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Sexy On Raw Australian Tour: Sunshine Coast – 27th Nov

Posted Oct 07 2011 4:37am

27th November (11am-3pm)


Mantra Mooloolaba Beach
CM Venning St & The Esplanade
Mooloolaba, QLD 4557

Event Schedule

11:00am Registration
11:25am Opening Leisa Wheeler N.D.
11:30am Chef Demo Julia-Ann Booth
12:00pm Katya
12:30pm Break
1:00pm Philip McCluskey
2:00pm Q & A
2:50pm Closing Leisa Wheeler N.D.

Investment In Your Health

$60 (online) or $70 (at door)
Note: Limited tickets available (200 pax), sign up today!



Personal intro about myself
Weight gain history
Past diets tried and what didn’t work
Realization – How did I get so big?
The Tipping point – The moment of change

Simple steps to transition to a high raw lifestyle
What is the replacement method?
Healthy, balanced weight loss
Incorporating juicing, smoothies, and colonics
How come I am full, but eat less?
Overcoming emotional eating

Maintaining your weight loss
Adjusting your diet to your new weight
Intuitive eating and listening to your body
Visualization, affirmations, creating your day
Experiencing a full life transformation (other than weight loss)
Loving yourself and inviting more joy and happiness in your life

Katya shares the strategies, knowledge and experiences from her latest book The Rawjuvenate For Life Principles. Be inspired to meet the challenges of our time and go beyond the constraints of ordinary into higher, joyful possibilities for ageing, rich with vibrance, youthful looks, passion and timeless sex appeal.


Speakers Bios

Philip on CBS "The Doctors"

Philip McCluskey

Philip McCluskey is a sought-after motivational speaker, author, and raw food expert who inspires and educates hundreds of thousands worldwide about the raw food lifestyle, after he lost over 215 pounds naturally. After thirty failed diet attempts and the looming prospect of gastric bypass surgery, raw food saved Philip’s life, transforming him from a morbidly obese 400 pounds to a fit, energized, and glowing man.

Passionate about the vibrant health and energy he gained when he lost his poor eating habits and emotional hang-ups, Philip has made it his mission to spread hope and health to others. He has appeared as a keynote speaker throughout the US, been on the CBS show The Doctors, Jack LaLanne commercials, and has also inspired nearly a million viewers who have followed his journey on YouTube. He is the founder of, a source of advice and inspiration about the raw food lifestyle, and is also the author of four books, including The World’s Sexiest Diet Program ( ) as well as Raw Food, Fast Food and Raw Food Juice Bar.

When Philip switched to a 100% raw food lifestyle in 2006, he lost over 215 pounds as well as the depression, anxiety, embarrassment, lethargy, and illness that had nagged him most of his life. In their place, he found renewed energy, vitality, and happiness – as well as his fitter, healthier self. He inspires others to begin their own healing journey and not only lose extra weight, but gain vibrant health, mental clarity, a sense of purpose, and a renewed passion for life. His message to them is: “I believe in you.”

When he’s not writing, speaking, or concocting fresh raw recipes, Philip enjoys spending time outdoors in the sun, hiking, exercising, and practicing presence.

Julie-Ann Booth

Formally and classically trained Julie-Ann Booth is a sort after personal chef having cooked for some of the World’s most prestigious people. These include The English Royal family, European Heads of State, Hollywood Actors, Billionaires, Australian Business magnate Frank Lowy and Prime Ministers, just to name a few. She has cooked in some of the World’s most exclusive venues including The Belfry Dining Club London, St James Palace London & The Polo on Ice in St Moritz.

Down to earth, focused and determined Julie-Ann is willing to try just about anything once. She has been white water rafting, dived the Great Barrier Reef and jumped out of an airplane more than once. Passionate about food and travel she has explored the world seeking out the mysteries of food from various cultures including Snails in Paris, Gelato in Venice and Custard Apples in Port Douglas

Things that ignite and inspire her passion are family and friends, meditation, the ocean, inspirational people and her deaf, pure white cat ‘Gorgeous’. Anything to nurture the soul.

These days she is all about educating as many people as she can on how to easily bring elegant and stylish food into their daily lives. The emphasis always being on natural, healthy and delicious tasting food!

Julie-Ann is outgoing, passionate and has a flair for creating beautiful food to nurture the soul. She brings an outstanding skill set, amazing life experiences and an adventurous ‘never say never’ attitude to her life and food.


Katya Joy began observing and studying the healing and transformational abilities of plants when she was a young girl. A voracious reader, she immersed herself in the ancient healing arts, driven by a passionate, deep desire to improve her own life, and the lives of others through passing on her knowledge and experience. This enduring desire has been the fuel which has ignited her heart’s calling.

In 1978, after completing a beauty therapy course, Katya bought a popular beauty business in Flinders Street, Melbourne. As well as introducing natural beauty classes, Katya began making her own fresh, plant-based facial treatments to use on her clients. The fascinating teachings of raw food revolutionaries, Ann Wigmore, Viktoras Kulvinskas and Arnold Ehret entered her life at this time, stimulating further growth in her approach to health and healing. After becoming a mum to a gorgeous daughter, Tara Jade, Katya went on to study classical homeopathy, herbal remedies, tantra and flower essences.

In 1992 Katya founded the Tasmanian Flower Essence Centre where she formulated and taught a comprehensive 12 month Accredited Certificate Course in Flower Essence Therapy. The Course included plant identification and flower essence preparation field trips and proved to be an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration, activating deep personal growth for every student. Around this time Katya began to experiment on herself with detoxification practices and several years later, urged on by her inner guidance, began to study and practice as a colonic irrigation therapist and commence a raw food diet.

In late 2001 Katya pioneered the first Australian 100% raw food café, Rawjuvenate, which was way ahead of its time! Raw food eating was definitely seen as extremist back then and way off the grid. People thought she was crazy to restrict herself to selling all raw gourmet meals and drinks and said it couldn’t possibly work. Undeterred, Katya forged ahead. After a year-long expensive, yet in hindsight, priceless education in experimenting, preparing and selling her raw food recipes, the Rawjuvenate Café closed its doors and Katya went on to conduct Rawjuvenate For Life raw food health retreats and 5 week intensive education programs. She released her first book in 2005, Rawjuvenate with Katya, which included recipes from the café together with information from her own raw food journey and years of experience in the health and healing arts. Katya then took a 3 year sabbatical from the blossoming raw food movement, mainly to focus on writing her second book as well as facilitating private one on one raw food healing retreats, consulting, and speaking at various functions and events.

With the release of her second book, The Rawjuvenate For Life Principles, Katya felt compelled to commence teaching again.

Katya’s 35 years of experience in the Holistic Health and Wellbeing arena and her 10 years of success in guiding people on a raw food lifestyle has carved her niche in the raw food movement as an authority in leading the way for people to higher, possibilities for ageing, rich with vibrant wellness, youthful looks, passion and sex appeal.

Leisa Wheeler N.D.

Leisa Wheeler, naturopath, health and healing mentor and raw food coach, is the founder and director of Embracing Health, a business dedicated to bringing you health information that can change your life.

Leisa knew from a very young age that her future was going to be in the healing profession, and her journey exploring the field of natural medicine in all its facets began in earnest as a teenager.

With personal excellence in all areas the ultimate goal (health, personal development, relationships and financial); a search began that encompassed learning in a variety of modalities and developed into a passion.

Diet and nutrition, physical fitness, emotional release work, hands-on healing, meditation, self-development, and metaphysics training ultimately lead Leisa to qualifications in naturopathy, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, electrotherapy and massage.

She achieved outstanding grades throughout her education and was awarded Student of the Year for earning the highest academic results among her peers. With a voracious appetite for reading and learning, the search continues as Leisa looks deeper into the healing process at not just a physical level, but at an emotional and spiritual level, with special interest in the mind / body connection in healing.

Leisa also has a diploma in freelance journalism and has written for numerous health magazines. She writes a popular blog and offers a membership club for people wanting more detailed information on health, where she writes a monthly magazine and produces regular audio lectures and interviews. Leisa is also in the process of writing a book which will be completed in late 2011.

Leisa spent several years coaching people through an intensive detoxification program as the naturopath at one of Australia’s leading health retreats, and from there went on to develop her own retreat program – the Embracing Life! Six Day Detox, Healing and Raw Food Retreat which she takes to different venues around Australia.

Leisa is currently developing her public speaking career, lecturing regularly to doctors and naturopaths as a speaker for Healthscope Pathology, and is a guest speaker on health, nutrition and superfoods for Universal Wealth Events.

As a naturopath Leisa specialises in thyroid, adrenal and hormonal issues and will be developing a lecture series around these topics in the near future. She currently speaks at local chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia support groups.

Leisa’s goal is to empower and inspire people with knowledge to make change in their lives so that they can experience better physical, emotional and spiritual health.

She enjoys mentoring people through their health challenges by educating them about raw food, food as medicine and the emotional aspects of healing.

Investment In Your Health

$60 (online) or $70 (at door)
Note: Limited tickets available, sign up today!

For more Tour Information visit us at

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