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Should You Go Gluten Free? (video)

Posted Apr 04 2013 12:12am

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Muffin

by Meghan Telpner

Gluten in food is a lot like mortar (the kind you use to bind bricks together). It’s thick and clumpy and makes things bind, holds them down, clumps stuff up- and that’s about it.There is absolutely no nutritional value in gluten. You definitely don’t lack anything if you cut it out. If anything you gain lots-in nutrient absorption, energy, improved mood, thought clarity, and better digestion. What you just may lose, however, is a little junk from that trunk, other food sensitivities, mood swings, blood sugar issues, headaches aches and pains.

As I say in the video, it is well worth giving it a try. With nothing to lose and amazing things to gain, why wouldn’t you want to see what you feel and look like when you know longer have the food industry’s version of brick mortar gunking up your insides?

When you cut out gluten, you will essentially be detoxing yourself of a whole lot of crap and gunk that has been built up and glued to your insides.

The muffin pictured above? Gluten free. There are so many amazing gluten-free recipes, I think you’ll get over gluten real fast! Check out my other recipes on the blog and my new UnDiet book.

Meghan is one of our guests for this year’s WISH Summit. Affectionately known as our “firecracker of friendliness” she’s gonna come and set a few things straight about food and healthy living! You’ll LOVE her call, so make sure you’re signed up for this year’s WISH Summit (free) to access this interview.

Have you experimented with taking gluten out of your diet? For how long? Did you notice positive change, or none at all? What’s your experience? Tell us about it!

Meghan Telpner, UnDiet BookMeghan Telpner is a Toronto based nutritionista and sought after media personality thanks to her refreshingly humorous, engaging and real approach to healthy living. Her online cooking courses and health programs are improving the health of people around the world. Meghan’s book UnDiet, Eat Your Way to Vibrant Health will be released North America wide in April, 2013. Join Meghan’s community on twitter@MeghanTelpner, or on Facebook at Meghan Telpner Nutritionista. For more visit

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