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September’s Raw Food Events: Live in Montreal

Posted Sep 04 2009 9:39am

We are thrilled to announce the dates for two new events here in Montreal!

Raw Food: A Quick and Simple Approach to Healthy Living

Tera Warner, of The Raw Divas, will be hosting an introductory workshop for passionate enthusiasts and newcomers to raw food alike.

If you feel overwhelmed by information about what not to eat and just need a short, sweet and simple approach to healthy living, then this class is for you. This interactive workshop has been designed to get you thinking for yourself and leave you inspired to take the next steps toward healthier living!

Too many times people leave a health lecture feeling paralyzed with fear! The equipment, the enzyme theories, the evil dangers of cooked food… With Tera’s refreshing approach to healthy living, you’ll see that healthy can be easy, too. This workshop keeps it sweet and simple, while providing you with the tools and support you need to get started on a path to more energy and a better quality of life.

Date: September 24, 2009

Time: 7-9pm

Location: 5811 Christophe-Colombe (corner of Rosemont), Montréal, Qc.

Admission: $20 in advance or $25 at the door! Payment accepted by Paypal, check or cash in advance and at the door. Email for more information and to reserve your places! Maximum 50 people. Special Offer for Newcomers! This workshop is t he perfect opportunity to introduce newcomers to the idea of “Raw Food” in an approachable, easy way. If you bring two friends (who have NEVER really encountered the idea of raw food before) then you AND your friends will get access for FREE! By attending this class you’ll receive handouts, sample recipes, and discounts on relevant products and programs, too.


Special Guest Chef & Food Demonstration: Meet Omid Jaffari, our special guest and celebrity chef from Japan. He’ll introduce his upcoming workshop and share tips on how gourmet elegance can be made easy for everyday enjoyment!

Pre-register for this class by sending $20 before September 20th to

Al Fresco Indian Summer Tour: Raw Food for the Sophisticated Tongue

Having completed his workshops in New York and Toronto, celebrity guest chef, Omid Jaffari, makes his way to Montreal to give us a taste of “la vraie vie!” We’ll be giving him a warm reception and hosting his advanced raw food workshop. Newcomers are invited and encouraged to attend. Anyone can make a smoothie, but if you want to set your food apart from the rest with style and sophisticated flavors, then this workshop is a MUST!

Here’s just some of what we’ll be covering in this class:

Food Demo
• Knife Techniques and a Chef’s Best Kitchen Tips! This is key to efficient and elegant culinary skills. You can’t just chop broccoli and celery stalks and expect elegance. What does it take to slice and dice like the pros? Watch and learn from the best!
• Culinary Aesthetics & Presentation (More Than Just a Cherry on Top!) Find out the secret to tantalizing decoration and make your dishes a mouth-watering success before they take the first bite!
• Blending Flavors: The Art of Tickling Taste Buds. A dash of this and a splash of that doesn’t always work out to be tasty. Find out the secrets of effective blending and use of flavors to round out and perfect your dishes every time! This is the information that guarantees your dishes are a success with palettes of all shapes, and degrees of sophistication.

• Food Nutrition: A simple, but surprising, look at the nutritional importance of what we’re doing with all this raw food and all the factors you need to know that you are not

Menu (subject to change)
• Endive Canape
• Pea, Fennel and Mint Summer Soup
• Strawberry Granita
• Beet Carpaccio
• Mature Peach & Dark Chocolate Kiss

Hand Out: Recipes & their nutritional information, flavourings, case studies & health benefits.

This will be a hands-on class and suitable for beginners as well as more advanced raw foodists. We do have other unadvertised bonuses for class participants, but we’ll keep that under cover for those who take the plunge and join us on Sept 26th.

Date: Saturday, September 26th

Time:9 am- 3pm ( 5hrs)

Location:2620 Frontenac #101 (short bus ride from Frontenac metro station on the green line, or just walk up on Frontenac towards Sherbrooke street).

Cost: $100.00. Early bird registration starts now, save $25.00 and pay only $75.00 by  reserving your space today! Payments accepted by paypal at:, checks   (Early bird registration offer will end on the 24th of September. Only 15 people per class!)

For more information on these events please call: 514-357-6325 or email at:

If you would like to take a peak at some Omid’s creations, we have a real surprise for you here. A raw food dessert recipe which has its debut right here, in the Raw in Montreal blog, since it has never been shared with anyone and you are the first to take a look at it! All I can say is, mouth watering goodness…..


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