaste for the past few years but last year I added some helper again: medicinal clay in the evening and liquid tooth soap during the day. I am not so fond of the tooth soap as it seems to attract tartar? So I use medicinal clay at night plus I have been swishing zeolite liquid around my teeth every night now for the past 6 months and quite love it. I also floss at night – and sometimes I will put some tea tree oil on the floss as it helps kill any beginning infections – very quickly.


    24. By Heather on Oct 29, 2011

      I have purchased about two tubes of toothpaste in the past year :3 concentrated stuff, that’s being used between two people.

      Auromere Ayurvedic Herbal Toothpaste made by the ayurvedic institute in arizona. Has 24 Herbal Extracts including Neem and Peelu.

      It has helped take infections right out of my gums/teeth before and after always wondering what I should resort to to whiten my teeth that I neglected growing up, I’m very pleased with my results after a year of using this stuff!


    25. By Don on Oct 29, 2011

      The best thing I ever did for my teeth was go 80/10/10 raw vegan and loving it! :-) I’d still like to read her book though as I still have damage to my teeth from the garbage I used to eat. Thanks! :-)


    26. By Nichelle on Oct 30, 2011



    27. By Kelly Phipps on Oct 30, 2011

      I have not yet used any natural or holistic approaches to dental care because I don’t know any! However, since researching raw health and practicing better nutrition for years and the raw lifestyle for a few months, I really wonder how to naturally take care of teeth. After all, the human race hasn’t always had toothbrushes. So, I am really excited that this book exists and i hope i will win a copy!!!!


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