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Simple Sexy Raw Food Recipes with Divalicious! – Frisky Freebie Giveaway!

Posted Dec 09 2011 10:59pm
Written by Rachelle Fordyce on December 9, 2011 – -

- by Rachelle Fordyce

Holiday dinners and parties are just around the corner – or for some of us, they’re here already!

We want you to enjoy as much healthy raw food this holiday season as possible. Actually, we’d like to encourage you to enjoy healthy raw deliciousness ALL year ’round!

And since we’re all about spreading and sharing the word and love of all things raw, we’re giving away yet another raw recipe e-book this week’s Frisky Freebie Giveaway…

You could be one of the next three lucky winners of Divalicious!!

It’s Sexy, Simple, and Raw.

And Yummy – Don’t forget Yummy! ;)

This colorful, mouth-watering collection of nutritious recipes will tantalize your taste buds and keep you IN LOVE with simple-to-prepare raw food creations. Most importantly, the recipes within this e-book are favorites among previous Raw Divas program participants, chosen expressly to inspire the Diva in YOU!

This gorgeously colorful 140-page e-book will meet all your meal-planning needs with these sections:Divalicious! Delicious and Nutirtious Simple Sexy Raw Recipes.

  • Fantastic tips and advice from contributors
  • Easy to find ingredients
  • Appealing starter recipes for your own creative raw food adventuresDivalicious! Delicious and Nutirtious Simple Sexy Raw Recipes.
  • Simple directions often requiring minimal equipment
  • Thoughtful words of wisdom
  • Green and juicy beverages
  • Fresh veggie soups
  • Munchable salads and slaws
  • Zippy dressings and saucesDivalicious! Delicious and Nutirtious Simple Sexy Raw Recipes.
  • Delectable entrees
  • Irresistible dips, sauces and spreads
  • …and divaluscious desserts.
  • On hot summer days, cool off with Stephanie Cole’s refreshing choice of Green Lemonade. For lunch, indulge and gobble up Tera Warner’s Sunflower Soup, and, if you’re feeling *especially* celebratory, as we are around here, make your dinner a dessert of Caroline Hurry’s Papaya Paradise Pudding!

    We’ve invited the BEST awe-and-raw-inspiring women to share their celebratory recipes and tips.

    Divalicious! features the talented likes of:

    * Angela Stokes-Monarch * Katherine Kaufman
    * Suki Zoe * Ana Brett
    * Ani Phyo * Tonya Kay
    * Dorit * Anna Maria Gahns Clement
    * Brigitte Mars * Brenda Cobb
    * Koya Webb * Angela Elliott
    * Kristen Suzanne * Shannon Leone
    * Alissa Cohen

    You just KNOW you’re going to have a good time with this many creative, empowering women to encourage you with their tasty and nutritious raw food recipes.

    Enjoy the best that life has to offer when you begin enjoying these healthy and easy-to-follow recipes designed to keep you smiling, sexy, and SUPREME!

    Divalicious! Delicious and Nutirtious Simple Sexy Raw Recipes.

    3 lucky winners will each receive a FREE copy of Divalicious!

    To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment below sharing with us WHY you want to nourish yourself and those you love delicious raw dishes!

    Yum! Mouth-watering collection of nutritious & delicious raw recipes! I wanna tantalize my taste buds with DIVALICIOUS!
    Then come back here and leave us a comment telling us about it!

    “Like” the Tera Warner page at
    Then come back here and leave us a comment letting us know you “liked” the page!

    If you’ve already liked the Tera Warner fan page on Facebook, let us know with a comment below, and we’ll still put an extra entry for you in the draw!

    ***NOTE: Please leave a separate comment for each qualifying entry!***

  • The contest will end Friday night, December 16th, 2011 @11:59pm Eastern.
  • The winners will be contacted by email. So when you leave your comment, please make sure you use an active email address! (Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to leave the email address in your actual comment. This is info that only we can see here at the Tera Warner blog!)

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    1. By Tania on Dec 10, 2011

      life is busy and stressful for us all, even for little children, good nourishment is the best way to keep our bodies stress free so we can face the challenges life throws at us with strength and grace. And as a mum all I wish for is to nourish myself, my husband and children inside and out, with good food and much love.


    2. By Amber S. on Dec 10, 2011

      I just graduated as a Paramedic and want to nourish myself into a healthy example for my family and those that I will be taking care of. It’s hard to lead by example when your not very healthy yourself! It would be a plus to show those at the station that it is not impossible to eat better, even if you only start by changing a little at a time. I am new to the raw food lifestyle and need all the help I can get :D


    3. By Amber S. on Dec 10, 2011

      Let twitter know about Divalicious!


    4. By Amber S. on Dec 10, 2011

      Already a Fan on Facebook!


    5. By Dana on Dec 10, 2011

      Raw food makes my body sing. There’s no other kind of food that makes me feel so zingy & springy & young. I love raw food because I LOVE how it makes me feel. I love food in general but no other food combination has such lasting effects on my body. My tastebuds might savor all kinds of foods but my body loves raw!!!


    6. By Dana on Dec 10, 2011

      Already a Facebook fan.


    7. By Leila on Dec 10, 2011

      Babe, I SERIOUSLY LIKED the page before I even read this! I shared it on my wall too. xxx


    8. By kelly on Dec 10, 2011

      I liked the Tera Warner page on FB!


    9. By kelly on Dec 10, 2011

      I would love a copy of Divalicious because I’ve been on the raw food journey for years now but have not quite made it 100% and I’m always looking for new and yummy recipes to keep me motivated, as well as being able to make delicious food to satisfy my husband and son and show them how fun the raw food lifestyle can be!


    10. By Wendy on Dec 10, 2011

      I’m adding more raw food to my health every day. I’d love to see some more recipes.


    11. By Lori on Dec 10, 2011

      My body “sings” when I consume raw foods. Especially the green smoothies!! New recipes are so inspiring, and I need all of the inspiration I can get! I work in an office with consumers of the SAD. I bring my smoothies in every day and my co-workers are intrigued by them. I am excited about eating live foods. I am looking forward to meeting you in San Diego (Carlsbad) on the 13th. I am hoping to get a few of my friends from work to go with me!!! Thank you for your support.


    12. By robyn on Dec 10, 2011

      I would love to explore raw food more in preparation & diet. Win over some unbelievers too.


    13. By Jacqueline on Dec 10, 2011

      I want myself and family to be the best we can be in everything we do and it starts from within spiritually and physically and to be the best physically we have to have the best nutrients and that comes only from raw foods!


    14. By Eva on Dec 10, 2011

      I like the fan page already :)


    15. By Eva on Dec 10, 2011

      I really am not doing too well right now due to all the graduation stress so a good book with loads of inspiration would help me a lot!


    16. By angie on Dec 10, 2011

      i love the way i feel, inside and out, when i eat raw!


    17. By Nichelle on Dec 10, 2011

      Please accept this as my official entry! I would to have this to amp up my divaliciousness!!!! Nichelle


    18. By Andrea on Dec 10, 2011

      Tera I love all your work so much that if I don’t win a copy I’m willing to buy it because I love all you do and how it helps me dealing with cancer. Thank you for all you do.


    19. By Stevie on Dec 10, 2011

      My Mojo left me, claiming she won’t come back ’till I eat more RAW! So please help me get my Mojo back by showing me how fun, rewarding and easy it is to eat raw. My body and mind will love me for it.

      Thanking you in advance.


    20. By Stevie on Dec 10, 2011

      I was the 3553 person to like the facebook page!


    21. By Rhonda on Dec 10, 2011

      I have been trying raw foods off and on for over a year now and am always looking for new ideas and recipes. I have found great improvement with my brain injured child while on raw with her cognitive skills and it is encouraging when I see my 6 year old nephew looking in the dehydrator for cookies or making smoothies in the vitamix adding spinach LOL


    22. By Caroline on Dec 10, 2011

      Bonjour Tera!

      I am not feeling so good at the moment, single mom of two boys and going back to school. Have not been nice to myself lately and I am feeling the repercussions. I’ve hit my rock bottom and I want out.

      I was actually thinking of going to the library this weekend to get me a book on raw recipes and I saw your contest ;)

      I would love to win your book cause it is exactly what I need at the moment, to get my mind, body and soul back on track. Also, cause I would like to share this lifestyle with my boys as well.

      Thank you for your work, I am a loyal reader and follower.




    23. By Caroline on Dec 10, 2011

      I dont have a Twitter account, Facebook is enough for me and I LIKE you on Facebook and everywhere I can see you :)

      Viva Divalicious! hmmmmm!


    24. By Mirella on Dec 10, 2011

      I switched to high raw vegan foods this spring and it has been an amazing transition. I feel so much healthier, have lost weight, and have so much more energy. It’s been an amazing change, not just for myself but for my family, including my 2 year old who is now eating sprouts!! :)


    25. By Trina Southe on Dec 10, 2011

      I liked the Tera Warner Facebook page for an entry in the contest!! I just love all the information you offer. Without you, I would have given up on raw a long time ago. Thanks Tera!!!!


    26. By amanda dai on Dec 11, 2011

      Hi Liked your fan page on FB. I’ve recently been taking raw food seriously and starting to like it. If I go out to eat just anything but raw, my body feels the suffering. I would like to be able to make more delicious raw food and this e-book will be a very wonderful inspiration to help me stay on the raw track. THank you so much.


    27. By Silke on Dec 11, 2011

      I am trying to win my children over to rawfoods – but so far no luck. Maybe with a little help of my friends – the Divas :-) I can start nourishing my lovely family with real food?


    28. By Silke on Dec 11, 2011

      And I already like your page!


    29. By Sondra on Dec 11, 2011

      I recently ate some raw food pizza and a lovely little raw food dessert at a market. I noticed that I felt different – alive and happy, like I had just had the best day of my life, and I believe this effect was from eating the raw food. I would love for myself and my kiddies to be able to eat food which you can actually feel gives you life. Your book just sounds like the perfect start I need to this new journey of ‘eating to live’.


    30. By Sondra on Dec 11, 2011

      I have just liked your Tera Werner facebook page, too :)


    31. By Juliette on Dec 12, 2011

      Already a facebook fan and love the raw diva blog. I know that eating raw foods is the best for my body. I love free stuff especially when it is good for me!


    32. By Cindy on Dec 12, 2011

      I would love to win this ebook, I am trying to go as raw as possible and now my daughter and her 3 kids are living with us so I need knew ideas. :)


    33. By Cindy on Dec 12, 2011

      I have been a fan of Tera’s page for awhile. Love it! Thanks so much for all the great ideas and encouragement!


    34. By Dianne on Dec 12, 2011

      Adding more raw foods to my diet is one of my goals for the new year and Divalicious! would certainly get me started….


    35. By Dianne on Dec 12, 2011

      Tried multiple times to tweet this..too many characters and then I kept getting an error…I will keep trying….


    36. By Kari Wilson on Dec 13, 2011

      Ok, I NEED this book! I have been “trying” to go raw for the past year or so, but struggling, not really sure what I am doing or what I should be eating, don’t really cook or prepare meals, so this book would be a godsend! Please consider me for this giveaway- I would be sooo very grateful!


    37. By Kari Wilson on Dec 13, 2011

      tweeted @pugbeader and I already “like” you on facebook!


    38. By Raw Antonia on Dec 13, 2011

      I love Ani Phyo and Angela Stokes! I love their websites and find them very inspirational, not just for women, but for everyone out there, either struggling with weight, poor nutrition, stress, reduced mental and physical performance and so on. This book sounds like it is certainly worth reading, especially with Christmas around the corner, I need all the inspiration I can find to create an awesome Christmas dinner for all the family. I want more raw foods on the table this year than we had last year! I’m especially interested in raw festive desserts and snacks, as I’ve found that they are an excellent way of introducing raw foods to people who are on the SAD diet.


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