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Simply Raw Food Festival

Posted May 28 2009 12:22am
The most wonderful gift came my way one morning at the retreat. I mentioned that I would be attending the Simply Raw Food Festival in Ottawa on Saturday, and that I'd wanted to enter the pie contest but that it was already full with entries. Two days before the festival, Jens recieved an email with the exact rules and regs, and their pie registration number. Well, there had been some kind of mix-up because the owner of the retreat never had an intention to enter a pie. My dream came true! I was given the opportunity to quickly think up, and throw something together. Actually, I was finishing up the pie just minutes before leaving the retreat Friday evening.

Darwin and I travelled to Ottawa that evening to enjoy a feast at The Table, vegetarian restaurant which sponsored the festival. It was really yummy food, with way too many options to try at one time (buffet style) - I'd definately go back again. We took a nice stroll around the area after dinner and then headed to his sisters place to crash for the nite.

Fortunately, Jens and his Mom brought my pie and garnishes to the festival, so I didn't need to worry about a thing on the day - so nice of them!
It was a freeeeezing cold day! The coldest it had been yet this fall (about 12C)...I was wearing 5 layers of clothing!! There were lots of great booths set up and very quickly I was spending money. I bought the new chrome omega 8003 juicer - it was on sale for a good price and this way I didnt need to worry about shipping costs, yay! Also got my hands on some lucuma powder at last, and a new sprout bag. There were samples up the ying-yang everywhere- BUT none for me because i was holding out for the pie tasting, hehe! The lara bar stand was giving away heaps of free samples- of every kind they have - so I got Darwin and his sister, Kristen onto them. Umm yeah, lets just say that after a few visits to the booth, we had a LOT of bars :) Its my mom's new snack for work!

The guest speakers started right away. I really enjoyed hearing Brendan Brazier speak about his experience which led him to write The Thrive Diet. Matt Monarch, and Angela Stokes were favourite was Dorit. I love her energy! I got the chance to talk with her and she gave me some really wonderful thoughts to chew on. Then, she gave me the gift of her "un-cooking show" dvd! She did a food demo of a yummy pate to try with celery and her line of flax crackers (which are divine).

So back to the pie contest. There were so many wondeful looking ones in display! After the judging, samples were available and I tried so many of them. Some were amazingly delicious, while others were just ok, and some were ..ummm...lets just say that looks can be deceiving.

What did I make?

Strawberry Mm-Rawgarita Pie!
Made up of:

A nut and date crust,
Green lime cream,
Layer of sliced strawberries,
Thick strawberry-lime topping,
Strawberry sauce swirled on the top,
Shredded coconut as the "salt" around the rim

Me and my pie!

In my personal opinion, a young woman named Caroline should have won (but still took third place) - she had the most outstanding pie! Layers of chocolate, caramel, and strawberry cream. Mmm!!!! This was by far my favourite pie!

All in all it was a fabulous experience and I look forward to the two day festival next year! I have all year to think about another pie ;)

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